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Don’t get grinched: Text scammers posing as Oregon DMV hoping for holiday payout

Text scam targets Oregon DMV customers
Oregon DMV
Text scam targets Oregon DMV customers

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Scammers posing as the Oregon DMV are texting cell phones claiming that a refund is available. It is a fake message and a phishing scam trying to get payment information from unsuspecting Oregonians, the agency said Wednesday.

DMV urged customers not to click on any links and delete the message. 

“DMV does not text customers to let them know about a payment issue, or issue refunds via text message,” says DMV Customer Services Manager Katie Hafner.

DMV staff members are aware of the issue and are unable to provide any technical assistance with a customer’s phone. If customers have questions about how to block a number, they should contact their cell phone provider.

If you are issued a refund by DMV, you will receive it through the mail or directly back on your payment card. DMV will not text or call to inform you that you will be receiving a refund.

This holiday season customers are encouraged to skip the trip and visit the DMV online at Customers can go online to renew vehicle registration, notify DMV of a vehicle sale, renew or replace a license/ID card and more.

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  1. I get those all the time. Get emails like that too. Delete them all. I have no idea why anyone would fall for that or the IRS or the “pay us money and you wont go to jail” calls.

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