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State details, clarifies allowing self-serve gas for 2 weeks

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Gas dealers face staffing issues, state wants to ensure fuel available

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Oregon’s COVID-19 Statewide Joint Information Center and the Oregon Department of Energy provided more clarification Sunday about Saturday's announcement from the Office of the State Fire Marshal, which temporarily suspended Oregon’s ban on self-service gas stations.

"This temporary suspension does not make self-service mandatory, officials said. "The intention is to ensure fuel is available to essential personnel who need to travel."

The Oregon Fuels Association said, “This change allows gas station attendants to help these customers while avoiding face-to-face, hand-to- hand contact and apply social distancing practices. Attendants will sanitize equipment and fuel nozzles and assist customers with refueling as needed.”

ODOE is responsible for maintaining a reliable source of fuel for Oregonians. The gas station workforce has recently reduced by as much as 50 percent due to illness, child care issues and safety concerns, according to the fuel industry.

"Self-service allows some gas stations to continue operations with fewer staff and ensures Oregonians can refuel their vehicles," the announcement said.

OFA added, “Unattended self-service will only happen if and when a gas station owner exhausts all staffing options.” Those stations that do not have an attendant on hand are required to post safety signs for social distancing, as well as instructions for how to operate a fuel pump.

This temporary suspension is currently in effect through April 11, and may be extended by the Oregon State Fire Marshal, they said.

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, state officials said the "goal of this change is to make refueling safer for both customers and service station attendants, while keeping stations open."

Also, they noted, this does not affect existing areas of the state already authorized for self-service refueling under the recent, voter-approved self-serve gas stations in counties of fewer than 40,000 people.

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  1. My advice- instead of KTVZ making up stories about hikers on Pilot Butte- when the video clearly shows no such people- why not go out to the Fred Meyer Gas station and film the chaos as various impatient nut-bags jump out of their cars in an effort to pump their own gas… I’m not sure what the policy is- Kate can’t seem to get a message across that makes any sense !

    1. We get all these “LET ME BE CLEAR” warnings, threats, and police stories, and are clearly being intimidated. We need to fix it and stop putting up with it

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