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Arrests made during dueling protests in Salem


SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Police in Salem used flash-bang grenades to separate opposing groups of protesters Friday afternoon.

Authorities had declared an unlawful assembly and Salem Police Lt. Debbie Aguilar said “several arrests” had been made. An exact figure wasn’t immediately available.

The Statesman Journal reports that a rally against COVID-19 mandates put on by Oregon Women For Trump took place at the State Capitol and a few hundred people marched through the rain to the governor’s residence.

While a group of right-wing protesters were returning around 4 p.m. to the Capitol, they encountered a group of counter -protesters. Officers from Oregon State Police and the Salem Police Department intervened before the sides could clash.

Police from Salem and the Oregon State Police had a large presence in Salem all day Friday, and for the most part, the protests were peaceful.

The Associated Press



  1. Counter protesters? Just call them what they are, Agitators. they always show just to agitated and cause trouble. Nothing more. They have only one agenda and that agenda is to cause as mush chaos as possible. Nothing more.

        1. Have you seen the membership makeup? They had 5 speakers at their last rally in May. 4 were men. Pretty obvious only the clueless ones are being suckered by you yokels. Then again, I’ve seen the general “stature” of a lot of these Trump supporting wommen and I think they share more genes in common with your cattle than humans.

      1. I still can’t fathom how people like yourself can attack Trump for racism, sexism, and collusion with foreign powers (for years now)… yet vote for a racist groper like Biden, who has made millions selling US interests to the highest bidder.
        I accept that folks have different political views, and even different views of what and where this country should be and become…
        But people like you, who avoid facts in favor of friction, who denigrate any opposing idea without ever providing any reasonable explanation for your opinions… very, very spooky stuff.
        Zealots like you share a common mindset with those who supported Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, etc.
        Not a good look.

          1. “trump is all those things and Biden is not!”
            Spoken like the idiot you are.
            Don’t feel alone, though. Most people like you avoid stats and facts like the plague.
            By “people like you”, I mean stupid people.
            I could follow up with sniffing and groping video, links to his klan buddies, etc… but why bother?
            Why keep providing proof when you’ve never provided anything but plantation politics “says you” posts?
            Yes, you are one of the really dumb ones. But you’re so good at it!

        1. “But people like you, who avoid facts in favor of friction, who denigrate any opposing idea without ever providing any reasonable explanation for your opinions”

          Prove your allegations against Biden or STHU hypocrite!

          1. Biden is on record telling black people how to “qualify” to be black:
            “Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” -Joe Biden (Also on record saying diversity is not the norm for black voters, unlike Latino voters).
            He’s on video sniffing and pawing young girls and women (even cnn covered it, as did msnbc and cbs).
            “Unless we do something about this [desegregation], my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle…”
            “I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars.’ I said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a bitch. [Laughter.] He got fired”.
            I could go on, but like I said. You’re a brainless zealot.
            Any intelligent comment on the Hunter Biden “hoax”? Not from you.
            On the IRS targeting conservatives under Obama/Biden? Not from you.
            Sorry, NT, you’re really too stupid for words. And waaaay too stupid to support the opinions that have been fed to you.

  2. This article could be fleshed out a little.
    Like maybe the fact, that the members of the terror gang The Proud Boys were making threatening gestures towards the LEOs? And the videos show that the Proud Boy gang was rushing towards the LEOs.
    There were definite engagements between the Law Enforcement and the members of the irregular combatant terror organization known as the Proud Boys.
    In fact All provocation was the Law Enforcement attempting to regain control and restore the peace, while being attacked by the terror cell. It was definitely enemy action, by uniformed members of the terror group the PROUD BOYS.

      1. What does that mean, post the truth? It is what happened.

        Once again, I must ask about the Epstein name, do you believe his actions were appropriate?
        This article also talks about people wanting to intentionally spread the virus, that does not want to make me go back to classroom teaching in Central Oregon until I am vaccinated.

    1. So Middle, they screamed did that scare you like that meanie President Trump? I’m guessing you’re more comfortable with your side throwing bricks, frozen water bottles, fire bombs, breaking windows, and looting.

    1. You assume a lot because one woman founded the group. Take a look at their speaker list for a good laugh. It’s always her, and 3-5 other men speaking at events. The problem is they can’t really conjure up women that don’t exist, while the ones that do exist seem to be mostly wider than they are tall.

      1. Awesome job making it about physical appearance and body-shaming women!
        And being dismissive about a group where men and women agree? You nailed it.
        Let me guess… you’re liberal?

