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Gunman in Texas school massacre emerged from closet as Border Patrol agents moved in, source says


By Priscilla Alvarez, Eric Levenson, Virginia Langmaid, Shimon Prokupecz and Nora Neus, CNN

The teenage gunman in a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school came out of a classroom closet and began firing when US Border Patrol agents entered the room more than an hour after the shooter began his rampage, a source familiar with the situation told CNN on Friday.

The agents were part of a team that fatally shot the gunman, ending an attack that left 19 fourth-graders and two adults dead Tuesday afternoon.

Before the assault on the shooter, a group of 19 law enforcement officers stood in a hallway outside the classroom and took no action as they waited for room keys and tactical equipment, a state official said at a news conference.

“The on-scene commander at that time believed that it had transitioned from an active shooter to a barricaded subject,” Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Col. Steven McCraw said.

The gunman was killed more than an hour after he started shooting inside Robb Elementary School. Members of a specialized Border Patrol unit had entered the classroom, with one holding a shield followed by at least two others who engaged the shooter, according to a US Customs and Border Protection official.

The gunman is believed to have waited for the agents to enter the room, then kicked open the closet door and began shooting, the source said.

The agents had used a key to get into the classroom, opening the door while standing off to the side since the gunman had been shooting through the door, the source said.

The Washington Post first reported the detail on the gunman emerging from the classroom closet.

The timeline of events that were part of the law enforcement response became more clear and more disturbing to the victims’ families Friday as McCraw explained the school district police chief was the incident commander who made the decision not to breach the classroom door.

Yet as officers stood in the hallway, children inside Robb Elementary School classrooms 111 and 112 in Uvalde repeatedly called 911 and pleaded for help, he said. They were in the middle of the deadliest school shooting since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.

“From the benefit of hindsight where I’m sitting now, of course it was not the right decision,” McCraw said of the supervisor’s call not to confront the shooter. “It was the wrong decision. Period. There’s no excuse for that.”


The official who was the school district police chief, Pedro “Pete” Arredondo, officials said Friday.

Arredondo has nearly three decades of law enforcement experience, according to the school district, and was recently elected to a seat on Uvalde’s city council. He previously served as a captain at a school district police department in Laredo, Texas, and in multiple roles at the Uvalde Police Department.

Arredondo has not spoken about the shooting publicly since two very brief press statements on the day of the tragedy. CNN attempted to reach him at his home on Friday, but there was no response.

In all, 80 minutes passed between when officers were first called to the school at 11:30 a.m. to when a tactical team entered locked classrooms and killed the gunman at 12:50 p.m., McCraw said. The tactical team was able to enter using keys from a janitor, he added.

Within that period, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos killed 19 children and two teachers — marking at least the 30th shooting at a K-12 school in 2022. And while, as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said, the massacre could have been worse, the law enforcement response suggests it could have been better.

The delayed response runs contrary to commonly taught active shooter protocol, established after the Columbine school shooting of 1999, to stop the shooter as quickly as possible and even bypass helping the injured. The revelations also help explain why officials have offered contradictory information over the past three days as to what law enforcement did in response.

“The levels of failure are just incredible, beyond belief,” said Anthony Barksdale, the former acting Baltimore police commissioner.

Alfred Garza, the father of 10-year-old Amerie Jo Garza, who was killed in the attack, said he believes someone should be held accountable for the delayed response.

“They should have reacted quicker, faster,” he said. “Had they done that? You know, maybe we would have a different result.”

Governor livid over misinformation

Gov. Abbott told reporters Friday he was misled by authorities the day after the shooting, and he is livid.

Abbott said he took careful notes from his briefing on Wednesday, calling what he told the public “a recitation of what people in that room told me.” He added, “As everybody has learned, the information that I was given turned out, in part, to be inaccurate, and I’m absolutely livid about that.”

The governor was in Uvalde for a news conference about the state response for the families of those affected by the shooting, but reporters pressed Abbott on the law enforcement response and the information given to the public about the shooting.

“My expectation is the law enforcement leaders that are leading the investigations … they get to the bottom of every fact with absolute certainty,” he said.

Abbott said the people who deserve accurate answers the most are the families whose “lives have been destroyed.”

“It is inexcusable that they may have suffered from any inaccurate information whatsoever,” he said.

