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Oregon House OKs bill to end license suspensions for unpaid fees, fines

Oegon driver's license DMV
Oregon DMV

44-13 vote sends measure to Senate

SALEM, Ore. – (KTVZ) -- Legislation to end the practice of suspending driver licenses for failure to pay court fines and fees passed the Oregon House on Thursday.

Rep. Chris Gorsek (D-Troutdale), a longtime champion of the legislation, carried House Bill 4210 on the floor.

The bill, which passed 44 to 13, now heads to the Senate for consideration.

“This bill is especially important as we confront some of the inequities and institutional bias in our systems,” Gorsek said.

“We know that Black and Latinx Oregonians are disproportionately stopped, ticketed, charged and convicted, and we know that this cycle of debt and punishment especially burdens communities of color," he said. "Increased frequency of being stopped and cited for driving offenses, along with increased fine amounts, puts communities of color at greater risk of license suspension for inability to pay.”

According to the Oregon Law Center, more than 334,000 license suspensions have been issued in the last decade. These suspensions, which impact individuals who are unable to pay fines and fees, perpetuates cycles of debt and poverty, and deprives individuals of the ability to get to work, school or the doctor.

Further, according to data recently released by the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission, Black and Latinx people are disproportionately stopped, ticketed, charged and convicted. As a result, fine and fee-based license suspensions disproportionately impact communities of color, in addition to low-income Oregonians.

The House Democratic sponsors are Rep. Teresa Alonso Leon (D-Woodburn), Rep. Julie Fahey (D-West Eugene and Junction City), Rep. Chris Gorsek (D-Troutdale), Rep. Ken Helm (D-Beaverton), Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer (D-Portland), House Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland, Rep. Akasha Lawrence Spence (D-Portland), Rep. Pam Marsh (D-Ashland), Rep. Susan McLain (D-Forest Grove), Rep. Mark Meek (D-Oregon City), Rep. Tiffiny Mitchell (D-Astoria), Rep. Nancy Nathanson (D-Eugene), Rep. Rob Nosse (D-Portland), Rep. Karin Power (D-Milwaukie), Rep. Andrea Salinas (D-Lake Oswego), Rep. Tawna Sanchez (D-Portland), Rep. Sheri Schouten (D-Beaverton), Rep. Marty Wilde (D-Eugene), and Rep. Anna Williams (D-Hood River).

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  1. Another way for the Democrats to “buy” votes from the minority groups, who are now a “special interest” group being manipulated and used as an excuse to dumb down legislation.

    1. i had a feeling they were gonna tie the headline into a racism thing. sure enough, they did!At least white people didn’t get excluded from the ruling lol. it funny how they are sympathetic to minorities that break traffic violations but no white people. white liberals are so ridiculous that they cant help themselves

  2. So is drinking and driving going to be legal now as well? No reason to even have a DMV other than to collect fees for title transfers and plates/tags? I’can;t believe the things Democrats ore attempting to do because of an election year.

  3. “We know that Black and Latinx Oregonians are disproportionately stopped, ticketed, charged and convicted, and we know that this cycle of debt and punishment especially burdens communities of color,” he said. “Increased frequency of being stopped and cited for driving offenses, along with increased fine amounts, puts communities of color at greater risk of license suspension for inability to pay.”

    – What a load of liberal crap. What we do know is that Democrats are low I.Q bottom feeders that will do anything to get votes…
    I didn’t truly know just how nice it was not looking at any news for four days, and not being subjected to this never ending racial garbage. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to see what was new. That was a mistake. Imagine my surprise to see that it has only gotten worse in several days…
    Latinx ? WTH ? Must be the new PC racial buzz word that someone came up with over the last few days.

    – I have a great idea, just make a simple blanket law that exempts everyone who isn’t white from being charged with any crime or personal responsibility… That way these scumbags could get even more votes, and they wouldn’t have to worry about hurting anyones feelings.

    1. Well said. This is nothing more than the typical racial division that the democrats continue to create. It started with the greatest racial divider and racist of all Barack Hussein Obuma. Obuma is a communist. The plan of the communist is to cause racial division.