  3. Patriots attacked by traitors. Police interfering! Too bad they didn’t do this in Portland. Apparently the law is applied differently there?

    1. It seems as you fail to understand, the Democrats are the only ones who get to use their rights. Any opposing view is not allowed by our wannabe overlords.

    2. The Democrats had just as much 1A right to be there as your Trump Autocratic Party supporters. Their presence suppressed nothing. Unlike your armed right wingers whose presence at most of these protests is meant to intimidate.

      1. Boy, you sure do make a lot of assumptions in that statement. I have to think you understand what “Autocratic” means, seeing as you used it in a sentence. Name one thing President Trump has imposed. For a true “autocratic” example, just look at your messiah’s Obummer’s action for the health care he dictated the citizens of the USA had to have, no if and’s or buts about it. If you did not get his ordained health care, you were penalized. Look at how your messiah’s Obummer’s actions with the IRS and FBI towards political rivals. I understand you approved of his actions so there was no fault but if someone does something you dislike, they are branded as a traitor. Go have another hit or drink, which everyone gets you messed up again.

        1. Right on.
          FC is typical of what the democrats have been programmed to embrace.
          A common thread to their ideas (one they lack the spine to admit) is that minorities should be kept “in their place”, and have no value unless it’s an election year.
          And in an election year, by God, they’d better vote how the plantation bosses want them to.
          FC is a big fan abortion, for example, and supports the ideals of genocidal maniacs like Margaret Sanger… but is offended if a white cop kills a black drug dealer for shooting at him.
          To democrats, nothing matters more than power.

      2. Just because they have a right to be there, it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea
        because the only reason they do show up at any gathering that involves Trump
        supporters is to intimidate, and cause trouble. If this wasn’t the case, they
        would have simply held their own rally at another location…

        If we are talking about rights, as far as the “armed right wingers” are concerned,
        most or all of the people that are openly carrying their firearms are doing so legally in accordance with Oregon law. It is legal in Oregon to openly carry a firearms
        so they have every right to do it. The left complains about protestors from the right
        legally carrying firearms, but you seem to conveniently forget that the only protestor
        in Portland that has shot someone was one of the nut jobs from the left.
        Not from the right…

        1. Would you agree that open carry laws were meant to provide a path for a normal person to carry a firearm to keep themselves and their families safe, or do you think that right also allows for open carry to be used in political protests as a form of not-at-all veiled threat of violence if they don’t get their way? My concealed carry weapon is for my safety, and the shorter the time period from when an attacker realizes I have it to the moment they wish they’d stayed at home today, the better. I’ve given open carry a lot of thought, and it’s just a terrible strategy for anything other than intimidation, so if that’s their intent, then they should be considered terrorists, and if that’s not their intent, then they should be considered tactically challenged (aka dumb as heck). No disrespect intended, hope you’re doing well.

      3. So in your opinion, all the cop killing and maiming, looting, burning and rioting over the last year by radical leftists suppressed nothing, and intimidated no one?
        Democrats (some even members of Congress) calling for violence and intimidation didn’t really mean it?
        Or did you let Maxine Waters off the hook because she’s a democrat?
        How does it feel, endorsing a man for President who tells black Americans how to behave, sniffs and gropes girls and women, and who runs a play-for-pay racket with enemies of our country?

      4. “armed right wingers whose presence at most of these protests is meant to intimidate.”???

        Intimidate who??? Snowflakes??? Degenerates??? Helpless??? Wusses??? I sure don’t see many people intimidated by armed citizens during these marches . . . As a matter of fact, I see some left wingers showing up armed as well! And they don’t intimidate the right wingers at all.

        1. Open carry could theoretically be used for your own safety, but open carry at a political rally can only be seen as a form as politically motivated intimidation. Otherwise known as terrorism.

  4. Any bets that the only people that were arrested were Trump supporters ?
    The only reason there was a police response is because it happened in Salem,
    and it involved Trump supporters. If they were smart they would have held their
    rally in Portland because Brown and Wheeler refuse to have the anarchists arrested
    and prosecuted, so a peaceful march would have probably gone unnoticed…

    1. No such thing as a “peaceful” march in Portland any more . . . “mostly” peaceful riot more likely. But, you’re right when it comes to anarchists not being arrested in Portland.

  5. A few hundred people?!? I would have thought that once you accounted for Owen, DT, Sharter, Mikewithnumbers and the rest of the gang there couldn’t be more than a dozen women rooting for Trump left in the whole state. Must be fake news.

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