School back door had been propped open

McCraw also revealed further details about how the gunman was able to enter the school unobstructed.

The suspect, Ramos, first shot his grandmother at her home, took her truck and crashed into a ditch near the school at 11:28 a.m. He exited the vehicle with a long rifle and ammo and shot at two men across the street, missing them, McCraw said.

A schoolteacher who had propped open a locked back door a minute earlier saw the crash and gunman and went to call 911 — leaving the door propped. That 911 call came at 11:30 a.m.

The gunman then moved toward the school parking lot and began shooting into classroom windows, McCraw said. A school resource officer, who was not on campus at the time, heard the 911 call and rushed to the school but drove past the suspect, who was hunkered down behind a vehicle, McCraw said.

The suspect then entered the school via the propped door at 11:33 a.m. and went to the adjoining classrooms 111 and 112, where he continued shooting, McCraw said.

Two minutes later, seven officers arrived to the school and approached the locked classrooms where the gunman had barricaded himself. Two of the officers were shot by the suspect from behind the door and suffered graze wounds, McCraw said.

The gunman fired 16 more rounds inside the locked classrooms between 11:37 and 11:44 a.m., and more officers continued to arrive to the hallway, McCraw said.

At about the same time, the Robb Elementary School posted on its Facebook that the school was on lockdown due to gunshots in the area. Outside the school, distraught parents soon began to arrive, desperate to know whether their kids were still alive, leading to confrontations with police trying to set up a perimeter.

Inside the school, there were as many as 19 law enforcement officers in the hallway at 12:03 p.m., yet they remained outside and waited for further tactical team and equipment, McGraw said.

That very minute, at 12:03 p.m., police received a 911 call from a girl who identified herself and whispered she’s in Room 112, McCraw said. She stayed on the phone for 1 minute, 23 seconds. At 12:10 p.m. she called back and said there were multiple people dead. She called again three minutes later.

Members of the Border Patrol tactical team, known as BORTAC, arrived with shields at 12:15 p.m. There they waited.

The girl called again at 12:16 p.m. and said there were eight to nine students alive, McGraw said. Another student called 911 from Room 111 three minutes later but hung up at the urging of another student. On a 911 call at 12:21 p.m., three shots can be heard, he said.

The gunman had fired over 100 rounds in the first minutes of the shooting, but the gunfire after that was sporadic and aimed at the door, McCraw said.

“The belief was that there may not be anybody living anymore and that the subject has now tried to keep law enforcement at bay or entice them to come in to (die by) suicide,” he said.

A female student called 911 at 12:36 p.m. that lasted for 21 seconds, but then called back and was told to stay on the line and remain quiet. At 12:43 p.m. and 12:47 p.m. she asked 911 to please send police now.

Finally, at 12:50 p.m., the tactical team entered the room and shot and killed the suspect.

Surviving children describe what happened inside

Children who survived the shooting described what happened inside the school during the mayhem.

To survive the nightmare, Miah Cerrillo, 11, smeared her friend’s blood all over herself and played dead, she told CNN.

Miah and her classmates were watching the movie “Lilo and Stitch” when teachers Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia got word of a shooter in the building. One teacher went to lock the door, but the shooter was right there — and shot out the door’s window, Miah said.

As her teacher backed into the classroom, the gunman followed. He then looked a teacher in the eye, said “Goodnight,” and shot her, the girl recalled.

And then he opened fire, shooting the other teacher and many of Miah’s friends. Bullets flew by her, Miah said, and fragments hit her shoulders and head. The gunman next went through a door into an adjoining classroom. Miah heard screams and more gunshots. When the firing stopped, the shooter started playing music that was “sad, like you want people to die,” the girl said.

Scared he would come back to kill her and her few surviving friends, Miah put her hands into the blood of a slain friend lying next to her and smeared herself with it, she said. The girl and a friend managed to grab a dead teacher’s phone and call 911 for help, she said. She told a dispatcher, “Please send help because we’re in trouble.”

The pair then lay down and played dead.

Another student in a different classroom, 10-year-old Jayden Perez, said when he and his classmates heard gunfire, his teacher locked the door and told them to “hide and be quiet.”

Jayden said he was hiding near the storage area for backpacks during the shooting. Others in his class were under a table. The entire time, he wondered what was going to happen to them.

