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Some Oregon businesses against tighter restrictions


PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) -- With 15 Oregon counties in Extreme Risk, that means no indoor dining, but will every business comply with Governor Brown’s tighter restrictions?

Businesses in Multnomah and Clackamas counties appear to be complying, but that doesn’t mean they are happy about it. In fact, the owners at Carver Hangar in Clackamas County say they would defy the governor’s orders, if it weren’t for the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

Owners Bryan and Liz Mitchell say they’re frustrated with the governor and the roller-coaster the restaurant industry has been put through during the pandemic. Back in January, the Mitchells stayed open during Extreme Risk restrictions.

Now, they say the OLCC is threatening to revoke their license if they were to defy the governor’s orders.

Not all restaurants are wanting to push back. The owner of Harmony, a restaurant and bakery in Estacada, says she’s been cautious, even when restrictions were lifted.

“What I'm in support of is, you know, supporting science and trusting the scientists and supporting their recommendations,” said Jenny Beaudoin.

She says it’s been hard for her restaurant and many others, but she’s complying to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Gov. Kate Brown announced on Friday that $20 million in help for businesses who’ve been impacted by the Extreme Risk restrictions.

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    1. Heres what I would like to know… Where exactly is this 20 million dollars coming from to hand out to businesses so they will shut up and comply? Oh yeah, thats right, its coming from the last of us that are still working and paying taxes. Or sleepy joes money printing press which is more likely the case.

  1. These are nothing more than bribes- illegal kickbacks- buying favor- and it should be stopped… “Gov. Kate Brown announced on Friday that Gov. Kate Brown announced on Friday that $20 million in help for businesses who’ve been impacted by the Extreme Risk restrictions… Why isn’t Brown offering $20 million in cash for home owners- job losses- potential earnings ? She made the “unilateral” decision to put select industries out of work- in financial crisis- shatter personal dreams and deny the science by closing schools for over a year- “NOT” recommended by the CDC ! Now she wants you all to forgive and forget- now that she has the Trump virus- to all that- I call BS ! She must resign immediately- step down in disgrace- her catastrophic unscientific strategy to address the Wuhan mild virus has resulted in more than 2,500 deaths- closing in on the same number of deaths that NY suffered through on 9/11 ! She’s shown no leadership- just wishy-washy back and forth guess work that has been a disaster to the state’s finances- our economy- and all lives going forward- she has ignored mental health professionals pleas to re-open schools- stop the isolation- provide Phylagen tests and dry fog equipment paid for by the state- she has been a complete and absolute failure- and no amount of Barney Lerten coddling will ever change that- she will go down in history as the worst Governor ever- from the Virus- to the wildfires- to the riots in Portland and on the Capitol building… it’s all 100% on her ! And I assure you- her security detail agrees with me !

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  3. For those of you actually following the science, the states that were the most open are doing just fine. Even Bill Maher, a very liberal Trump-hater had to admit that Republican-controlled states did much better than the liberal-controlled states. FYI I didn’t care for Trump, so if you want to argue with me you are going to have to provide actual science and not “scientists say” as I know that is the way to preface a lie even in the world of science. Science is not a fact if that science cannot be backed up with actual evidence. This is sadly the case with Covid. For the most part the actual science has not been followed in the state of Oregon and that is why we are now leading the USA in the wrong way even though we have a very low population density. Great job, Kate. This is all on you, because “science” is just a motto to you and not a process of getting to the actual truth.

  4. supporting science and trusting the scientists – This is what we all wish to be able to do, but only the true science, not the political science being spouted.

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