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Two counties taken off, three added to Oregon’s COVID-19 ‘watch list’

Oregon county watch list COVID-19 730
Gov. Kate Brown's office

Lincoln, Union removed; Hood River, Marion, Multnomah added; Jefferson County remains among 10 on list

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced Thursday that two counties — Lincoln and Union — have succeeded in reducing the spread of COVID-19 sufficiently enough to be removed from the County Watch List. Meanwhile, three counties — Hood River, Marion, and Multnomah — have been added to the Watch List, bringing the total to 10.

The County Watch List allows the state to prioritize resources and assistance to counties that are seeing the broadest spread of COVID-19.

When a county is placed on the Watch List, the Oregon Health Authority increases monitoring and communication, and deploys additional technical assistance and resources, such as epidemiological support, case investigation, and contact tracing help.

“I want to applaud county officials and community members in Lincoln and Union counties for their diligent work in bringing the spread of COVID-19 under control in these areas," Brown said. "Your leadership shows that we can reduce the spread of this disease, if we work together.”

Lincoln and Union counties were successful in reducing community spread and coming off the Watch List thanks in part to the diligent work of local public health staff, as well as community members who worked to protect themselves, their families and neighbors.

Some of the steps taken include Union County voluntarily moving back to Phase 1 and Lincoln County opting to remain in Phase 1.

In addition, the Oregon Health Authority provided case investigation and contact tracing support, including intensive efforts to reach communities with specific language and cultural needs. Neighboring counties also aided the response.  

Counties are placed on the Watch List when COVID-19 is spreading quickly and public health officials cannot trace that spread to specific sources—creating a potentially dangerous dynamic.

Specific markers of this rapid community spread include when there is a sporadic case rate of 50 or more per 100,000 people in the last two weeks and the county has had more than five sporadic cases in the last two weeks (sporadic cases are those that cannot be traced to a source; they indicate community spread).

Counties remain on the Watch List for a minimum of three weeks and until their sporadic case rates drop below these thresholds.

Brown added, “This is also a good reminder to all Oregonians — especially to those who live in Watch List counties — of the importance of remaining vigilant. I urge all Oregonians to keep practicing physical distancing, wearing face coverings, and practicing good hygiene. Your choices matter, and we are truly all in this together.”

The complete County Watch List now includes the following 10 counties: Baker, Hood River, Jefferson, Lake, Malheur, Marion, Morrow, Multnomah, Umatilla, and Wasco.

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  1. I cant decide if the person who made this map is super color blind or super not color blind, either way its clear they never took GIS 266 at cocc

        1. Who said anything about girls in skirts being bad ?

          It’s no wonder people avoid you like the tater salad left in the sun- yer just toxic !

  2. Really ? Taking Counties “off the watch list” a mere forty eight hours after the state recorded it’s single highest number of fatalities in a day since the Wuhan arrived on our shores via China ???

    Could Brown’s timing be any worse- her sense of compassion way off the rails- can this dimwit do anything right ?

    It is obvious to the non-politically biased- failed Governor Kate Brown has no idea what she is doing- but I sense she got wind that her attempts to close schools this year- is sending the signature lists to recall her skyrocketing to a near boiling point. This is one unpopular Governor !

    1. Gee comrade snowflake, the really sad part is you wont even be able to vote against her, now that youve left oregon with no intention to return… remember to update your voter registration in your new state asap, before you break their residency laws and commit voter fraud! Let us know if youre any less obsessed with their governor too 🤠

      1. How funny are these California transplants anyway ? Only a real Oregonian can immediately spot the flaw in this SoCal hacks post… really- “you won’t be able to vote against her” ??? Ya know- what- neither will you- or anybody else for that matter- not for a long-long time !!!

        Damn some of you are beyond ignorant !

        1. Youre the one promoting a recall petition for a state you dont live in, of course its illegal for you to even sign the thing let alone vote on it- the real question is why you spend so much time pushing political issues you have no say in, do you have an ulterior motive or are you just stupid?

          1. Bwahahaaa- we “all” see you trying to “walk back” that truly ignorant post of yours-

            “you wont even be able to vote against her”

            Now you try to oki-doke yer way outta public ridicule by shifting away with… “sign” ???

            So which action verb is it “No-Cal” ??? to Vote or to Sign ?

            Even then… I doubt that you understand anything about the way the State of Oregon is Governed- no wonder you flood this site with half-witted comments on “ulterior motives-conspiracy theories- comrade and Russian Bots” !

            Damn it didn’t take long for this ol trail hand to wrangle you up in knots- expose yer soft under-belly !

            Hey everybody !!! Anyhairmousse thinks he’s gonna vote for Kate Brown next election- somebody wanna clue this fool into why that won’t happen ? Bwahahaaaa ! Whatta Goof !

              1. Well if it isn’t B-Buttinski out on the playground to stop the bum whoopin’ ol “anymousepoo” is taking.

                My original post is pretty clear- “sending the signature lists” !

                No mention of “voting” !

                All besides the point- as to why you feel the need to interject your opinion in a failed defense of this loudmouth that spends all day attacking others- putting words in their mouth… Gee- you’ve never clarified anyone’s posts when they talk about the “Hoax”- even though these people state clearly that the Hoax in reference is about the Government response- not the virus… yet you pile on like the rest of yer mob here.

                Sorry B- you’ve been on the wrong side of this (and pretty much everything else) since day one. you can keep protecting yer kids- but you can’t fix their ignorance by enabling stupidity.

                Now you are free to go- you don’t need to keep interjecting your ill advised comments- let Anyhole here learn a few life lessons- you mess with the bull- you get the horn(s). Mooooo !

                1. And you show up just to shovel it to your mob of mushrooms- in the dark- healthy doses till they’re all about to pop. !

  3. And….. Deschutes county isn’t on there as a Watch??? Cases steadily rising, death rate increasing and we are still in the green. I call BS… Political at it’s best. I guess that is what happens when numbers are not accurately reported and medical businesses have their CEO’s on the board to stay open. We are sitting ducks.

    1. “Specific markers of this rapid community spread include when there is a sporadic case rate of 50 or more per 100,000 people in the last two weeks and the county has had more than five sporadic cases in the last two weeks (sporadic cases are those that cannot be traced to a source; they indicate community spread).”

      I guess we don’t meet those criteria at this time. Good to know.

      1. Yet the businesses so desperate to reopen now cant stay open because of the infection increases they are causing by reopening… sounds like back to phase 1 whether anyone likes it or not

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