“It was very terrifying because I never thought that was going to happen,” he told CNN. “(I’m) still sad about some of my friends that died.”

He does not want to go back to school again.

“No, because after what happened. I don’t want to. I don’t want anything to do with another shooting or me in the school,” he said. “And I know it might happen again, probably.”

Parents outside school begged for action

Outside the school, chaos and confusion reigned as distraught parents showed up and implored law enforcement to force their way in and kill the gunman. One father even asked officers to give him their gear, he said.

“I told one of the officers myself, if they didn’t want to go in there, let me borrow his gun and a vest, and I’ll go in there myself to handle it. And they told me no,” Victor Luna told CNN. His son survived.

Instead, officers held parents behind yellow police tape, refusing to let them enter as crying and screaming echoed around them, several videos show.

Members of the US Marshals Service can be seen in one video holding back parents who pleaded to enter the school. US Marshals said in a statement they were called to the school at 11:30 a.m. and arrived about 40 minutes later from Del Rio, about 70 miles away.

The first deputy US Marshals to arrive entered the school to assist the Border Patrol tactical team already engaging with the shooter. The deputies also rendered aid to victims. Other deputies were asked to secure the perimeter around the school, but never arrested or placed anyone in handcuffs, the agency said.

“Our deputy marshals maintained order and peace in the midst of the grief-stricken community that was gathering around the school,” the agency said.

Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez issued a statement Thursday defending his officers’ response to the shooting amid the growing criticism.

“It is important for our community to know that our officers responded within minutes” alongside school resource officers, he said.

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    1. Actually, that’s wrong. The off-duty border patrol guy got a text from his wife that there was an active shooter, and she said “help them”. He grabbed the barber’s shotgun and drove to the school and went straight in, no armor no nothing but a shotgun, and rescued a bunch of kids and his wife

      “An off-duty US Customs and Border Protection agent fearlessly rushed into Robb Elementary School with his barber’s shotgun and rescued dozens of children and his daughter after his wife texted him that there was an active shooter.

      Jacob Albarado had just sat down for a haircut when he received the horrifying message from his wife, Trisha, a fourth-grade teacher at the Uvalde, Texas, elementary school, he told the New York Times.

      1. Actually from what was told at a National News Conference by Texas authorities, he’s right……….“Three police officers followed the shooter into the building within two minutes. In the next half hour, as many as 19 officers piled into the hallway outside. But another 47 minutes passed before the Border Patrol tactical team breached the door, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Col. Steven McCraw said.” AP.

      2. That guy ‘fearlessly rushed in’ and saved his own kid. This is bad, not good.

        But I’m not getting into the mud with you and talking about the worthless cops or the open door or any of that. The AR-15 the 18 year old bought with all those 30 round clips and that huge pile of ammo is where I’m at. Because it’s Texas, he required no background check.

        You say common sense gun laws violate your rights. You say common sense gun laws will make it so only the criminals have guns. That’s absolute bs.

        Here’s some laws we could pass TODAY that would make a huge difference:
        – Mandatory 72 hour wait period, Nation wide
        – Mandatory FBI background check on all firearms sales
        – Mandatory conceal carry class completion before owning any firearm
        – Register every firearm sold (State or Federal, I don’t care)
        – Require insurance on every firearm, let the free market set the price

        Nobody’s civil rights are being violated when they are required to get a drivers license and insurance for their cars, just like a reasonable waiting cool-down period, along with some training and insurance does not violate the 2nd ammendment, because ‘well regulated’.

        Everyone’s right to own a firearm needs to be balanced with my Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. I have rights too, and I consider my right to go to a Church or a grocery store or a night club or a place of work without constantly being worried about being murdered by some republican whackjob is of higher priority to me and most people than your need to buy your 15th gun. Democracies, which MAGA losers have no use for, are a tug-and-pull of priorities, and my ability to live my life happily and safely is being infringed upon every single day. I require immediate redress of my grievances, as this situation is unsustainable.

        1. Mandatory 72 hour waiting period, ok let’s just postpone the shooting for 3 days later.
          Mandatory FBI background check, alot of the shooters don’t have criminal backgrounds
          Mandatory conceal carry class for all including people who want to commit school shootings, good one smart one.
          Register every firearm sold because it will help us find out who’s gun it is AFTER they shoot up a school.
          Definitly insurance will keep shooters out of school, just like requiring insurance for your car to keep drunk drivers off the roads.

