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Oregon lawmakers extend grace period for past-due rent

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Oregon lawmakers have passed a bill that gives tenants who are struggling with financial hardships due to the pandemic more time to pay past-due rent.

Tenants currently have until July to pay back rent, but under Senate Bill 282 tenants will have until Feb. 28, 2022. The bill passed the House Tuesday with a vote of 39-17 and goes to the governor.

The measure protects renters from the long-term impacts of not making payments on time by barring reporting to consumer credit agencies and removing back rents from consideration when submitting future rental applications. The measure also bars potential landlords from screening out applicants based on COVID-era evictions and prevents pandemic evictions from appearing on a tenant’s record.

In March, more than 17% — or nearly 158,000 Oregon renters who answered a survey — said they were not caught up on their rent payments, based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent Household Pulse Survey.

In addition, 11% of Oregon renters who answered the survey said they have no confidence that they will be able to pay the next month’s rent.

Opponents of the bill have argued that the measure would hurt landlords and is “a band-aid solution” for tenants.

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  1. “We’re all in this together”

    Unless you’re a politician who closes businesses for fun or a land owner. And with TRILLIONS of dollar being showered on the funemployed why are they not paying their rent?

    1. What makes you think its people on unemployment who aren’t paying their rent? If anything, they are the ones paying it with nothing left to show afterwards.

      1. You might be right, it’s probably people who have jobs just gaming the system for free stuff.
        The property owners should stop paying property taxes on the rentals the government won’t let them collect on, seems fair.

      2. Easy. If you know you aren’t going to be evicted you aren’t going to pay for rent. From the right wing nuts at NPR

        “Perez isn’t alone. Housing activists are enlisting renters who can and can’t pay rent starting May 1 to sign a pledge with the goal of putting pressure on landlords and policymakers. The campaign slogan is “Can’t pay? Won’t pay!””

        Or “Cancel Rent.” More from the right wing fascists at NPR…

  2. How do these idiots think any landlord is going to survive without collecting rent for 2 years? The landlord fund is a freakin joke that nowhere near covers losses and the red tape to access the funds is so involved that (surprise of surprises) Oregon hasn’t paid out a dime to landlords

  3. Looks like rentals won’t be available again until March of 2022 now. Sorry folks. Sadly, they have to kick the tenants out who can’t pay, so that someone who CAN pay has a place to live. This is the basics of the rental business and housing economics. By not allowing landlords to evict and to let non-payments compound, is just kicking a can down the road that is getting bigger and bigger. There is no reason to let people stay in houses they can’t afford at this point in time. They need to get a job, or find a new one if the one they lost is gone. Period.

  4. Seems to me any renters who walk away from the unpaid rent should get a “1099-c” in the mail and reported to the IRS as income for the entire amount owed in back rent. Pull an Obama on them and sic the IRS after them.

  5. So I think I will go camping at a State Park campground and rather then pay just let them know I will make a payment in 2022. Should not be a problem.

  6. I suspect that when the grace period is lifted and landlords give the renters the back rent payment due notice… the market for rentals will crash. Lots of evictions means lots of vacancies.

    1. NOT A CHANCE. No way in heck Kate Brown and the democrats are going to let this go. Anyone with renters will be given grace period after grace period forever. There is so much political power giving out other people’s property with free rent. And look how easy it was for her. She basically seized all rental properties in the state with a wave of her pen and month after month of “emergency powers.”

  7. How many Landlords will loose their property to foreclosure? I know a few who already have, as their is no support for them, only for those who have not paid rent, even though they have received unemployment and bailouts from the Feds. America is so messed up indeed. Oregon, my beloved Oregon, has gone down the sewer. As a 5th Generation, never thought I would see the day.

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