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Florida governor bans Covid-19 ‘vaccine passports’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order Friday banning the use of Covid-19 passports in the state.

The order prohibits any government entity from issuing vaccine passports and blocks businesses from requiring any such documentation.

DeSantis cited freedom and privacy concerns as the primary basis for the action, arguing that the implementation and enforcement of vaccine passports would “create two classes of citizens based on vaccinations.”

The order notes many Floridians have not yet had the opportunity to obtain a vaccine, while some may have infection-acquired immunity, and other people may be unable to get a Covid-19 vaccine because of health, religious or other reasons.

“Individual Covid-19 vaccination records are private health information and should not be shared by a mandate,” DeSantis’ executive order reads.

DeSantis signaled earlier this week that he would not support vaccine passports.

“It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply be able to participate in normal society,” he said Monday during a press conference.

Florida requires children to receive certain vaccines before enrolling and attending childcare and school.

The Florida governor tweeted Friday that the Florida legislature is “working on making permanent these protections for Floridians,” and that he looks forward to signing them into law soon.

Privacy fears

There have been major privacy concerns regarding vaccine passports, especially if a centralized, computer-based system were created for people to prove they’ve been vaccinated against Covid-19.

American Civil Liberties Union senior policy analyst Jay Stanley argued in an article this week for a decentralized, open-sourced system to make sure people know how and where their data is being used.

“Does it report back every time you present a credential?” Stanley asked. “Every time someone asks to see you’ve received a vaccine? Does it report back to some government agency? That would also be very bad.”

The Biden administration has been working with non-profits and tech firms to develop a set of standards for people to prove they’ve gotten the vaccine, according to at least two administration officials.

However, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Monday there will be no federal mandate that would require every American to get a vaccine credential.

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    1. And the race baiting continues, your mother must very proud even if she spends all day washing your mouth out with soap

      Meanwhile in the real world the CDC is already issuing these so that real people can go real places, like hawaii or other countries

      desantis would love nothing more than shutting down travel again so everyone is still stuck with pensacola oil slick vacations instead of anywhere nice #maga

      1. Vaccine will not stop it, haven’t haven’t you heard? the virus is already mutating which means it is changing, which means the current vaccine won’t work.

  1. there will be a concentrated effort by pelosi and the left to villanize de santis on this as anyone who stands up to them and doesnt blindly kneel to them like with how fast baseball pulled the all star game out of georgia.

  2. I wonder how long it will be before CNN starts reporting on alegattions on the Florida governor who is standing up to Pelosi and her white house possi. I give it a few days what you say?

  3. Florida Republican Governor bans an historically outrageous attempt to “brand” human beings and place them into categories like cattle- while closer to home Z21 has set out to “ban” the word “China” ! Not sure how they’re gonna work around the classics- Bone China dinnerware- Made in China- China Hat Road ! Just another sad day in the Brown-Biden era of unstoppable stupidity.

      1. So quote your new policy guidelines instead of removing- censoring- going all girly hysterics with the cancel culture (and your personal preference)- and prove exactly what part of the TOS is being violated. To date- Not Untrue !

          1. Then it’s clearly based on your individual “BIAS” and has nothing to do with written corporate policy- and everyone should know this ! Cmon Man- don’t be “Ashamed” just fess up !

          2. Who knows why BGHW (or his any of his multiple aliases) is obsessed with criticizing you? Why does he care about bringing you down a notch? Probably the answer is found somewhere in the DSM-5, but who knows? Any rational person who’s paying attention knows you’re good at your job. You make every effort to be fair and impartial, and your editorial decisions are reasonable ones.

            My advice? Ignore BGHW completely. You’ll drive him crazy. Your responses are catnip to him; don’t give him that. If you’re lucky, he’ll cross a line and you can ban him. Then you’ll have peace for a minute, until he reappears under a new user name.

            1. The rational part of me of course agrees with you – that it’s useless/hopeless to engage with such hateful people and it just feeds their sad ego. Yes, once in a while I’m human and defend myself/the truth.
              But unlike everyone else here, I don’t get to “ignore him completely.” Unlike everyone else, I have to read them. I try to immediately forget them, as they have no value.
              Thanks for the kind words.

        1. Been asking him the same for awhile now. He can’t explain his TOS, just says “it’s offensive” and “not going to waste time to argue about it blah blah…”. He’ll probably delete this too.

          1. Here’s what we know- what are absolute facts- unarguable… that the Moderator continues to single me out- not for violations of the TOS- but for differences in political opinion… and “all” of what the Z posts these days is political- there is no difference between the national and local stories- they bleed into each other like bleach through a warm water wash ! what we also know is the KTVZ fears my voice- my opinions- my comments… to the point that they must be censored- removed- unfairly axed without explanation because… there is no explanation. The fear here for one and all- is that this can (and eventually will) happen to all of you. This is exactly how the willing executioners acted back in 1919- through silence and fear- hoping the jack boots would never knock on their door. The local “pile-ons” like Elly and Martha are like witnesses to a school yard beat down- egging and cheering on the fifth grade bully smacking around the third grader- listening to political leaders like Joe Biden tell America how he was gonna take a political opponent out back and beat the hell out of him should have been immediate grounds for expulsion- but in today’s rampant world of hate and anger. This site seems desperate for ad revenue- if that’s not the excuse- then it is operated by seriously questionable characters of low moral and ethical standards- and you are right- that is shameful ! Now wait for the denials- the excuses- “oh yeh- well what about….” Truly shameful what all of Oregon has become !

      1. Preserving freedoms by denying businesses the right to refuse customers because they haven’t been vaccinated? Sounds kinda stupid to me, but not out of line with you.

        1. Funny how preserving life is no longer important to you con jobs! 3 times the death rate is what it costs to keep things open. Business is more important than life!

          1. You start dying the day you are born- nothing will change that- you either live in a cocoon your whole life- or you get on the back of that bull and let er buck ! Either way- it’s not up to you to decide the fate of others- now get back under the covers and cower in fear like you have yer whole life ! You Biden types are all talk about how yer gonna do this- do that- then when the Trumpster steps up on stage 10 feet away- you hide like a turtle in a shell !

        2. How do you know they haven’t been vaccinated- and what business is it of yours to know the medical conditions of your fellow Americans… didn’t we already go through this during the HIV hysterics of the 1980’s ???

    1. But you’ll head to Bend-Redmond-Sisters… where the risk factors are higher than red counties like Jefferson-Crook-Lake ? Talk about a science denying Klown ! Can you say China ?

        1. “Looks like someone doesnt understand the difference between a county and a city”… What ? Unlike your C-Virus ??? Do you ding-dongs ever really think about your post before pushing the send button ?

  4. Proof of vaccination for air travel seems logical and may be required by foreign countries. Keeping Floridians off airplanes is o.k. With me.

  5. Funny how preserving life is no longer important to you con jobs! 3 times the death rate is what it costs to keep things open. Business is more important than life!

  6. Why not just ear tag us? Good lord what is our country turning into? Freedom was fought hard for & now the Liberals are wanting us to be like sheep being herded in pens

  7. If freedom is the issue, the precedent has already been set. We’ve had to show proof that our kids were vaccinated for school and that we’ve gotten the required vaccinations for overseas travel for decades now. Use common sense when choosing battles.

    1. So if ID’s are the solution to our problems- why does the left fear them so much when it comes to voter ID ? Take yer time- i wouldn’t want you to be misquoted.

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