          Again more worthless pitty laws that will do nothing to actually stop the act.

    2. Can we start by just keeping the darn door closed? A teacher saw a dude running around with a gun then left the door open to call 911?

      1. That’s exactly what caused this whole thing!!! How different things would have been if the door was kept closed and locked like it supposed to be?

    3. Not the first time this has happened at mass shootings. The training LE gets drilled into their heads over and over again is that their #1 priority is to go home at the end of the day. Thus things like the hair trigger they have at traffic stops. “Oops I thought there was a chance he might maybe possibly be reaching for a knife or something when he got his wallet; my bad”.

    1. He wouldn’t have been able to take out all the heavily armed/armored cops before they got him. We are talking saving the lives of children. It’s unforgivable that they’d stand outside & literally hold back the parents who were begging to go in to save their children. Unbelievable cowardice on the cops part, and blows a wide hole in the whole “A GOOD GUY WITH A GUN WILL SAVE US FROM A BAD GUY WITH A GUN” crap argument. It’s obviously untrue. 40 “good guys” couldn’t even be bothered to confront the bad guy. I don’t know how those cops can sleep at night knowing what they could have prevented if they’d had a spine.

      1. “If you outlaw guns, murderers will just use a knife!”

        One untrained 18yr old guy has an AR-15, every cop in town was too scared to deal with him.
        One untrained 18yr old guy has a knife, cops laugh and rampage in to save the day.

        See the difference?

      2. Article says based on witnesses the gunman shot over 100 rounds in the first couple of minutes, sorry to say, all those victims where shot and killed way before anyone could react. By the time any officers entered the building those victims where shot already.

    2. Over and over they had messages that they needed help, a whole hour? Obviously huge mistakes were made all along from the open door, from an 18 yr old with mental health issues who’s family may not have tried to get him help, from delays despite active shooter information from people in the classroom.

      1. The only person who got it wrong was the teacher who propped the door open to allow the shooter to just walk right into the school and into the classrooms. Sadly those 19 children were probably shot and killed within the first two minutes of entering the classroom.

          1. Sorry buddy, but in order to use a breaching gun you have to stand in front of the door to shoot out the lock on the door. Breaching gun is useless if the person using it gets shot in the head. The gunman continued firing rounds through the door of the class room. Stop watching movies.

      1. I will bet you a million dollars that most if not all of the victims where shot or killed withing the first couple of minutes the gunman entered the school. So saying officers stood outside while children were being killed is just a plain false statement.

  1. This makes me sick! Those parents were ready to go in and risk their lives, but the police maced and handcuffed them all while they stood inside that school hallway quivering in fear! I know Leo’s personally that would’ve broken command and stormed that room bcz they’re mentally strong and ready to protect at all times – well trained officers know what they have to do. These ones only wanted a gun, a badge and power and when the time came to protect, they showed their cowardice to the world! Shame on them falsehoods! God bless these families, their children and that community. Im truly sorry for your loss. Fire them all and start over.

    1. Well if they would have let the parents go in then the police would have to order more adult sized body bags. Parents going in to get their children would just have created that many more dead victims. But by all means next time just go right up to the class room door and tell the gunman that you’re there to pick up your child. See how that would have worked out for you.

      1. You point well to the flaw in so many comments by so many in recent days – assuming we know all the what happened and why’s. But when we do know more, I’m afraid that as usual, the facts will just become twisted weapons for the sad critics’ preconceived notions.

  2. An 11-year-old girl smeared her dead friend’s blood all over herself and played dead. Let that sink in. Really reflect on that. Dig deep. Soul search. And then tell me how there’s nothing we can do, no change in mindset, no actions, no improvements, not anything, that we can do moving forward. Sandy Hook was in 2012. For 10 years we’ve retreated to the same tired arguments. How about we try. TRY. Something new. Anything. If an idea fails, then adjust and improve. But sitting here, arguing amongst ourselves, actionless, is the pinnacle of denial and defeat. It’s ugly awful pathetic humanless spineless belly-crawling snake behavior. F&*^ politics. Kids are dying in their own classrooms and smearing their friends’ blood on their faces like this is a WWII trench. And that’s OK? And now the only answer is “armed guards”. Listen to yourself. Listen to how ridiculous that sounds. When you were a kid, how many schools had armed guards? ZERO. How many times did you hear about school shootings? ZERO. How many times did you parents have to give you tips on how to fight a mass shooter, or advise you to smear your friends blood on your face and play dead? ZERO. That isn’t a plot from a horror script, that is real. And that isn’t alarming enough to pull us out of a pathetic political debate? If this isn’t an opportunity to put down your politics and reach across the aisle, and maybe realize that arguments aren’t worth the inaction, then I don’t know what is. Where and when does it stop? Will we put up razor wire and armed guard towers at malls, restaurants, parks, sporting venues? Is this the America you want? Is that what freedom looks like?

