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Gov. Kate Brown calls Aug. 10 special session to rebalance state budget

Oregon Capitol with trees

Also will press for more police accountability reforms

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Gov. Kate Brown will call lawmakers back to the Capitol beginning Aug. 10 to try to fill a billion-dollar budget hole due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“This crisis has impacted all of us—Oregon families, businesses, non-profits, and local governments have all had to cut costs,” Brown said in a statement Friday afternoon announcing the planned return of legislators.

Business closures have caused tax revenues to plunge and legislators need to deal with a more than $1 billion budget deficit for the current two-year spending plan.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports that under a framework released earlier this month, dealing with that shortfall could involve closing two state prisons.

Also, a special committee charged with looking into police reforms following the killing of George Floyd has been working on measures that could bolster limits on tear gas and chokeholds and change the system by which police discipline cases are settled.

Brown says she has already proposed $150 million in general fund savings for this current spending period.

Republican leaders urged Brown and Democrats, who hold strong majorities in the House and Senate, to focus on the budget during the special session.

“Policy bills should be off the table,” Sen. Republican Leader Fred Girod, R- Stayton, said in a statement.

Senate President Peter Courtney, a Democrat from Salem, also said attention must be paid to addressing the huge budget issues.

“Covid-19 upended our economy and put state services at risk,” Courtney said. “We have another long session coming in January. Now is the time for the budget.”

In mid-July, legislative budget leaders said they would try to protect critical spending on public education, health care and child welfare and maintain funding for Oregon State Police and fighting wildfires. Ideas floated last month include a mix of nearly $400 million in cuts and administrative savings and pulling another $400 million from a state reserve fund for schools.

News release from Gov. Brown:

SALEM -- Gov. Kate Brown announced Friday she will convene a special session of the Oregon Legislature at 8 a.m. on Monday, August 10 to rebalance the state budget by addressing the state revenue shortfall created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brown issued the following statement on the need for lawmakers to convene:

“This crisis has impacted all of us — Oregon families, businesses, non-profits, and local governments have all had to cut costs. The state of Oregon has been tightening its belt as well. With a nearly $1 billion budget deficit in the current biennium, there is more work to do.

“These decisions will not be easy. Oregon has been smart with our reserves and saved for a rainy day, preparing us to weather this economic storm. But if we use too much of our savings now, then we’ll be stuck with an even bigger budget gap for the next biennium. Putting off tough decisions this summer will only leave us with impossible choices next January.

“Unlike the federal government, Oregon must balance our state budget. State and local governments have been left reeling from the economic downturn. For months, we have waited for Congress to take action, and it is still my hope that they will include aid for states and local governments in the coronavirus relief package currently being negotiated.

“We need to preserve critical services like health care, education, and senior services during this pandemic. And, we must do more to address the disparities in state support for Oregon’s underserved communities, particularly our Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Pacific Islander, and other communities of color. I would like to thank legislators for beginning this work already, and I look forward to rolling up our sleeves and crafting an updated budget that serves all Oregonians.”

In her proclamation calling the special session, the governor also noted her support for urgent legislation that builds on matters considered in the first special session, including additional police accountability reforms.

Governor Brown has already proposed $150 million in General Fund savings for the biennium. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, state agencies have worked to find efficiencies by reducing non-critical spending, delaying new programs, halting non-essential travel, and leaving positions unfilled.

Governor Brown said she is convening the special session under her authority pursuant to Article V, section 12, of the Oregon Constitution.

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  1. Who writes these lies ?

    “rebalance the state budget by addressing the state revenue shortfall created by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

    The virus never reached the level to define it as a pandemic in Oregon- so that is a complete manufactured media lie.

    Second- there was no budget shortage until Brown initiated her economy killing Executive Orders- done without a clear vision of what she was doing- the crime here is that the state has to have a recovery plan… not a BS “phases” initiative… but a recovery plan that is of the direct and same magnitude as the emergency plan… you don’t shut down a company without an insurance plan… Kate Brown has no insurance plan for the state- she never thought about it- she just acted recklessly running in circles screaming virus-virus-virus !

    So can we get someone to re-write this oped and treat this man made statewide financial crisis with more facts- less drivel !

      1. So it’s Democrat propaganda ? Again- what do you all care- yer still getting paid no matter how many shovel fulls of mushroom feed you toss… I dunno Z people- do you ever walk across the tracks to see how the other half lives… probably not- don’t wanna get them new skechers scuffed !

    1. You are of course fine with big fat failing donnie signing on to 4 TRILLION and soon to be 5 TRILLION DOLLARS in new debt borrowed from the hated Chinese in less than 4 years!!!! Setting records for national debt increases is fine !!!! You lose again sweetie. SOOOOOO much failing!!! LMAO!! When’s that curve going to flatten like you predicted it would 120,000 American deaths ago???? How many hundreds of thousands of Americans have to die before all you trump Borg even care ???? Why live here if you hate Americans.

