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Iconic, 120-year-old Portland elk statue removed after fire set during protest

Elk statue damaged Portland Police Bureau
Portland Police Bureau
Police are seeking suspects who damaged iconic downtown Portland elk statue, leading to its removal
Downtown Portland elk statute removed KGW
120-year-old elk statue, damaged by demonstrators is removed from downtown Portland location

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A 120-year-old statue of an elk has been removed from downtown Portland after protesters lit a fire underneath it Wednesday night.

The statue, which sits atop the David P. Thompson Fountain, has been the target of graffiti and fires during the weeks of protests against systemic racism, police brutality and the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police.

The elk and fountain were donated to the city by one-time mayor David P. Thompson in 1900 to honor elk that once roamed the Willamette Valley., The Oregonian/OregonLive reported. They sit near the Justice Center, the focal point of nightly protests.

According to Portland police, the Regional Arts Council decided the piece needed to be removed for public safety reasons. The fire damaged the stone surrounding the basin around and beneath the elk statue.

The damage to the base was so severe that the statue had to be removed for public safety reasons; RACC was concerned the elk could topple over and injure someone, KGW reported.

Additionally, substantial damage was done to the bathrooms at Lownsdale Square and Chapman Park, police said. 

"Engaging in criminal activity including vandalism and property damage is not peaceful demonstration," said Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell. "We ask for the public's help in identifying and sharing information about those responsible, so they can be held accountable."

The elk statue also was damaged during Occupy Portland protests in 2011. Cracks in the antlers were repaired in early 2012.

The statue was commissioned by David Thompson and built by Roland Hinton Perry in 1900.

Anyone with information about vandalism to or around the statue is asked to email

The Associated Press

KTVZ news sources



  1. And our new Chief of police comes from this mess. How confident does that make one feel after this guy spent 27 yrs on that pathetic police force? A police department that is one of the least respected in the country.

  2. Makes sense as there is no greater symbol of police brutality and systemic racism than a statue of an elk. All statues are racist, ban yard gnomes!

  3. I’m all for removing statues that memorialize traitors to the union but this has gotten ridiculous. Tearing down statues of JC Calhoun and Andrew Jackson at the same time? Grant? And now the elk? What’s next?

    1. “Traitors to the union”…? Are you serious? The North invaded the South when they wanted independence, you can sugar coat it any way you want but it was no different than when the British declared war on the states fighting for their independence.

      1. Wait, are you actually serious? Like legitimately serious?

        The confederates were 100% traitors to the United States of America. That’s what “the South when they wanted independence” means. And yes, Americans are 100% traitors to England. So you’re right there.

  4. All in all, this is a good thing. In every liberal city these people continue to show us their true nature. They are only helping to re-elect President Trump, which is a forgone conclusion at this point.


    1. I agree. The vast majority of these people will vote Democrat, many are Bernie supporters, but will still vote for Biden. I feel Trump has the silent majority behind him. Most don’t want to say they support Trump because all the crap they will get from the mouthy Left. November 3rd will tell us a lot.

  5. How bout that.. you know Hitler removed all statues/closed churches/schools/removed guns/freedom of speech..peacefully.. but of course those rioting and doing this wouldn’t know this because it was never educated about such things. So history is doomed to repeat itself,It should be taught and statues left as to learn from. Damn, stupid is as stupid does huh?

  6. Next they will be burning down the Elk’s Lodges for no reason. Fraternal Organizations will somehow be labeled as racist to animals. Elk’s Moose, Lions, Eagles and maybe even the Water Buffalo’s.

  7. Is this somehow supposed to endear me to their cause. If so then it is working in reverse. I hate these fascist punks that have decided to ruin a statue of an Elk.

  8. And soon they will tear down the beautiful firefighter memorial statue in Prineville because it somehow promotes imaginary “white privilege,” Anyone who thinks these riots are about “justice” is a fool. All one has to do is read the words of the founders of BLM. They are racist Marxists bent on destroying the American constitutional government,

    1. If you have a safe room go there. But on the other hand these liberal run cities are only getting their comeuppance. What we’re seeing is the democrat party’s 2020 platform of hate, violence, racism and division. Be thankfully these blue cities on fire, Portland, Seattle, and NY only represent .000001% of America.

  9. Notice the passive language in the headlines about this story… “elk statue removed after fire set during protest”

    It’s like, Oh… a fire just happened during a protest for some reason. Instead of using active language, such as… “protesters burn elk statue, forcing its removal”

    Just keep an eye out for the times when headlines or phrases are worded passively instead of actively, and I think you’ll notice a pattern.

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