        1. Common courtesy? I suppose. I read comments during all my waking hours. I’m a contract employee. So yes, I’m sure my supervisors appreciate when I thank people for comments that share fervently held opinions without attacking others here, etc.

        2. You didn’t think this comment through now did ya? Barney is the comment platform moderator, so yes he gets paid to be here. 🙄

    1. We/they have been trying. Read the other article about the revolving doors of the current justice system that let a repeat offender out to create another victim. I personally know good (retired now) law enforcement officers who are so disgusted with how the system has morphed that they are glad to be out of it. I know parents who have tried to get help for their kids and that help was denied, kids are grown but playing in the revolving door that has no consequences for their bad behavior. And then of course, we sensationalize and make the perpetrator famous each time, even make movies about some of them.

    2. “When you were a kid, how many schools had armed guards? ZERO.” Very good Einstien. But now, we do need them. We’ll gaurd our banks but not our children? Listen to how stupid that sounds. When we were all kids back then, there were plenty of guns… back then too. In fact, kids would bring rifles in the back of their truck to school so they could go out hunting or shooting afterwards. Do you remember those days? No? Not that old huh?Apparently, guns weren’t the problem back then.. what changed? What makes you think GUNS are the problem now? Did the guns suddenly devolop AI to go kill folks themselves? Um, no. SO Sweedish Genius, what’s your solution again? You want to take guns away from responsible owners in a far more dangerous world than what we all grew up in? It sounds like people actually need guns now, more than ever before. When guns are illegal, the only people with them are criminals. The guns don’t magically dissappear- Then only the bad guys have them and responsible folks no longer get to defend themselves. Go up against an armed burglar with a can of pepper spray and let me know how that works out. But you’d like to see less guns. It sounds like that’s what you’re saying. You want to sacrifice my security, for your lack thereof? Not gonna happen. Remember that.

      1. This is a situation where the enemy has changed and evolved, but we haven’t. We haven’t changed our mindset, strategy, or tactics at all, on any level. The enemy has innovated and learned faster than we have. They watch and learn and change and grow. We don’t. They continue to watch us sit on our hands and argue and do nothing. These arguments are very binary, with everyone suggesting that there is one right answer, or that because guns existed before mass shootings then somehow guns aren’t part of the equation at all and therefore are completely off the table (that is a fever dream). This isn’t a linear solution. At this point, I’d rather try and fail a lot of different approaches so that WE be the ones who learn and evolve, rather than not even trying while our enemy gets smarter and more effective and more lethal. We are getting dumber, the enemy is getting smarter. This isn’t about who has a bigger gun, or more guns, or more guards – that is all reactionary. “If you want to kill a snake, cut off its head.”

        1. Both you and Laughing@U make good points! Now, let’s combine them . . . Guns are not the problem or the enemy. What has changed from the old days, when we used to go hunting or shooting after school? Yes, the enemy has changed and continues to change faster than the answers. Value on oneself and others, RESPECT of oneself and others (especially of you elders), and punishment of crimes. Back in the day, if you mouthed off or even failed to pay respect to your teacher got you the belt or the paddle. Talking in class got you the yardstick over the head, spitballs got you a ruler across the back or palm of the hand. That’s all gone past history now. Wait, maybe we have evolved at the same pace . . . Maybe we should look at getting rid of what doesn’t/hasn’t worked . . . LIKE “Gun Free Zones”. The school had strong doors and locks, but they were propped open or unlocked during class . . . Those are easy to correct, but how do we enforce the point to ensure that is done in the future?

