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Oregon House passes bill to ban online vape sales, close underage purchase loophole

Now goes to Senate

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) — The Oregon House advanced legislation Saturday that would close online loopholes used by underage Oregonians to purchase electronic inhalant delivery systems, or vaping products.

House Bill 2261 would ban the sale of vaping products online, and require a face-to-face purchase of these addictive products, making it more difficult for those under the age of 21 to attain them, according to a news release from Oregon House Democrats, which continues below:

Recent reports have shown that in Oregon, e-cigarette use among underage Oregonians is on the rise. In 2019, more than one in every four high school students reported using e-cigarettes in the last 30 days.

“I got involved in this issue when high school students from my district contacted me and told me how easily their peers were getting access to these products online,” said Rep. Pam Marsh (D-Southern Jackson County), a chief sponsor of the bill.

“We all know vaping is bad for kids. The nicotine in these devices is highly addictive and can negatively impact developing brains. Closing this loophole is important for the health of young Oregonians and has the added benefit of keeping business for licensed Oregon tobacco and vape retailers in state.”

In 2017, the Oregon Legislature passed HB 3461, which banned online sales of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products. HB 2261 will bring policies around inhalant delivery systems in line with those policies. According to testimony given in committee by Oregon’s Attorney General, Ellen Rosenblum, 89% of youth who tried to purchase Juul (an electronic inhalant delivery system) online were successful.

House Bill 2261, which passed 44-4, now goes to the Oregon Senate for consideration.

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  1. To the ignorant people who think they “cured” their addiction to smoking cigs because you started vaping, stop it! All you did was replace one disgusting habit with another one that might actually be worse for your health than the habit you just “gave up”. Go ask a 5 year old if that is logical.

    1. People who know nothing about vaping, like yourself and the legislature are why this bill exists. The bill should NOT be banning vaping devices to those not of a certain age, it should be banning the nicotine containing “juice”. That is the addictive part. You CANNOT get addicted to a non-nicotine containing vaping juice. People don’t seem to understand or even think that people are vaping without nicotine. It is just like a flavored product at that point. You can debate the merits of banning non-nicotine juice over health concerns if you want, but the research is mixed on that subject and there is no conclusive proof that the non-nicotine juice is bad for you. Tldr: Person(s) who wrote this bill know nothing of vaping and automatically think all vaping is nicotine.

    2. Youare sadly misinformed smoking ciggs contains 1000s if chemicals vaping contains 4 that are all generally recognized as safe. I have been to tobacco free for 7 years thanks to vaping and although I did not smoke cigarettes I chewed tobacco and I went from having precancerous lesions in my mouth to vaping and never feeling better in my life I’ve had no side effects from vaping I’m not sure to breath and most of all I avoided cancer make sure you do your research and look at reputable studies on vaping and not the lies at the mainstream media is perpetrating against vapor products. If you really want kids to not vape enforce the rules it’s illegal for anyone under 21 years of age to buy the products I have no problem providing my ID online to prove that I’m of age and they’re making it so hard to get the products that millions of people are going to return to combustible cigarettes and the deaths would just go right back up

    3. I absolutely love when people commenting on news articles use the word, “ignorant.” Because I know when I see that, it’s from high school degree holder (if that) with a minimum wage, unskilled job, pimple faced, hypocritical twerp.

      You should refrain from using the word ignorant until you treat your own ignorance. In fact, let me take a cinder block of knowledge and smash you over the head with it. There have been countless success stories all over the internet how people have used vaping to ween themselves off from the cancer sticks and quit altogether. When people switched to vaping, their breathing got better by 10 fold, taste got better by 10 fold, and quality of life got better by 10 fold.

      Worse for their health you say? You get laughed at by thousands of floating heads at one time. Specifically thousands because that’s the amount of carcinogens and other chemicals lacking in vaping like are in cancer sticks.

      You should stop smoking yourself. Because smoking and blowing it out your rear is bad for your image.

  2. How low will the Oregon politicians go? This is obviously about the state losing tax revenue, nothing to do with kids. At least be honest about it.

    1. This would only cause more loss of tax revenue for them. 2021 a 65% wholesale tax on vaping products, even items that do not contain nicotine or tobacco were taxed.

      A small piece of metal that goes on your lips is now considered a cigarette product and taxed at 65%.

  3. What makes this bill even more worthless is that they must not be aware of the upcoming changes to the law.

    The PACT act was amended at the end of 2020 in the Omnibus budget to require adult signatures on delivery.

    Not to mention just because JUUL can’t get their shit together they are going to ban the sales from other vendors that do age verify their customers.

    Instead of a full ban, why not require vendors to age verify? Adult signature on delivery?

    Idiotic thinking.

    To the original poster, vaping is harm reduction for smoking cigarettes. It is not meant to be a quitting aid and never has been touted as the solution. It is healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes and has been proven with multiple studies to be 95% safer than cigarettes.

    There was even a recent study done that showed the contents of the vape you inhale was safer than the air found in a typical Madrid street market.

  4. Of course this has absolutely nothing to do with children. The power hungry totalitarians always use the “We must protect the children” nonsense so their low info, gullible base will go along. According to the Royal College of Physicians (The first group to link tobacco smoke and cigarettes) vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking (no tar is the biggie) so anyone with at least a 90 IQ would want people experimentung with smoking to choose vaping instead. This is absolute nonsense. So let me get this straight,currently when ordering online you must show proof of being 18 to order, you must use a credit card and you must sign for the package. If a 16 year old can pull that off they deserve to vape. This does absolutely nothing. Vote all of these idiots out!

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