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At least 8 arrested in Portland as demonstrators vandalize federal ICE building, Democratic Party state headquarters

Demonstrators in Portland, Oregon, on Wednesday vandalized the state Democratic Party headquarters and a federal US Immigration and Customs Enforcement building, according to police.

At least four demonstrations were planned in the city, Sgt. Kevin Allen, spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau, said in a video statement early Thursday.

Two remained peaceful, but the others resulted in “property damage and arrests,” he said. CNN is attempting to learn more about who organized the demonstrations.

A group of about 150 people converged on the ICE building in the South Waterfront neighborhood Wednesday evening around 9 p.m., Allen said.

Some demonstrators were carrying pepper ball guns, fireworks, shields, rocks and “electronic control weapons similar to Tasers.”

In an updated statement, police said many in the crowd wore gas masks and helmets, and within a few minutes, people began tagging the ICE building with graffiti.

CNN affiliate KOIN reported that the graffiti included messages like, “Reunite families now” — a possible reference to the separation of migrant children from their parents. There were other messages with an anti-law enforcement sentiment, calling on the abolition of ICE with another anarchy symbol. One message read, “Kill cops!!!”

Federal officials declared it an unlawful assembly after demonstrators started throwing rocks and vandalizing the building, Allen said.

Federal law enforcement officers deployed “crowd control munitions,” Allen said, though he did not say what kind, deferring to federal officials. Portland police did not deploy CS gas (commonly referred to as tear gas), Allen added.

CNN affiliate KOIN reported its journalists at the scene saw law enforcement use what appeared to be tear gas, along with stun grenades and pepper balls. Several people appeared to be taken into custody, according to KOIN.

Allen said that police were in the surrounding neighborhood and “some arrests were made.”

The city and the ICE building have been the sites of repeated clashes between protesters and federal authorities in recent months. Police did not characterize the makeup of the groups involved in Wednesday’s protests.

8 arrests made after vandalism at Democratic Party headquarters

The demonstration at the ICE building followed another earlier in the day, when a crowd of about 150 people gathered at Revolution Hall before marching to the Oregon state Democratic Party headquarters.

Officers on bicycles encountered the protesters in a parking lot at Revolution Hall, where “(d)ozens of people pressed in on the officers and then took one of the officers’ bicycles,” Portland Police said in a statement. More officers arrived to help and managed to get the bicycle back. The crowd blocked officers’ way as they tried to leave.

The group then left Revolution Hall and marched to the Democratic Party headquarters, where some demonstrators “smashed windows and vandalized the building,” Allen said.

At one point, the crowd “showed aggression by swarming officers and throwing objects,” Allen said.

Images from CNN affiliate KATU showed an anarchy symbol spray painted next to the building’s front door with a profane reference to newly inaugurated President Joe Biden on the other side.

Another showed the crowd making their way up the street, many of them clad in all black, carrying a sign that read, “We are ungovernable.” The station reported the demonstration was billed as a protest against Biden and law enforcement, while supporting the rights of indigenous people.

At least eight people were arrested on various charges, including felony criminal mischief, possession of a destructive device and rioting, Allen said.

In a statement, the Democratic Party of Oregon said none of its staff were in the building at the time, but they were “frustrated and disappointed.”

“This is not the first time our building has been vandalized during the past year — none of the prior incidents have deterred us from our important work to elect Democrats up and down the ballot, and this one will be no different,” the statement said.

Federal courthouse in Seattle also damaged

Police in Seattle also reported vandalism to several buildings in its downtown area Wednesday night, including at a federal courthouse.

The department shared photos on Twitter, saying “multiple windows” were shattered at the William Kenzo Nakamura US Courthouse, used primarily by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

CNN affiliate KOMO reported the group also lit the American flag on fire and threw objects in the streets to block motorists’ way. Participants also damaged several vehicles before police ordered them to disperse, KOMO reported.

Other photos shared by police showed an Amazon Go store with anarchy symbols and anti-Biden and anti-police graffiti. Several windows were shattered. Other pictures showed broken glass at a Starbucks storefront.

Several arrests were made, police said, including some for property damage and assault. Another man was arrested in connection to a burglary investigation at the Starbucks.