          1. Let’s take a moment to honor the sacrifice of our brave school children who must lay down their lives to protect our right to bear arms

            1. has nothing to do with the “right to bear arms” nothing! That’s just a simple leftist ideology that continues to not help, it’s a meaningless talking point.

      1. BTW if we are comparing voter registration cards, mine is independent. And I’m still not impressed by the antics of either end of the extreme left/right political spectrum. We need a middle. A common ground. Moderation. I’m a former republican who changed my voter card in 2012 (after Sandy Hook) because as a parent I couldn’t look my kids in the eye and explain any of this, or why the responsible adults who know better and have the power to make change are the ones being a bunch of babies and retreating to tired, lazy political excuses. I was so disgusted with how republicans constantly deflect and are completely unwilling to participate in any conversations on this topic. Complete cowards. They could come away looking like heroes but instead are making themselves look complicit. I’ll never forgive them. The problem is that I don’t want to vote for Dems, either, so voting is a difficult thing.

          1. lol lovely mental image. Does it disappoint you that I’m not here to lob personal insults just to get a reaction out of people? Keep on chasing the tail of that snake…

            1. I’m not either. I’m not here to sugar coat things nor make friends. I’m rather blunt, and I don’t consider it an insult as much as a question. I don’t expect to chase the tail of a snake when all it wants to do is hide

        1. I’ve always been either “Non-Partisan” or since Oregonians don’t understand the term, I’m registered as “No Party”. I firmly believe all major political parties are out to destroy this country equally. I’ve written Tactical SOP’s and orders, Intelligence SOP’s and orders, Security SOP’s and orders, and Emergency SOP’s and orders, and I’ve done treat assessments of buildings, pipelines, cities, and regions. I’m telling you for a fact, Guns AREN’T the problem. Not enough gun laws IS NOT the problem! The lack of pride, respect, discipline, punishment, and lack of value of human life and mental health support are the problem. Change those and there won’t be mass shootings . . . or at least there will be a reduction in mass shooting.

          1. And how do you change those things? By “beating the evil other side”? Believing so many people want to “destroy the country” is the toxic mindset that will ensure NOTHING CHANGES. Civil dialogue, working together is the only way. Not the endless fight for the (not0 magic “reins of power” while the stagecoach goes over the cliff.

          2. I read your comments. I laugh when you say you think you are “non-partisan”. I’ve not seen you say a single thing that isn’t just parroting the GOP line. Much as you’d like to believe it, you are not an independent thinker.

            1. I’m a strong Conservative . . . that doesn’t make me a Republican. I mainly choose to respond from a Conservative view point, yet I’ve also come out against some “Republican” politicians/policies. Maybe you just miss those, because you think I’m usually pro-Conservative, so my comment will always be pro-Republican. (You will never find anyplace where I supported McCain for example.)

          3. LOL!!! You are a hard-right MAGA boomer. Period. Guns, and you nazis, are the problem.
            Every other country has mental health problems, lack of pride, respect yada yada.
            Only in America is this kind of thing a daily event.

    3. Sadly this is the current state of affairs. Conservatives are bending themselves into pretzels to pivot and deflect. The response is always more guns and we wonder why one of the most civilized countries on the planet has the highest rate of gun violence by a long shot. As long as the firearm industry funnels billions into politics nothing will change.

      This what making america great again looks like. 🇺🇸✌🏻

      1. REALLY??? The US doesn’t even make the top 10 . . . Countries with the Highest Rates of Violent Gun Death (Homicides) per 100k residents in 2019
        El Salvador (36.78)
        Venezuela (33.27)
        Guatemala (29.06)
        Colombia (26.36)
        Brazil (21.93)
        Bahamas (21.52)
        Honduras (20.15)
        U.S. Virgin Islands (19.40)
        Puerto Rico (18.14)
        Mexico (16.41)

    4. As far as tens of millions of single-issue voters are concerned, yes it’s OK. Because “shall not be infringed” B.S. Thoughts and prayers and nothing more. And politicians are keenly aware of that. When was the last time that a recall election was organized to oust a legislator who voted against gun control reform? Never. It’s happened repeatedly in this country to those who vote for such measures.

