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Oregon reports 2 more COVID-19 deaths, 272 cases, 4 in C. Oregon

COVID-19 (Titled)

(Adding weekly testing summary, rise in positive rate)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- COVID-19 has claimed two more lives in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 328, along with 272 new cases, four in Central Oregon, the Oregon Health Authority reported Monday. The agency also reported the highest positive test rate - more than 6 percent - in months.

OHA reported 272 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Monday, bringing the state total to 19,366 cases, along with 397.765 negative test results.

The new cases reported Monday are in the following counties: Baker (3), Benton (2), Clackamas (21), Clatsop (2), Coos (1), Deschutes (3), Douglas (2), Jackson (9), Jefferson (1), Josephine (2), Klamath (2), Lane (5), Lincoln (4), Linn (6), Malheur (3), Marion (27), Morrow (1), Multnomah (49), Polk (7), Sherman (1), Tillamook (2), Umatilla (64), Wasco (9), Washington (19), and Yamhill (27).

As of Monday, Crook County has had 43 COVID-19 cases, one death and 1,718 negative test results. Deschutes County has had 540 cases, eight deaths and 18,041 results, according to the OHA. Jefferson County has had 311 cases, three deaths and 3,123 negative test results.

St. Charles Health System reported four COVID-19 patients as of 7:30 a.m. Monday, three of whom are in the ICU and on ventilators. The hospital system has 24 ICU beds in Bend and six in Redmond.

Oregon’s 327th COVID-19 death is a 71-year-old man in Marion County who tested positive on July 6 and died on August 1. His place of death is being confirmed. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 328th COVID-19 death is a 50-year-old man in Multnomah County who tested positive on July 20 and died on July 29, at Providence Portland Medical Center. Presence of underlying conditions is being confirmed.

OHA released its Weekly Testing Summary, showing 35,424 test results were reported during the week of July 26 – Aug. 1.  Of those test results 2,174 were positive, indicating a test positivity of 6.1 percent, one of the highest rates observed since the early pandemic.

The most recent weekly in-state theoretical testing capacity estimate is 48,000 tests for the week of July 22, based on supply, reagent and staff availability. That does not include capacity at out-of-state commercial laboratories.

OHA said it continues to receive widespread reports of extended turnaround time from commercial laboratories; in some cases, results are being reported up to two weeks following specimen collection.  

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Office of Emergency Management lead the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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  1. These reports have lost all credibility with the words ‘underlying conditions”- code speak for “Actual cause of death- caused by a condition we are not allowed to name” !

    Complain all you want about this observation- but it is true- the OHA has lost their messaging.

  2. Interesting chart by the CDC- providing a visual graphic of approximately how fatal the Covid19 pandemic pans on a daily basis when compared to other diseases.

    We can see that globally- cardiovascular diseases kill 48,742 people a day.
    Covid19 falls somewhere between “malaria and suicide” !

    Neither of which have been identified as a global pandemic worth destroying national economies over.

    1. It’s been stated many times before that there are treatments and preventative measures for most of the things you’ll list as “comparable” to COVID-19 deaths. You are very happy to omit that from any of your ramblings, though. That tells me you’d rather spread misinformation that may lead to the death of anyone that reads your posts. Seems like a violation of the ToS, eh? But you’ll get the same pass that Mueller gave Trump on the Russian collusion angle: you’re too dumb to know you’re causing harm.

      1. Let me reiterate what you’re truly saying. “We will come up with any justification and move the goal post to keep things closed to make it harder for Trump to win.”. When there is a treatment, it will then be “people are still dying from it!” Or “people are still getting it!”. “Keep things closed!”. The goal post always moves with you people.

      2. “there are treatments and preventative measures for most of the things you’ll list”

        But you are somehow convinced- that contrary to the scientific evidence coming from those countries with fewer than 10 deaths per 1 million population- that everyone will eventually contract the Wuhan Bat Joe virus… because why ??? Because there are no “preventative measures”- like masks, gloves, hand washing, social distancing, ventilation,disinfecting programs… it’s all for not- a waste of time- hopeless ???

        Then why is Kate Brown lying to you with false hope ? Why not just get on with your pathetic life and ignore the “preventative” BS.

        Run chicken little !!! Or don’t ! Kate is lying to you- the end is near- just accept it !

        And take that and smoke it in your TOS pipe of stupidity !

          1. Stevie Wonder has nine kids through five different women- he’s been married three times… is that the kinda role model yer promoting for young black men today ???

            Agreed- Hopeless !

            1. Founding fathers had slaves, etc. Nobody’s perfect. You are, one might say, living proof. (Why we expect a large assemblage of imperfect humans known as govt. to solve things magically… I have no clue. But blaming is SO much easier…

  3. Has the virus increased the overall deaths in Oregon? Answer, apparently not.
    OHA has posted this:

    DEATHS BY MONTH FOR JAN-JUN 2020. Oregon Health Authority, current as of Aug 3, 2020

    Total Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun

    19,140 3,316 3,046 3,381 3,247 3,205 2,945

    daily average for 182 day period:
    105 107 105 109 108 103 98
    data for same period 2019:
    18,906 3,262 2,950 3,441 3,109 3,154 2,990
    increase in total deaths from 2019 to 2020: 1.3%
    Oregon population increase from 2019 to 2020: 1.3%
    So many numbers……………………………………..

  4. If we as a country (or even counties out in the country) doubled or even tripled the testing capacity, positive % would fall to half or a third of current rates!!!
    That would really show up the libs.
    Hmmm lets quatrodecimtuple (14 *) the testing capacity effectively = same day turnaround. Then positive testing % would 1400% less.
    As the last weeks positive rate was 6.1 %
    “35,424 test results were reported during the week of July 26 – Aug. 1. Of those test results 2,174 ”
    So testing 495936 people and only 2,174 positive would =0.0043836301% positive! !!!
    Those libs would have to put down their avocado toast & kombucha growlers on their yoga mats to scream in frustration with both hands pulling at their hair!!!
    Write your congressional leaders to demand same day testing capacity! !

  5. Disclaimer. That doesn’t take into account the non tested positive cases.
    According to John Hussman the theorized unreported rate of infection is 10x the # of positive people.

    2nd disclaimer: I have no idea what a “lib” is, but noticed using makes the covidiotacracy happy and they laugh when it is slipped into a conversation. If anyone needs to laugh and smile more it would be the conservatives.
    Lib, lib, lib, all the way home.

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