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Wyden, colleagues intro bill to protect consumers, ensure ‘right to repair’

U.S. Capitol
U.S. Capitol

WASHINGTON (KTVZ) -- Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., alongside Sens. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., and Ben Ray Luján, D- N.M., introduced legislation this week that would protect consumers, farmers and small businesses by ensuring the right to repair.

“When you buy something, you shouldn’t have to pay extra, or ask special permission from a corporation just to get it fixed,” Wyden said. “The Fair Repair Act is a common-sense step to put users in control of the phones and other electronics they already own. I’m glad to work with Sen. Luján and Sen. Lummis to help enshrine the right to repair in black-letter law.”

The bipartisan Fair Repair Act of 2022 would ensure that manufacturers do not lock out owners and independent service providers from providing repairs by denying access to parts, tools, and documentation. The bill would require manufacturers of electronic equipment to make tools, parts, and documentation available to owners and independent repair providers, covering a variety of industries such as agricultural equipment, consumer electronics, medical equipment, and motor vehicles.

This bipartisan effort to increase access to repair for consumer goods would greatly reduce waste, reliance on foreign-manufactured chips, and empower small-businesses and farmers to repair their own equipment. Nationally, right-to-repair legislation is overwhelmingly supported among Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

The bill is supported by a wide variety of organizations, including the National Farmers Union, the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, the New Mexico Chile Association, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge, the Repair Association, Consumer Reports, The Public Interest Research Group, and iFixit.

The bill text is here.

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  1. In 2001, Congress failed to pass The Motor Vehicles Right to Repair Act S.2617 Wyden was there.

    Now, 21 years later, he’s still making the rounds, lying about it. I’m not slamming him because he’s a democrat, I’m slamming him because 20 years later he’s still making false promises to keep his name in the news and get re-elected to do six more years of nothing.

    Liars, all of them. Why didn’t anyone at KTVZ ask him about 20 years of failures? Who is paying Congress to keep us from fixing our own stuff

  2. No right to repair: Farmers are forced to hack their own tractors
    Bravo! Long overdue, if you buy something you should have a right to repair it yourself, but these mega corporations and especially mega agricultural equipment manufacturers like John Deere make half of their profits fixing their own tractors when they break down or malfunction. They have essentially turned farmers into gloried steering wheel holders who have to wait days and sometimes weeks before company technicians can come onsite and hook your half a million dollar tractor or more up to their computers. They have been using their high-dollar lawyers to scare and intimidate any farmers who dare attempt to fix their own tractors. The same principle applies to computers, cellphones and on and on. People have a right to be their own solution to the problems that arise on their own purchased devices. Yet these mega corporations have gotten too big for their britches and believe they have enough money and high-dollar lawyers to essentially intimidate people from repairing their devices.

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