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Deschutes National Forest to begin 2022 seasonal hiring

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Seasonal positions for the 2022 field and fire season on the Deschutes National Forest open for application Nov. 5-12 on Positions have tentative start dates ranging from early April to early June.

Information about available positions, seasonal hiring workshops and application resources can be found at Applications must be submitted through to be considered. Applicants are encouraged to create a profile in advance to save time once the hiring process begins.

Vacancies announcements will be open for the following positions:

Seasonal Fire Positions

Forestry Aid - FireGS 03Bend, Crescent, Sisters22-TEMPF3-R6-3867-3DH
Forerstry Technician - FireGS 04/05Bend, Crescent, Sisters22-TEMPF3-R6-0003-4DH 22-TEMPF3-R6-3869-5DH
Foresty Technician - FuelsGS 05Crescent22-TEMPF3-R6-0912-5DH
Forestry Technician - LookoutGS 04/05Bend, Crescent, Sisters22-TEMPF3-R6-2856-4DH 22-TEMPF3-R6-3451-5DH
Forestry Technician - SmokejumperGS 05/06Redmond22-TEMPF3-R6-0829-5DH 22-TEMPF3-R6-0830-6DH

Seasonal Positions

Archeology TechnicianGS 06/07Bend, Crescent, Sisters22-TEMP3-R6-2361-6DT-KP 22-TEMP3-R6-2362-7DT-BV
Biological Science Technician - FisheriesGS 05/06Bend22-TEMP3-R6-2296-5DT-KP 22-TEMP3-R6-2297-6DT-BV
Biological Science Technician - PlantsGS 05/07Bend, Crescent, Sisters22-TEMP3-R6-0013-5DT-HC 22-TEMP3-R6-0028-7DT-NB
Biological Science Technician - SoilsGS 05/07Bend22-TEMP3-R6-3418-5DT-HC 22-TEMP3-R6-6377-7DT-KP
Biological Science Technician - WildlifeGS 05/06/07Bend, Crescent, Sisters22-TEMP3-R6-0014-5DT-CB 22-TEMP3-R6-0042-6DT-CB 22-TEMP3-R6-0029-7DT-HC
Engineering Equipment OperatorWG 08Bend22-TEMP3-R6-2452-8DT-CB
Engineer Technician - CivilGS 05Crescent22-TEMP3-R6-2333-5DT-HC
Forestry Technician - RecreationGS 04/05Bend, Crescent, Sisters22-TEMP3-R6-0010-4DT-KP 22-TEMP3-R6-0017-5DT-HC
Forestry Technician - Timber Sale PrepGS 04/05/06/07Bend, Crescent, Sisters22-TEMP3-R6-2466-4DT-SB 22-TEMP3-R6-0041-5DT-HC 22-TEMP3-R6-0039-6DT-BV 22-TEMP3-R6-2317-7DT-HC
Forestry Technician - Timber Stand ImprovementGS 05/06Bend, Sisters22-TEMP3-R6-3138-5DT-HC 22-TEMP3-R6-2282-6DT-CB
Forestry Technician - TrailsGS 04/05Bend22-TEMP3-R6-2860-4DT-BV 22-TEMP3-R6-2861-5DT-HC
Forestry Technician - Wilderness/TrailsGS 04/05/06/07Sisters22-TEMP3-R6-0018-4DT-CB 22-TEMP3-R6-0008-5DT-HC 22-TEMP3-R6-0038-6DT-KP 22-TEMP3-R6-2326-7DT-CB
LaborerGS 03Bend22-TEMP3-R6-0033-3DT-KP
Lead Visitor Information AssistantGS 06Bend22-TEMP3-R6-3851-6DT-NB
Maintenance WorkerWG 05Bend22-TEMP3-R6-0032-5DT-CB
Visitor Services Information AssistantGS 04/05Bend, Crescent, Redmond, Sisters22-TEMP3-R6-0035-4DT-HC 22-TEMP3-R6-0034-5DT-BV

For questions about applications, vacancy announcements or positions, please email

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