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Gov. Brown names new Oregon State Police superintendent

OSP Superintendent Terri Davie
Submitted photo
Gov. Kate Brown has chosen Terri Davie to be the next Oregon State Police superintendent

Terri Davie is the first woman in the role

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown announced Monday the appointment of Terri Davie as the next superintendent of the Oregon State Police, effective Nov. 1 and subject to Senate confirmation.

While the announcement did not mention it, an aide confirmed Davie will be the first woman to serve as OSP superintendent.

In this role, Davie will lead the state's largest law enforcement agency—a multi-disciplined organization charged with protecting the people, wildlife, and natural resources of Oregon, the announcement said.

“Terri brings a wealth of law enforcement experience to this role and a strong record of leading by example," Brown said.

"She brings a focus on inclusivity and is dedicated to listening to community voices—including Oregon's Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Tribal communities—as we work towards a more fair and just law enforcement system in Oregon. I look forward to her leadership as we do the hard work of transforming law enforcement standards and training and putting the state on a path toward racial justice."

Davie steps into this role with nearly 24 years of law enforcement experience in Oregon. She began her career with the Oregon Department of Corrections, where she worked her way up from a correctional officer to a lieutenant at the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem.

In 2001, Davie began her career with the Oregon State Police as a patrol trooper assigned to the Albany Area Command. Over the years, Davie has served in many different assignments, including a technical collision investigator, a major crimes detective, a crisis negotiator on the agency’s SWAT Team, and as a station commander at the Capitol Mall Area Command. She has served as OSP deputy superintendent since July 2016.

Davie holds an Advanced Law Enforcement Certification and is an active member of the FBI National Executive Institute and both the International and Oregon Association Chiefs of Police.

Davie's first day as OSP superintendent is Nov. 1, will be subject to Senate confirmation. Davie fills this role following the announcement of Superintendent Travis Hampton's retirement. Governor Brown thanked Superintendent Hampton for his long and distinguished career with the Oregon State Police.  

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  1. We should all look forward to her doing absolutely nothing for the violent riots in Portland. No where in Kate’s announcement did she mention her candidate’s adherence to the rule of law. Only mindles SJW word salad.

    1. But wait, big fat lyin donnie is your “law and order” President!!! He took care of this weeks ago???? Then stated in a news conference that “the entire city of Portland is ablaze all the time”. Must be where all the smoke is coming from!!! regressive hillbillies like you applaud ansd are proud of big fat failing donnie for lying about Oregon and trash talking our state!!!

  2. HAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha! What a load!!! “Told me earlier this year”… lol technically a week ago was earlier this year i suppose. Looks good for the media anyway and the believers

  3. Ted Wheeler ??? Ted Wheeler who ???

    For those of you who missed it- Z21 tucked the biggest news story of the summer into an AP update at 9:40 last night… the first line of this hilarious news-

    “Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland shifted their focus to the city’s mayor and set a small fire in the upscale building where he lives.”

    Ted Wheeler is now homeless and for some reason KTVZ doesn’t want you to know about this “regional” story with a huge twist against Portland’s loudmouthed Mayor ! President Trump once again gets the last laugh… shame on the Z for burying that bigly news- many readers here need a good laugh !

      1. Actually I did a Z21 search on “Ted Wheeler” just minutes ago and I got nothing !

        So “no”- I really don’t know the extent of damage- where he ran to- why Black Live Matter has turned on him- why no story- this is not a good look for you guys- it only adds fuel to the “protect all things liberal” fire !

        I did hear on provocative news radio today that Ted is now homeless- poor sod- maybe the President will invite him to stay in the WH nursery till his crib is fixed !

        Talk about Karma coming back with a vengeance !

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