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  1. Senseless violence needs to end. I am all for protests but peacefully, and that goes for whoever is doing it. I also believe that it falls upon protesters to police their own ranks or they are just as responsible. I also think that all people who wish to stand up for something should not have to be labeled with the same sins as a few bad actors, and people need to realize that some will use the cover of a protest to do bad things or make it appear that way.

    1. Why do you call it “senseless” ? Joe Biden-CNN- Madonna- Johnny Depp-Maxine Waters-Nancy Pelosi… have all promoted the use of violence right here on this website- so what makes you think it is now no longer acceptable ? After four years of hate- anger- threatening talk- and a summer of violent acts in places like Seattle- Portland- our Capitol buildings… what makes you now feign this fake outrage ? what is- and has been- “senseless” has been the never ending hate- anger- political propaganda that has led up to these moments. Where have you been Roy J- the past four years- when Demokrats nationwide promoted their unique style of outrage- on a daily basis- and it was repeated daily- right here at Z21 ! Where ya been ???

        1. Go away B ! The last time I spoke directly with you- you were claiming that you’d never heard a Demokrat Politician encouraging violence- to which I quoted Joe Biden from a CNN piece on March 21st 2018- “Biden says he would ‘beat the hell’ out of Trump” ! I find your newest attempts to “frighten and scare away” commentators here to be a new low- as you continually disgrace yerself and your employer. I would suggest you stop harassing Roy- and let him decide for himself whether or not my comments are fair- logical- based on scientific data- a far cry from the Tio’s Martha’s- Kuya’s and that Idiot out in Redmond that you openly support. Yup… a new low !

          1. Roy is an old friend, and I gave him some good advice. The fact you call me warning him about your toxic lie-filled troll behavior “harassment” is a typical 180-degree twisting of the truth. I make my employer proud every day, dealing with the likes of toxic trolls such as you. That you abuse the freedom of speech provided here is very old news. May the hate and the untruths you continually espouse fall out of favor. If not, I’ll keep reading them and forgetting them as fast as I can. Because they are worthless and your nasty attacks are as unfounded as ever. YOU “go away,” and take your nastiness with you – THEN I ‘get my wish.” But you won’t, because no other place will let you spew what you spew.
            And as responsible news outlets reported, Biden said he would have “beat the hell” out of Trump IF THEY WERE BOTH IN HIGH SCHOOL for how he disrespects women. If you were in High School, you’d be the bully Biff Tanner, and I could only hope you’d get the crappy come-uppance that always had the “Back to the Future” audience cheer. Because everyone knew that Marty McFly was the good guy who just needed to learn not to take the bully’s bait. Something I’m still trying to learn.

  2. As a conservative I condemn the assault on the Capitol AND this nonsense.
    The actions of the Capitol attack do not represent the values of regular conservatives.
    I am somewhat certain that the actions of these “protestors” do not represent the values of regular Democrats.
    Am I wrong?

    1. I’m sure Wishy and his gang would say you’re wrong, but most Democrats, like most Republicans and Independents, believe in the rule of law. As I’ve said before, once the first rock is thrown or the first gun is drawn, a demonstration should be termed a riot and dealt with accordingly.

      1. The rule of Law ? You mean like when Joke Biden passes an EO law that states that masks will be worn on all Federal properties- then rushes right out and violates his own LAW ???
        “Biden spotted maskless on federal property hours after signing mandate” //…. Joke Biden is a train wreck who is getting a pass from the US media (of all sizes) at the expense of the nation. Biden’s whiz kid kovid expert Dr. Fauci today praised the WHO for it’s handling of the China Virus- and has announced the Sloppy Joe will return the US to this corrupt organization that costs US taxpayers billions ! Why is CNN and the ZZ covering this up ? It’s scandalous and inept journalism- bordering on treason !

  3. well well well ……………the pantifa lawless tantums continue. Democrats behaving badly, as usual. However now the ‘protests’ are no longer politically useful to the democrats. It’s thier progressive spawn, the same occupy/resist/antifa cowards. Reap–Sow Liberals, YOU created this problem.

  4. Violence is bad regardless who they are so are those that shield them. Unfortunately groups get hijacked by bad actors all the time, and sometimes the group is a bad actor. Violence is criminal even if hiding behind free speech, and do not care who they are or what they say they stand for.

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