      Racial division is a old technique used by socialists to gain support among minorities in countries that they wished to create a revolution. Here is an excerpt from;

      In the book A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, published in 1913 by Israel Cohen of the Fabian Society (a follow-up to Zangwill’s play The Melting Pot), he wrote:

      “We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party … In America, we will aim for subtle victory.

      While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites a guilt complex for the exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites, and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

      (see note [E1])

      On June 17, 1957, this passage was read into the Congressional Record by Rep. Thomas G. Abernathy.

      In 1922, the Russian Comintern provided $300,000 for the spreading of communist propaganda among Negroes. In 1925, the Communist Party U.S.A. told its members:

      “The aim of our Party in our work among the Negro masses is to create a powerful proletarian movement which will fight and lead the struggle of the Negro race against the exploitation and oppression in every form and which will be a militant part of the revolutionary movement of the whole American working class … and connect them with the struggles of national minorities and colonial peoples of all the world and thereby the cause of world revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat.” In 1925, a dozen blacks were recruited for propaganda training in Russia. That same year, the American Negro Labor Congress was established. In 1930, they changed their name to the League of Struggle for Negro Rights. They merged with the United Negro Congress when it was founded in 1936 in Washington, D.C. By 1940, communists made up two-thirds of its membership. In 1947, they united with the Civil Rights Congress, a communist front group.

      In a 1928 pamphlet by John Pepper (alias for Joseph Pogany) called American Negro Problems, a move was being made by Stalin to ferment revolution and stir the blacks into creating a separate Republic for the Negro. Another pamphlet put out by the New York Communist Party in 1935, called The Negroes in a Soviet America, urged the blacks to rise up and form a Soviet State in the South by applying for admission to the Comintern. It contained a firm pledge that a revolt would be supported by all American communists and liberals. On page 48, it said that the Soviet Government would give the blacks more benefits than they would give to the whites, and “any act of discrimination or prejudice against the Negro would become a crime under the revolutionary law.”

      In The Communist Party: A Manual On Organization by J. Peters, he writes:

      “The other important ally of the American proletariat is their mass of 13,000,000 Negro people in their struggle against national oppression. The Communist Party, as the revolutionary party of the proletariat, is the only party which is courageously and resolutely carrying on a struggle against the double exploitation and national oppression of the Negro people, becoming intense with the developing crisis, [and] can win over the great masses of the Negro people as allies of the Proletariat against the American bourgeosie.”

      In James Cannon’s America’s Road to Socialism, he says that the Negroes:

      “…will play a great and decisive role in the revolution … And why shouldn’t they be? They have nothing to lose but their poverty and discrimination, and a whole world of prosperity, freedom, and equality to gain. You can bet your boots the Negro will join the Revolution to fight for that — once it becomes clear to them that it cannot be gained except by revolution.”

      The former FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover, said of the Communist goals:

      “Communists seek to advance the cause of communism by injecting themselves into racial situations and in exploiting them, (1) to intensify the frictions between Negroes and Whites to ‘prove’ that discrimination against the minorities is an inherent defect of the capitalistic system, (2) to foster domestic disunity by dividing Negroes and Whites into antagonistic, warring factions, (3) to undermine and destroy established authority, (4) to incite racial strife and riotous activity, and (6) to portray the Communist movement as the ‘champion’ of social protest and the only force capable of ameliorating the conditions of the Negro and the oppressed.”…….Sourced from Link below. I would also recommend the full video “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Saul Alinksy before Youtube Bans it, but you can buy it from EWTN who produced it.

      This video clip will only take 7 minute of your time. Mr. Griffin 1969 had amazing foresight to foretell exactly what is occurring right now in the USA regarding riots, racial division, all part of the communist plan for this country. Norman Thomas a communist, and (1884-1968) six-time U.S. Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America
      1948 – from an interview during the presidential campaign,

      [Ed. note: Norman Thomas and Gus Hall, the U.S. Communist Party
      Candidate, both quit American politics, agreeing that the Republican
      and Democratic parties had adopted every plank on the
      Communist/Socialist and they no longer had an alternate party platform
      on which to run.] Norman Thomas said: ” “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” This is clearly what is happening especially with the massive indoctrination of millennials, and if you notice, especially whitge millennials.

