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La Pine

ODOT opens Wickiup Junction virtual open house, seeks community input

Aerial view of Wickiup Junction
Aerial view of Wickiup Junction

(Update: Adding proposals' details)

LA PINE, Ore. -- ODOT, along with the City of La Pine and Deschutes County, is planning how to improve conditions for driving, walking, biking and moving freight in the Wickiup Junction area.

U.S. Highway 97 is central to life in Wickiup Junction, but it’s challenging for people to safely cross. ODOT said the agency and its partners need public comment to shape a successful improvement plan.

A virtual open house opened Friday at Visitors will find displays and descriptions of alternatives to improve Highway 97 intersections, along with places to give feedback. The open house runs through Friday, July 3.

The public is also invited to attend a live virtual meeting with project staff on Thursday, June 25, from 6-7:30 p.m. Presenters will share key elements of the open house and take questions. Advance registration is required. Visit to register.

One option under discussion would create a multi-use path along the side of the highway, connecting the area to La Pine.

There also could be two new roads off the highway, to Burgess and Huntington roads, as well as improvements to other side streets for local traffic.

The plan also proposes new turn lanes, possibly adding a traffic signal at Rosland Road and a roundabout at Huntington and Burgess roads.

Project Background — On Video

Overview video:

A brief video reveals why the Wickiup Junction project is needed and what alternatives are being explored by ODOT and the City of La Pine.

For more information, contact Kacey Davey, Community Affairs Coordinator, at (541)388-6268 or

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  1. The bridge to nowhere was the best option. Knowing how roundabouts fix all evils though – maybe they can do a roundabout with the highway and the railroad tracks to make it all better.

  2. Having lived in La Pine for 23 years it is clear that whoever put this “plan” together hasn’t. This is rife with needless “walking paths” that no one will use and multiple stoplights which the trucking industry will not like (not that I am interested in that personally, I just know they beefed a lot when the stoplight was put on 97 in La Pine). Then there are issues with traffic backing up over the railroad crossing from two directions! You ought to see the LONG vehicle backup in La Pine… and this plan wants to put in one or two more? Sure, they will have a “community open house” and supposedly “listen” to the community. But it would be better if they would actually put some boots on the ground with eyeballs for a couple of weeks and see what really is happening here.

  3. Gonna take another stab at it? I’m reminded every time I drive by what’s left of that ODOT screw up. First and second thought why is it still there and how much did this cost?

    1. 17 million was allocated for the project. They spent 12 million getting it where it was before they shut down. I heard that there was 3 million left over to allocate for other projects in La pine. I never heard what happened to the other 2 million. From what I remember from the official reports there only 15 million accounted for. I never did hear what happened to the other 2 million

  4. Nobody from ODOT was ever canned or disciplined for the Wickiup Jct snafu. Even now the hubris of ODOT won’t admit the mistake as the agency says it is monitoring the area to see if the settling continues or if they can still build the overpass.

    Please deliver us from clueless engineers.

  5. Funny how all over the world, they build bridges through swamps, dunes, lakes, and even oceans, and ODOT, well can you say the word inept, boys an girls.

  6. Band-aid fixes. Why not skip around LaPine with a bypass that would cost less money in the end? Hire engineers that know what they are doing this time.

    1. That would make too much sense. This would solve the Traffic slowdown, which is La Pine. Most north and south bound traffic is traveling through not to La Pine. No need for Hwy 97 to run through La Pine at all.

    2. That overpass was really the best option until it wasn’t. Who knows they might be able to figure out a place to route a bypass but the path the railroad takes is odd, and there is a river on the west side that may complicate it as well. But some kind of traffic improvement besides more stop lights would be nice because hwy 97 has a ton of daily volume even through La Pine, and it is odd for such a small town to have such a traffic congestion issue.

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