  2. “created by the COVID-19 pandemic” – More accurately it should read “created by Governor Brown’s shutdown”

    Can we get enough signatures on the recall in by then????

    1. I’d like to see KTVZ cover the recall effort with more vim and vigor- I think they did a brief mention of it months ago- then lost interest as the controversy picked up steam. Guess seeing as though they all remain employed- not really experiencing what the rest of the region is- it just doesn’t matter. Tsk-Tsk !

    2. After a federal government that KNEW about this pandemic and did NOTHING to stop it for fear of “spooking” the Stock Market. Cause –> effect.
      The complete failure of this administration has led to TRUMP’S PANDEMIC in our country. Local governments have to pick up the pieces. If you don’t like it, leave. I hear Moscow is very nice this time of year.

      1. Actually Dr. Fauci was very clear this past weekend- that the President’s decision to shut down international travel from China “saved lives” !

        The CDC stated early on that the US was the most prepared nation on the planet- so those are some pretty harsh criticisms you are making towards Europe- Asia- Africa.

        But what we all really find disturbing is your complete failure to mention China- their organized attempt to ban international inspectors- their lack of cooperation on throughout the virus.

        Like CNN said early on- the China virus from Wuhan.

        1. “The CDC stated early on that the US was the most prepared nation on the planet- so those are some pretty harsh criticisms you are making towards Europe- Asia- Africa.”
          Can you cite a source? Of course the compulsive liar occupying the Oval Office would tell you that; he has no concept of reality. But here’s a simple comparison for you:
          South Korea and the United States had their FIRST confirmed cases on the SAME DAY. The US currently has over 4.7 MILLION cases, and 158,000 DEATHS. South Korea has 14,389 cases, and 301 deaths. It’s amazing what a little leadership can do, isn’t it? But you’d rather celebrate the “winning” of hundreds of thousands of dead Americans.

          And no one will disagree that China is not without fault. The Chinese government has been systematically committing genocide for years, constantly committing atrocious acts while preventing any authority from investigating effectively.

        2. We don’t even need to prepare for things like this in the future. As long as we can blame another country, who cares how bad the economy gets or how many people die?

      2. You didn’t pay much attention to how this was playing out in the beginning did you? I will agree with you that this was planned but Fauci was talking about it during Obama’s reign….

    3. Interesting how our economic problems are caused by the governor but trump has no responsibility for the national economy. So convenient to alwSys have someone to blame and take all the credit.

      1. “No, I take no responsibility at all.” – Trump, 3/13/2020, after blaming Obama for not having tests and supplies for Covid. Only problem is, Covid didn’t exist in 2016 so expecting to have a test for it on hand is ridiculous to say the least. And, if Trump and his cadre of incompetents knew the PPE supplies were depleted, they had 3-1/2 years to do something about it and didn’t. Now we learn there was a Kushner pandemic plan that was shelved because it looked like only blue states were affected and this genocidal group decided to let people, Democrats AND Republicans, die for political expediency. There are some on here who say Trump is my President even though I didn’t vote for him or agree with him on most issues. However, this shows that even Trump doesn’t think he’s my president and come November, I pray that he isn’t.

          1. Um, no. There are a lot of different coronaviruses, many of which are causes of common colds. They are not the same, just like gray squirrels and red squirrels are not the same.

        1. Careful, people on here get real upset when you post Trump quotes or remind them that Trump is where the ‘buck stops.’ Maybe we should just be content on knowing that Melanie is refurbishing the White House Rose Garden while the nation accelerates toward 160,000 dead.

          1. 7 Months in- 12 deaths in CO- one of those attributed to Crook County saw the individual infected while in California- of the other 11- all died with underlying conditions- not a single individual is dying solely due to your corona-covid-wuhan china virus- No-One !

    1. She can’t even tell the truth. She said the feds were leaving 😂 the feds aren’t going anywhere until the cops get it under control. But didn’t the refund the police? Kate Brown is dumber than a post

      1. But but but, according to BSwish she masterminded this whole pandemic-collapse the economy thing. She’s dumber than a post but she’s smart enough to put the whole world in disarray?

        1. Do you really think it takes a brainiac to Executive order the closing of schools first- forcing parents to stay home- follow up with business closures- kill the economy… two steps sunshine- that’s all it took !

  3. Meanwhile, portland rioters cut the head off a pig and paraded it around with a cop’s hat on it. Wonder what her goon squad thought of that? Would that be considered threatening if somebody like me merely suggested it?

  4. Perfect time for the democrats to force cap and trade down the throats of Oregonians. They don’t care about running out of money. As long as taxpayers have money in their pocket it is money they can take. Kate’s pension is secure the rest of her life. You think she cares about the barber or restaurant owner she closed? Nope. The democrats will meet to balance the budget with YOUR money.

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