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La Pine contractor arranges Memorial Day cleanup effort, also dousing campfires

A La Pine contractor, Focused Service Industries, arranged a Memorial Day cleanup of trash left behind by campers, also putting out some lingering campfires, while honoring veterans on Memorial Day

KTVZ News Team



  1. Good job fellas. Now if they would call a spade a spade….bums, not campers. Kate must be in town and needs to see heavy police actions and no bums….er…”campers”, I mean

    1. If she was it would’ve been festured as a top story as the z are backers of hers and guess why not if the kickback checks make it worthwhile.

  2. Years ago I took my dogs in the woods for a run and walked into a pile of trash and junk mail. I gathered it all up and seeing that all of it had the same address in Portland, I put it all in a box and mailed it to that address with a note saying… if you pack it in, please pack it out when you come to visit Central Oregon. Along with the the contents of the ashtray from their vehicle. Would have paid cash to see the look on their face when they received that box.

  3. Travelers and campers need to start paying a fire hazard and dump fee, if this is how they want to treat our home. Thank you for your service, I would volunteer for something like this. Help keep OREGON and the PNW Clean , beautiful and safe for all.

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