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Oregon bans guns from Capitol, mandates safe gun storage in homes

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Legislators have brought guns into the Oregon Capitol for personal protection. Protesters have carried semi-automatic rifles onto the grounds and into the building. Later this year, doing so will be outlawed under a bill signed Tuesday by Gov. Kate Brown that was earlier passed by the Legislature.

Democrats were in favor and minority Republicans opposed.

The new law also mandates the safe storage of guns. The bill was named for Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth, who were slain in a shooting at a Portland-area shopping mall in 2012 by a man who stole a friend’s AR-15 rifle. A third person was seriously wounded.

“Today, I am signing SB 554 with the hope that we can take another step forward to help spare more Oregon families from the grief of losing a loved one to gun violence,” Brown said on Twitter.

The bill was named for Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth, who were slain in a shooting at a Portland-area shopping mall in 2012 by a man who stole a friend’s AR-15 rifle. A third person was seriously wounded.

Among those who testified in favor of the measure was Paul Kemp, Forsyth’s brother-in-law.

“I will never forget the screams I heard when we had to tell my teenage nephew that his father had been killed at the mall,” Kemp said.

Backers of the new law, which takes effect three months after the Legislature adjourns this summer, said it will prevent accidental shootings by children, suicides and mass shootings.

It requires that firearms be secured with a trigger or cable lock, in a locked container or gun room.

Opponents said a delay in accessing a firearm for self-defense could cost lives.

Jim Mischel, of Sheridan, Oregon, provided written testimony to lawmakers describing how his wife woke up when he was away one night in 1981. She heard a noise, went to investigate and saw a stranger in their home.

She tried to get a pistol that was in a locked gun box in the nightstand out but was unable to before the man got into the bedroom and threatened her with his gun, Mischel said.

“She has never recovered,” he said.

The bill also bans guns from the Oregon Capitol, changing a law that allowed concealed handgun licensees to bring firearms into the building.

In a related development, an interfaith movement plans to present signatures Wednesday to the staff of Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan, a step in an attempt to get two initiative petitions onto the ballot.

IP 18 would ban the sale of assault-style weapons in Oregon. IP 17 would ban the sale of large-capacity magazines and require a permit to purchase any gun and a completed background check before a firearm is purchased.

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  1. Now if some scumbag wants to be come famous for shooting someone they know another safe place for them to go to. at least till this goes to court…..

  2. The new law also mandates the safe storage of guns. The bill was named for Cindy Yuille and Steve Forsyth, who were slain in a shooting at a Portland-area shopping mall in 2012 by a man who stole a friend’s AR-15 rifle. A third person was seriously wounded. – the irony of this is that who knows how many more were saved when a guy with a concealed carry stopped the “shooting spree”

    1. Was it 2 years ago a Neighbhor In bend shot up his neighbors killing at least one. Luckily the roommate got home and was able to protect his house and kill the intruder.

    2. Just had that same discussion with my wife. Wow, funny how the media tells only half truths to push an agenda. Bought and paid for by your local politicians. What a corrupt society we live in. The media used to present all of the facts surrounding a story, now they just spew whatever will serve the agenda for today. How disgusting and irresponsible.

        1. Balanced was not my contempt. I argued that important facts had been left out. Interviewing opposing views is putting lipstick on that pig.

          1. Journalistic malfeasance or just willfully incomplete information content. Same difference. Why there is so much distrust in the media’s coverage these days.

          2. Soooooo much whining, oh, and failing karen!!!!! You’ll just have play with your little gun toys more carefully!!!ROTFLMAO!!

  3. Law abiding citizens will follow this law. Law breakers who hang out with law breakers will ignore the law and their low life friend will still have access to stolen guns.

    And the world goes round…making life tougher on those who are least likely to do harm.

    Why not have actual punishment for crimes?

    Feel good always are worthless.

    Remember the Mr. Brown, selling loose cigarettes? There’s no law so trivial that the state won’t kill you to enforce it.

    Watch it happen here.

    1. Foot in the door. First can’t carry there. Then you can’t carry there. Then you can’t carry anywhere. The you can’t buy more then ten rounds. Then you can’t own a semi auto. Then you can’t own anything. After all, it’s just common sense.

      1. Spineless, cowardly, paranoid gun kooks unite!!! BOO!!!! Try growing a pair like the rooting tootin rough and ready real man wannabes!!!!! Too funny watching scared little gun kooks whine and lose!!!!ROTFLMAO!!!!

        1. So tell us why only government employees should have guns. I’ll bet you call a man with a gun when your convenient little life is disrupted.

      1. At least Idaho allows open or concealed carry without any permit, unlike Kateland. They still understand what “shall not be infringed” means.

