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Bentz calls on Attorney General Garland to prioritize drug, immigration enforcement

Rep. Cliff Bentz speaks at   House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing
Rep. Cliff Bentz's office
Rep. Cliff Bentz speaks at House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing

Also questions FBI focus on parents at school board meetings

WASHINGTON (KTVZ) -- During a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on Thursday, Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Oregon, called on U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to prioritize and direct more federal resources to local law enforcement in places like Southern Oregon. where county officials are combating drug cartel operations, including illegal marijuana farms and human trafficking.

Bentz said, "I've spoken with the FBI, but the Justice Department needs to be doing more about this issue at all levels."

"Oregon, and possibly other states are caught up in the illegal growing and production of marijuana and cannabis on an industrial scale. According to local law enforcement, this industry is based in large part on the miserable suffering of thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people coming across the border illegally, and then being pressed into indentured servitude by cartels."

Following the hearing, Bentz stated, “I had the opportunity to directly ask the attorney general why he told the FBI to focus on parents appearing before school boards voicing their displeasure about critical race theory, instead of protecting Oregon communities from the obvious and real dangers posed by illegal and dangerous drug cartels. I hope he listened and that he will do more to help.”

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  1. Garland probably is too busy classifying parents as domestic terrorists when they don’t want their kids to be ashamed of the color of their skin.

  2. I’ve only heard of very few elected officials speak out about illegal operations, drugs, human trafficking etc especially how it relates with failed law enforcement at state an local level.
    I believe members from all affiliatios should be united against these issues but most notably absent from the media are Republicans such as Tim Knopp and many more.All I can find from ol’ Tim are grandstanding statements in support of special days on the calendar like Mental Health day or Childcare Day and the like. Definitely not impressed but would appreciate others take on it 🦅

  3. I can agree that immigration laws should be enforced, but marijuana is hardly a pressing problem when we need to get people back into the workforce. Cliff should be supporting some help with child care issues so women can go back to work….just as one example. How about immigration reform….something Senator Rubio ran on when first elected, but generally blocked, along with everything else, by republicans. Cliff needs to work on big problems, not just grandstand like this.

  4. Probably just one of the first of many trying to distract Garland from making a decision about charging the coup planners like Bannon. Typical cult tactic to curry favor with the Big Liar.

    1. So trying to distract Garland from charging planners of the coup? I think Garland has his hands full distracting we the people from Afghanistan, the border – flying illegals to all points of the US in the middle of the night, the economy, rising crime, Hunter Biden, a President that tells school age kids his job is to avoid media questions, I should just say the President. AG Merrick Garland sure made himself look incompetent in the questioning last week. Reminded me of when Robert Mueller was questioned on the Russia Hoax. He didn’t have a clue about half the questions he was asked. These are the people the Democrats appoint. I forget, what was the point you were trying to make?

  5. Remember the good old days when the border was under control, gas prices were low, the US was energy independent, low inflation, store shelves full, low food prices, and low unemployment. And now we have brandon who in just under a year has done to this country what it took Carter 4 yrs to do.

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