    5. Exactly. I am turning in my Ar 15 next week to be destroyed. It is time for all of us to do something, way past time. The blood on the face just crushed me. Well said

      1. JimmyDean, can I suggest an alternative? Instead of turning in a gun, keep it. Be a gun owner. But be a gun owner who has the courage, backbone, and moral conviction to stand as a positive example that gun owners can also be supportive of change, that we can be part of the solution. There aren’t enough gun owners who are also vocal for advocating change, for offering ideas. All I see from gun owners is a constant stonewall, constant “no”, constant “everything is fine, nothing to see here.”

      2. Just remember as you go to turn it in, SCOTUS says YOU and ONLY YOU are responsible for your and your loved ones safety and protection. The police and the government ARE NOT responsible! Turn it in and prepare to be the next victim of a fatal crime. Chance of you ever stopping a mass shooting with your AR15 are slim to non-existent, but, if you turn it in, not only won’t you be the lucky/unlucky one to stop one, but probably one of the victims as well. (Odds are more in favor of you needing your AR15 in a civil war then stopping a mass shooting anyway. And much higher needing your AR15 for survival during inflation and empty shelves in the grocery stores.)

  3. “Texas DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez told KENS5 News that officers went in to get their own kids. “Once a tactical team arrived, they shot Ramos.” “Police officers rushed into the school to get their own children out of the school” he added”….as per NYP re-post from KENS5 News

    Gee…. that was considerate of them, huh? Don’t go for an hour, then when they do, it’s for their kids first

    Good lord I hate spineless people

    1. On the other hand, it takes a HUGE spine to remove armed police/guards from schools and post “Gun Free Zone” signs around our schools . . . Which is worse?

      1. Please sharder, tell us what the “armed police/guards” did to save these children/teachers. There was an armed guard and the police were there within two minutes with all their guns, what did they do?

        1. Please Martha, tell us what the “No Gun Zone” signs did to save these children/teachers. Please note that according to the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled and reaffirmed that the police are not responsible for the safety and protection of anyone. What have you done to provide for the safety and protection of yourself and your loved ones? Did/do you support defunded the police? Did/do you support removing armed officers from schools? Did/do you support “Gun Free Zones”? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are partly responsible for what happens.

          1. You did not answer my question. You seem to live in a strange warped world just waiting for the so-called “uprising” so you can use your pile of guns. Maybe that’s the very mindset that is creating these horrible tragedies.

        2. We can tell you what the teacher did to make sure these kids were sitting ducks. She propped the door open to invite the shooting in without any barricade without any deterrent.

          1. 20/20 hindsight. We can only pray that all other imperfect humans don’t make a seemingly “small” mistake that turns out by random chance (did he or she have a clue a crazed gunman was nearby?) to become horribly tragic.
            The armchair quarterbacking is truly sad. It seems that blame is the goal – not answers, solutions and progress.

  4. Imagine if the fire department decided not enter a building on fire because they might get burned/killed. These cops are nothing but cowards who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. An 11 y/o girl was covering herself with the blood of her friend and playing dead while these police cowards beat down parents wanting to save their kids inside the school.

    1. Actually the DPSST has been pushing for fire departments to do just that – not enter the burning building for quite some time. More rules and restrictions come down every time someone gets hurt be it fire service, law enforcement or whatever….

  5. I’m going to put this out to everyone to comment, as the “who to blame” is squarely and succinctly decided by SCOTUS. “Though alarming, we simply have no affirmative right to police aid, even when a person, including a helpless child, faces imminent danger. We are all responsible for our own personal safety, whether we like it or not.” The school can be sued for the loss of life by the parent (common outcome today), but the school can not be sued for the failure of safety or the protection of the children. The shooter and the family of the shooter can also be sued, but once again, the school and the police are not responsible for the safety and/or protection of the children. The discussion now comes down to the 2nd Amendment and the right to own firearms and what are the parents/family willing to pay/do to protect their loved ones.

    1. The right to arm bears, although no longer relevant as written, is enshrined in a document referenced by some people when convenient — except when it applies to human rights, voting rights, the right of assembly & redress, and punishment for treasonous acts.

  6. Buncha GoodGuysWithGuns were right there – PROFESSIONAL, highly trained GoodGuysWithGuns I might add – and…so lets ditch the GoodGuysWithGuns myth.

  7. In America, any nutjob can walk right out, get a gun, and shoot up anything they freakin’ want to. The answer isn’t to bunker up every possible target; that’s just dumb and absolutely no way to live. The answer is to keep guns out of the hands of nutjobs.

