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As violence surges, some question Portland axing police unit

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The city of Portland last year dissolved a special police unit designed to focus on gun-related violence during the national reckoning over racial injustice.

Critics say the squad unfairly targeted Black people and urged resources be redirected elsewhere. But such violence and homicides have since spiked in the liberal city like they have in other places nationwide, and some say disbanding the unit was a mistake.

Shootings also have overwhelmingly affected the Black community. But officials attribute a rise in gun-related violence in U.S. cities to the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment, economic anxiety and stress on mental health.

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  1. wow, the AP going loud on the laughing stock of the USA, our prousd ‘progressive’ city of Portland. And before it was “a special police unit” the title had the owrd gang in it but the portland liberals found that to be offensive to criminals. That portland attributes the rise in violent crime to covid shows why liberals are not really taken seriously

  2. Ted Wheeler is a failed Mayor. How could dismantling the unit that Investigates gun violence lead to more gun violence? It’s Covid 19’s fault, that is clear

  3. Way to go Portland. Hope the citizens enjoy there lovely city. If not, move to Bend. We’re just a couple years behind but we’re becoming just like Portland quickly.Heck, we’re even supplying portapotties and garbage bins for our homeless. Free to them but when you move here, you can help pay the taxes for them. Or maybe you can join them at one of our beautiful homeless sites.

    1. There were no homeless when I moved here and the lumber mills were running. Now. They are everywhere. Why don’t the wealthy progressives house the homeless in their spare rooms to sooth their souls for raising the cost of living so high?

  4. There are too many places hiring to have this many homeless bums in the area. They just do not want to work as it cuts into their drug and booze time. IMO, it is easier for them to get goodies from people at the corners – feeding strays is the same thing, it is easier for them to get free clinic treatments, it is easier for them to just park on the city streets than to try to find a place to live, even if that means moving to somewhere they can afford the cost of living and we all know that is NOT Central Oregon. Anyone who moves here without checking out the cost of living and the work situation in their field(s) of knowledge is an idiot or a drugged-out bum looking for handouts or something easy to steal and resell.

  5. Portland is the laughingstock of Oregon.

    Oregon is the laughingstock of America.

    America is the laughingstock of the world.

    Had enough of democratic politics yet?

    1. To be clear, Oregon is the laughingstock of America because the GOP here called Jan 4th a “false flag” operation. America is the laughingstock of the world because fascist rubes like you are… well…. you.

  6. speaking of cops that were cut, i’ve noticed troopers patrolling around prineville and mitchell again. after a year of not seeing a single trooper on the road i was running into them every where last week. they must have got their funding back

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