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Portland police, FBI respond to threats of gun violence

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Citing intelligence that there are “imminent” efforts from outside groups to “engage and advance gun violence” this weekend, the Portland City Council announced police and the FBI will be on the streets of the city for the next few days.

The statement says the city learned “three alarming things” that led to this decision. Officials says the groups involved in this violence have issued an order to shoot someone in the next 30 days or be shot for not showing loyalty.

City officials say individuals and groups from Washington and California are in Portland to engage in and advance gun violence. Officials say these actions begin a retaliatory cycle that only escalates.

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  1. Good thing PPB disbanded the street and gun crimes units and defunded the police department. Antifa and BLM terrorists have been given free rein in the city to build a progressive utopia. Portland should be the most peaceful well run city in America.

    1. Portlanders can thank Brown and Wheeler for the continued increase in violence
      in Portland, but it is their fault for voting idiots into office, so they are
      getting what they deserve…

      1. and Wheeler is probably the least radical of the Council Members, which says alot about Portland voters. I’m not sure the voters see the connection between what happens on the streets and who they vote for. I think they attribute it all to societal factors (the pandemic, wealth gap, no school, systemic racism, blah blah blah). There is a tiny grain of truth in what they think, but that doesn’t help much when you’re getting shot at.

      2. Didn’t Wheeler and Brown call federal agents “gestapo” and “storm troopers?” I know Pelosi did. It’s amazing how short the democrats’ memories are. Now… Federal agents, which BLM and antifa terrorists were attempting to burn alive in federal buildings, are required to confront violent street gangs. Go figure.

      3. You are spot on Mike. But, don’t forget to give JoAnn Hardesty about 60% of the credit.

        That city is lost.

        Question is for us. Is Bend?

  2. It is hard to read between the lines on this article. Retaliatory shootings and shooting to gain membership is usually a sign of young street gangs. Doesn’t sound like racist, white groups, but hard to tell for sure.

  3. Low life scum bag gang members shooting guns isn’t exactly news in Portland.
    If you don’t believe it, drive around in the northern section of MLK Blvd and
    look at all of the cars that have bullet holes in them…

      1. OK Non, it is actually very complicated and there are many reasons. However, ill simplify for you. 1. Drugs. Marijuana to start, then meth, heroin….

        2. Welfare. Free equals lazy, equals tents.

        3. Mental Health. The people who truly need help are robbed by #2.

        4. Crime. Repeat offenders…..not complicated.

        Meanwhile CnTvz continues to regurgitate, more vomit. Rinse, repeat.

      2. Do share your brilliant assessment of what the root cause of these problems are in Portland? It should be paradise. Democrat city council. Democrat mayor. Democrat Governor. Is there a sneaky republican MAGA hat wearing goon causing all this violence? Do tell.

  4. Giving Kate another reason to restrict legal gun owners. But hey, No worries, Creepy Sleepy China Joe Obiden will fix everything (Just ask Hunter and the ATF.)

  5. Nice headline. Make it about guns when it’s obviously a gang operation. Yeah Portland, you make it known nationwide that you won’t arrest punk Antifa scum and spoiled libbie kids trying to act tough, and you open the door to real criminal organizations and drug cartels to start operating at your front door. Nice job.

    1. They always make it about the guns because it’s the easy way out.
      Any story that has the phrase gun violence used in it shows the lack of
      professionalism and intelligence of the person that wrote it…

  6. Hmmm, a nebulous threat about an un-named group about something that happens almost every day in Portland. Now everybody gets to speculate about the details and opine as to the reasons.

    I know what is behind this threat it is and always has been the biggest danger to human civilization, it is people. The more people there are the greater the threat grows. However falling birth rates, natural disasters and innate human aggression will eventually reduce this risk. It is after all, nature’s way.

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