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Portland commissioners reject bid to cut $18M more from police


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — City commissioners in Portland on Thursday rejected a budget amendment that would have slashed another $18 million from the Portland Police Bureau and shifted the money to the city's pandemic response.

The commission voted in June to cut nearly $16 million from the police — eliminating school resource officers, transit police and a gun violence reduction unit — and the force has also suffered pandemic-related budget cuts.

Mayor Ted Wheeler, who won a second term on Tuesday, said he was committed to holding police accountable and to racial justice but couldn't support an amendment that would require layoffs.

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  1. So what happened to the defund the police movement in Portland- I demand answers as we were promised that crooks and criminals would continue to have free rein of the city- to loot- destroy- and kill ! What kind of Oregon leadership talks a big game but fails to deliver- Oh Yeh- A Democrat one ! This would be the second time that Governor Brown and Mayor Ted have denied us the opportunity to see their Democrat words put into action. The first was when Brown stated that the Oregon National Guard had no training in riot control like what we’ve seen in Portland for 9 months. She even went on national TV to chastise the US President for suggesting that she call in the Guard… Now she’s completely back-peddled on the topic and has yet to feel the wrath from the media or the public for her wishy-washy actions. This is not leading- this is trial and error- and the State deserves better than this half-witted moron pretending to be in control !

  2. Portland deserves everything it got. PPB and the city leadership has collaborated with Antifa terrorists for years. It is now a laughing stock showcasing the inevitable result of progressive Marxist leadership. Violence, destruction, and failure.

    1. Sanity in Portland? Not so fast Wheeler recently apologized to the antifa thugs when he threatened to uphold the law to remove them from the occupied red house zone. Antifa has become deeply rooted in portland supported by the sympathizing elected officials. Not to worry thought halfwit biden say’s antifa is just an idea.

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