        1. Tools of war??? Tools of war include shovels, knives, axes, hatchets, sporks, rocks, gasoline, vehicles, even hands and feet. An AR15 is a sporting rifle, NOT a “tool of war”!

    1. There’s laws against that so you’re saying laws don’t work well with kids are going to do the ban guns because no one’s gonna follow those laws either then. Take them away the only ones that have them will be the bad guys had schools not been such a soft target none of this would not have happen nobody goes and shoots up a police station you know why because cops have guns.

          1. Makes sense, cops don’t get shot because they have all the guns. “had schools not been such a soft target none of this would not have happen”
            Is this a triple negative?

    2. Excellent point! Now tell us why mental health specialists refuse to add mental health patients they believe are a danger to themselves or others to the Federal NICS database. For the record, mental health determinations are subjective and hard to substantiate with medical evidence verify. A person that seems “nuts” to you and me, may be considered “normal” to mental health and vice versa. Then you have those that ARE normal and something triggers them to go bananas. That trigger can cause instant changes or may take time for complete turn.

  8. Its time to all do what we can. this is beyond insane. I am destroying my Ar-15 next week. Taking it to the police. There is no need for such a weapon in civilian hands and we must do better as parents and Americans. You guys that say they are for hunting and this type of idea violates your rights are cowards, plain and simple. Stop the lies, these are assault weapons killing our babies. Game over, I am out. I hope you all are too.

    1. Until you know and understand the difference between an assault rifle and a sporting rifle, you may want to stay out of firearm discussions. BTW, an AR15 is legal to hunt with in Oregon . . . and M16/M4 isn’t. An SA85M is legal to hunt with, but an AK47 isn’t. An M1A is legal to hunt with, an M14 isn’t. A Barrett M82A1 is legal to hunt with, a M2HB isn’t. Only the M16/M4 and AK47 are Assault Rifles, but why are the AR15/SA85M/M1A/M82A1 legal to hunt with and the others aren’t? Trust me, there is a HUGE difference!

  9. Cops are cowards with or without gun’s…. Cop without his badge and gun is in most cases an overweight, undereducated, underachiever drawn to the force by a gun fetish and lacking male inadequacies

  10. I want to know what they are teaching these people that turns them into these monster to shoot kids ? It’s not a gun problem its a people problem. Liberal just want to use any Tragedy to help forward their agenda control. Don’t worry they still want to be able to kill a kid as long as it’s still inside the mother.

    1. Any time you morons feel the need to share whatever passes for a thought in those empty rattling skull cages I’m struck by the fact that you don’t seem to understand that it would behoove you to use “yer best edumakashun” and check your spelling and grammar.

      1. Nothing like a grammar nazi trying to destroy a persons points by pointing out spelling and grammar errors in a forum where editing isn’t permitted.

          1. Thank you, Barney! I’m notorious for not noticing spelling and grammar errors until after I hit “Post Comment”. I can proof read it 20 times and still not catch it until it’s too late to correct.

            1. Well, I have no doubt that a) some will still abuse the system/privilege of posting here and b) it won’t make everyone happy, but … it’s worth a try. So many media outlets large and small have given up on comments as what a Redditor called this place, a “toxic waste dump” of hate, etc.

    2. Yep, it’s a people problem and one could say that you care more about controlling what a woman does than protecting that “kid” after its born.

      1. Yep, it’s a people problem and one could say that you care more about a child’s life before it’s born AND after it’s born. A woman is able to control whether she gets pregnant for the most part. There’s all types of contraceptives available, many times for free. BUT, a man can also control whether a woman gets pregnant as well, through condoms and other types of contraceptives.

    1. Rather than a sanctuary of learning, public schools have become soft targets for cult-like woke theology. Consistent with that is the secrecy and deception around curriculum meant to hide agenda to the extent of isolating and even punishing parent’s involvement.
      If you add the unwillingness of this sacrosanct entity to prevent juvenile offenders access to campus the conclusion is to cancel the government school apparatus and engage education vouchers.

  11. “Law enforcement leading the investigation” is a big boo boo, they need to step aside and let the independent agency’s spill the beans, totally botched active shooter, with kids begging for help while being shot to death and the team is standing down. Yea, no local investigation would be credible

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