      G. Edward Griffin Warns About The Communist Take Over

      1. Exemplary job of citing your references. Well done. I’m being completely serious.
        We didn’t read one line of it because you still have no original thoughts, but it was a master class of passing off other people’s ideas to somehow sway us to think more anti-communist or anti-minority or anti- whatever it is you’re pushing. But you did not plagiarize even one word in that post, so it’s all gude.
        Wouldn’t it be more fun for you to just say something? Is there nothing rattling around in your head that you’d like to share with us in your own words? Don’t you have any of your own opinions on anything?

        1. TregHgr, I read a tremendous amount, which you clearly don’t as your comments are very simple and only a very few sentences base on emotion and not facts. I have at least 40 decades of books and term papers which I have saved from socialist studies from university and many years articles of internet research. While what I posted may not be in my words always, morally I agree complete on this history of communism, that is using people like you and minorities as useful ignorant tools to further their cause for a one world global communist government. Communism, especially uses the very young, which is currently the millennial who refuse to read and truly research facts, statistics and true history, because millennials are lazy and base their thoughts on emotions, and how you feel, and also what you are spoon fed by the lamestream media and the mulititude of leftist school educators. Regardless of whether I were to post my personal opinion on what is going on with the communist revolution currently in the USA and globally, because this is pandemic, people like you would not read it anyway, because the facts are true, and it hurts the sensitive sensibilities of you socialist liberals. Black lives matter, Antifa and anarchists. Liberal millennials are ignorant and very accommodation and submissive tools for the one world communist government. You are the tools, by which the communists will attempt to achieve their evil goals. Thank God there is a movement of many young millennials who are waking up and “walking away” from the demonoratic party. There is still hope in the world. Now, on another note, I know you are constantly stalking me on KZ21, because you secretly have a love thing for me. LOL

          1. Wow, 40 decades. And yet you still don’t understand that a biased selection of facts, even when they are individually true, does not make for a meaningful understanding of the world.

  4. These idiots think that the color of their skin is why they’re committing crimes? If you can’t do the time then don’t do the crime. Unless you call it protesting. Then it’s perfectly fine to pillage and loot. Mob rule is our guideline now? Keep race out of it. Easy to look through the arrests and see who’s committing crimes and getting caught. If they think it’s just a matter of the fairer skin not getting caught committing crimes then hire more law enforcement. Might as well look at the arrests and group the people with tattoos as being targeted. Better look at the whole picture you’re being fed, people… Time to wake up and stop the insanity!

      1. Barney be honest …it is a word that will be used now for Latinos to usher in the “Cultural Change ” We are seeing now For example White Privileged … I am insulted by this term because it is assuming something about me simply on the fact that I am white. Talk about prejudice …..

  5. Black and Latinx people are disproportionately stopped, ticketed, charged and convicted. that this nonsense statement is posted twice in the article as fact shows the cancer of liberalism. Democrats don’t want to ‘end’ racism, they want to campaign on it

  6. I know of a poor white guy who was caught driving and given a small traffic fine. He didn’t respond. He then gets stopped for driving while suspended. He gets another more expensive ticket. He does not show up for court, more fines more suspensions. He then gets his licensed pulled and is not able to get it reinstated without paying thousands in fines which he cannot afford so he continues to drive. Pretty soon his whole life is upside down, no license no job, no job no money to pay fines. I always wondered whether this was because he was stupid or just poor, or maybe just stupid and poor. Pay attention to that first ticket and ask the judge for a fine reduction due to poverty. The whole thing started with a small ticket and small fine. Bottom line is at some point people like him need to take some responsibility for their actions. Unless of course he votes democrat…..they will always cater to stupid.

  7. So called “Victims”. You need to be very careful of people who come under this category. Otherwise you may be the next victim. You know this is true. If not, you will probably find this out the hard way.

  8. Pandering, it’s what Democrats do, it is all that they can come up with that gets them elected, and re elected, they have nothing else. Nothing.
    Sad that so many do not se, or don’t care how much this is destroying our society, and they call it progressive how can what we are witnessing be progressive?

    1. I think there’s some truth to that, but I find the Republicans to be no less guilty of it, albeit to a different audience. I don’t think it’s really surprising in a largely “me-first” society with a two-part system dominated by conservative political parties (by world standards).

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