        1. Oregon is an open carry state. No permit needed. It does startle the easily spooked, however, so be prepared for glares, double-takes, and snide remarks.
          Right until the active shooter shows up, then your everybody’s new best friend. 🤣

      1. the democrat party was the party that wanted to keep black Americans disarmed. The entire hostory 9fmthe democrat party is one of racism and control. To this day they assume “people of color” are helpless infants without a racist perv like Biden to hold their hands and give them free stuff, And by all means my progressive friends who post here. Prove otherwise.

          1. AH YES. The Southern strategy. Suddenly all democrats became republicans and all the republicans became democrats.

            Hey. Which current US president was best buddies, a political protoge of, and spoke glowingly about, a KKK exalted cyclops? Hint. They are bother democrats.

  4. And 10 years after the law takes effect, we will learn that it did nothing to stop suicides, nothing to prevent crime, and actually cost lives of the people who were unable to retrieve their firearms to protect themselves. There will still be mall shootings/massacres’ and now shootings in and around capital buildings. Just look at how effective our “Gun Free” schools laws have been . . . The only people that will be hurt buy these/this law(s), are those that abide by the law. Proven FACT: Criminals and evil people intent on committing crimes WILL NOT be stopped by these laws. PROVE ME WRONG!

  5. It seems to me that if you have ever bought a hunting license, the cops will have a list of people who have or may have firearms, this list will also give them places to do a no-warrant no-knock check to see if your firearms are stored right. I wonder how much blood will be on Kate’s hands from people not knowing who is coming through the door and get shot by a cop when the homeowner presents a firearm to defend their home? It has happened before and will happen again, just more often?

  6. Total BS and totally unenforceable when it comes to securing firearms in the home. My children grew up with firearms and they know what to do when they find a firearm. They are adults now but have been around unsecured firearms since they were little. They never got hurt and their friends never got hurt.

    If you train your kiddos, these “accidents” don’t happen. Suicide is a mental health issue, not a firearm issue (plenty of people commit suicide by overdose, with knives, hanging and …..)

    As for school/mall shootings bad guys will still have access to firearms and still commit horrible atrocities. This law does nothing but potentially hurt the everyday law abiding citizen trying to protect their family. Glad I don’t live in Oregon anymore. People here laugh when they here Kate Brown.

  7. Texas Republicans found just 16 cases of false addresses on registration forms out of 11 million votes in 2020 & tried to pass country’s worst voter suppression law.

    Texas had 3,683 gun deaths in 2019 & Republican legislature passed bill allowing Texans to carry guns without a permit.

    Republicans should never again be allowed to lead our Country.

    1. And were those 16 cases of illegal addresses on voter registration forms prosecuted to the fullest extent of the existing laws at the time of the registration including maximum jail time and fines? For if not, and one chooses to try to compare illegal voter fraud and gun violence by supporting a very draconian approach to combat gun ownership violations, one must then agree to maximum penalties for voter registration violations. Oregon has not been prosecuting voter fraud to the maximum extend of the law (only small fines and no jail time), yet this new law has very harsh consequences for even minor violations within one’s home. Begin gun safety by automatically adding a five-to-seven year prison sentence for any felon caught with gun (even suburban mother whose felony conviction was stealing money from their child’s Girl Scout account). Also, add additional jail time if convicted of a drug/alcohol possession when they were also found with a gun. Start there and let’s see results before we go completely overboard like Texas with voter restrictions.

    2. Tell ya’ what . . . How many illegals have come into the US to rape, rob, and murder, our citizens? And yet you and your fellow Democrats not only encourage them to keep coming, but you reward them with homes, money, food, and short jail sentences. Maybe we should charge the DNC, Democrats, and YOU, as accomplices to the crimes and send YOU to prison! For the life of me, I can’t understand why you encourage and then protect people that come here illegally. Currently convicted criminals are being allowed to re-enter the US along the southern border and you’re rejoicing . . . why? We know drugs and human trafficking has greatly increased under Biden and the Democrats and you/they refuse to do anything about it. And you blame guns on Republicans???

      1. Exactly one year ago today Trump had the cops use gas on peaceful protesters so he could walk across the square and take a picture of himself in front of a church holding a bible upside down. We are no longer accepting any complaints from the republican domestic terrorists who encouraged and now excuse attempted overthrow of our country. Absent hate and fear and lies you gaslighting trolls don’t have one actual idea to make the world better, so sit down while adults clean up your mess from the last 4 years and get to the business of actually making America better.

        1. And there you have it folks. . . Keester doesn’t care how many Americans are raped, robbed, or murdered! All he and his fellow Democrats care about is destroying the country and Republicans . . . and that includes The Constitution! What mess are you talking about? Lowest un-employment? Oil independence? Lower taxes? Fastest economic growth and stability? Lowest gas prices in years? No new wars? