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Oregon Supreme Court dismisses challenge to new legislative maps

Central Oregon's newly drawn state House districts; for more info, links to full House and Senate maps, visit
Oregon Legislature
Central Oregon's newly drawn state House districts; for more info, links to full House and Senate maps, visit

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Supreme Court on Monday dismissed two challenges filed by Republicans to new state legislative districts approved by the Legislature in September.

The lawmakers passed new legislative and congressional boundaries that included a new, sixth U.S. House seat. The ruling Monday was specifically about the 90 state legislative districts that will likely enable Democrats to continue to hold majorities in the House and Senate, but will not guarantee the party the three-fifths supermajorities it currently holds.

Republicans throughout the redistricting process accused Democrats of gerrymandering. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports that in petitions challenging the maps, Republicans alleged that Democratic lawmakers drew districts for partisan political gain and to help incumbents.

In its ruling, the Supreme Court said the GOP failed to show that the new districts violated state law.

The contentious redistricting year was marked by a broken power-sharing deal.

During the 2021 legislative session, House Democrats gave up a powerful advantage. In exchange for the Republicans agreeing to stop blocking bills with delay tactics, House Speaker Tina Kotek agreed to share redistricting power with the GOP — essentially granting veto power to the minority party over what the six congressional districts and the state’s 90 legislative districts will look like.

But Kotek later voided that power-sharing deal, saying she was “disappointed that after many months of work, House Republicans did not engage constructively, despite many attempts to address their concerns.”

Meanwhile, an ongoing Republican challenge to the new congressional districts map that adds a sixth U.S. House district is before a five-judge panel, OPB reported. Judges hinted during oral arguments at a skepticism that the new districts are provably gerrymandered, peppering attorneys for the challengers with questions.

That panel is expected to rule this week. If it dismisses the case, petitioners have the option of appealing to the state Supreme Court.

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  1. The map accurately reflects the constituency of the state.
    Accurately reflects the parties of the voters.

    Isn’t it about time for the losing party to stop their belly aching? Stop whining like little tragedians?

    You are not the populous party, the majority of not only Oregonians, but the majority of Americans find the republican party offensively foul, Closed minded, frighteningly bigoted.

    1. It is certain that “the Left” Democrats (supposedly the people who are “open minded” and “never bigoted” and of course, of superior intelligence, always call the Republicans/Conservatives what THEY in actuality are themselves. Narrow-minded; extremely prejudiced (if not, WHY judge everyone by how much money they make or what their color is?) and the Democrats/Liberals are controlling all of the cities which USED to be friendly, beautiful and safe for locals and visitors alike… but are NOW trash heaps with NO law but that of BLM and ANTIFA, and shattered windows, fires and fear. Yep. You are no more the “Middle Way” than I am Santa Claus.

        1. Yes, according to big fat failed and fired donnie the orange snowflake ” the entire city of Portland is ablaze all the time”. Trump kooks will believe and do anything their dear failed leader tells them!!! ROTFLMAO!!! Its what they call freedom!!! Toooooo funny!!!

      1. Horsesense u hit the nail on the head! This whole state has gone to hell. You just wait & see what a mess Bend is going to be in a few years, not that it hadn’t gone to crap already. I’ve lived In central oregon my whole life and it makes me sick to see what it has become.

      2. Horsesense .. Hilariously incorrect and judgemental. As are many Republicans. And Democrats. It’s an ugly club (opinionated haters) who are stuck.

        Forget right and left. Why not think /view politics from an independent (middle) spectrum.

        I don’t care for any group who attacks. Examples ~ Lauren Boebert Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Greene ~ the list goes on. Both sides need to stop their trash talking about the other faction.

        My preference- finding common ground and solutions.

        Toxic talk, trash talk, name calling, sneers, all words against another. They do not solve problems. Nor does blame / regret etc.

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