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Federal judge: Effort to move Oregon border can’t bypass petition signature rules

Move Oregon's Border

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A federal judge has denied a petition to bypass state-required signatures to qualify as a ballot measure its proposal for 17 counties to divorce from Oregon and become part of Idaho.

U.S. District Judge Michael J. McShane ruled Monday that the group Move Oregon’s Border was not “reasonably diligent” in attempting to collect signatures, even amid the unusual limitations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Oregonian reported the judge found that Move Oregon’s Border provided scant evidence of a conscientious effort to obtain signatures thus far.

The plaintiffs only held one rally, in Roseburg on March 7, collecting 389 signatures. The group also pointed to the approximately 9,195 members on its Facebook group, the judge noted.

The state mandates petitioners obtain a minimum number of signatures in order to qualify for the ballot. But Move Oregon’s Border had argued COVID-19 restrictions had made the usual methods of signature gathering impossible.

“Holding one rally, collecting less than 400 signatures, and hosting a Facebook page does not constitute reasonable diligence when compared with other initiative proponents,” the judge ruled.

McShane said he doesn’t believe the federal courts should rewrite state election rules, particularly on the eve of an election.

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  1. as long as central Oregon is to be considered part of Idaho im all for it. the last thing real locals want is to be a useful idiot for the new world order like the rest of the liberal lemmings. last thing we want is for central Oregon to turn into the toxic dump Portland has become. why is it that Democrats always want move to red counties? why dont they move to one of many blue counties? they enjoy destroying, and taking what they have not earned.

    1. Let these perrenially failng and parasitic counties go. All they do is beg money from growing and affluent westside counties. They can get their utilities, rent and healthcare paid for by Idaho!!!

      1. Festering Hemorrhoid,
        I take it you’re referring to Detroit, Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta. Portland, Seattle all dismal monetary failures and civil unrest daily.
        Another note Festering Hemorrhoid, the top 12 cities with the highest covid 19 infection rates are all democratically controlled and operated and you call this winning? It’s no wonder your parents hated you and kicked your useless ass to the curb at such a young age. It explains a lot about your hostility towards rational thought and logic. Now if one of your cohorts like “My Fathers Moron” or the infamous “Moron From Redmond” would care to chime in I’ll get to work immediately and tactically eviscerate their arguments and opinions disguised as facts.

        1. ROTFLMAO!!!! You should of sayed in school!!! How etupid are you!!! This article is and my comment are are regarding Oregon!!! LOL!!! Try reading or better yet having someone read the article to you before you try and type your ABCs in the comments!!!
          Golf and a whore anyone!!! trump / putin 2020!!! LYING-DENYING and DYOING!! HELSINKI PROUD!

    2. localguy,
      The “Progressive Marxist Demokkrats are just like locust as they rape and pillage successful towns and communities and when they’ve successfully destroy the towns and communities they move on to the next target.
      Just look at California, most people don’t realize California was a red state and many thought it would always be red as both Reagan and Bush carried California handily in the presidential elections. Once the land of opportunity since the 1950’s California almost overnight became blue and the rest, well you know the story. Most the middle class have left California and now that the left has pillaged and destroyed California they’re moving on to places like central Oregon, Texas, Arizona, Tennessee etc. to wreak their havoc on them.

      1. you’re 100% right phil. they always move to red counties and destroy them . unfortunately bend is now probably 50/50 on the political affiliation due to the mass amounts of liberal lemmings trying to escape the last place they destroyed over the last 20yrs.and as anyone thats been here 20 or 30 years its easy to see how bend is being destroyed. and whats worse is these lemmings are to stupid to even understand the inflated overpopulated dump bend is rapidly becoming. with homeless running rampant. they think its wonderful what they have done to bend. probably because its still better than the dump they came from

        1. Yes, Bend would be much better off dying and decaying like BURNS or LAKE VIEW or KLAMATH FALLS!!! Tooo funny!!
          Golf and a whore anyone!!! trump / putin 2020!! LYING-DTNYING and DYING! HELSINKI PROUD!!

          1. Burns is decaying SOLELY because of democrats. Harney County was more prosperous than Multnomah until your kind got a hold it it. It was the most prosperous in the State

          1. we been here all along. you people should go back where you came from if you dont like it here. instead of trying to destroy everything. there’s plenty of blue dumps available created by your own people

    1. Daine,
      Bend has made the mistake of trying to appease the miscreants and malcontents of the progressive “Marxist” democrats thus making it a haven for the progressive types. High density housing and traffic congestion and the constant need to raise money through the passage of bonds is pretty much a sign the progressive “Marxist” demokkkrats are taking over Bend in a striking fashion I might add. Simply put my thoughts are Idaho would not take on Bend as they see it as too much a liability to their values and thus reason it was left out. There may be people still left in Bend that think what’s going on in Portland is a disgrace but my thoughts are they’re outnumbered by the miscreants and malcontents calling themselves the “progressive left” “black Lives Matter” and “Antifa”
      The Progressive left are like locust as they come, they destroy and then move on to another striving community to destroy.

      1. Guess I still can’t get past to how fortunate I was to experience Bend back in 70’s. Long before the liberal invasion brought in the very policies that created the misery they fled from in the first place. The invasion is having major impact on our elections,our standard of living and our economy. Raising the cost of living by voting in liberal policies.

          1. bend was amazing when it was a logging town. you weren’t here then so you wouldn’t know. it was very affordable spread out. a very beautiful country town in the mountains. you people ruined that. u people like living on top of eachother like lab rats and over paying for your poorly made shack

          1. Oregon is a fantastic place to live. All of you Karens with your panties in a bunch are free to leave anytime. The rest of us are tired of your constant bitching, putz.

    1. DT, six weeks ago, shortly after the protests over the George Floyd killing began, I responded to one of your comments by writing that the protesters “want you to join them, because they know that the solutions they seek are fundamentally about the realization of the precepts on which this country was founded, precepts that they know you cherish.” I knew it was going to be hard for you to recognize that, but I’m glad to see you’re willing to come around now that someone you admire has made the connection.

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