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Aftermath: Fire levels BLM campground near Mill City, but ‘our flag was still there’

Fishermen's Bend Recreation Site flag BLM 915
American flag stands over the ruins of the Fishermen's Bend Recreation Site campground near Mill City

MILL CITY, Ore. (KTVZ) -- On Monday, Sept. 7, several fires along state Highway 22 swept through the Fishermen’s Bend Recreation Site near Mill City, destroying much of the popular BLM-managed campground.

"Upon visiting the site, an American flag that had not been lowered upon evacuation was found proudly flying over the charred ground, the BLM said in a brief statement Tuesday.

The much-loved Fishermen’s Bend Recreation Site, just 30 minutes east of Salem, featured dozens of campsites, well-groomed hiking trails, and tremendous river access, including a boat ramp, in the Cascade foothills.

Apart from the flag, “very little else remains at the recreation site,” according to Northwest District Manager Jose Linares.

To see more images of the remains of the Fishermen's Bend Recreation Site, visit BLM-OR/WA's Flickr

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  1. It’s unfortunate that the camp ground was destroyed, but it’s cool the flag survived.
    Looking at the picture and seeing everything around it burnt, I don’t know how it
    could have possibly survived…

  2. Our American flag has withstood many fire fights and will withstand many more. You can threaten our freedom and our resolve but those who stand by this flag stand strong! As does this flag. Freedom rings!

  3. My question is why was it not flying Half Mast as currently as ordered? The order happened well before the fire. This sounds like a “Made for Television” moment too me!

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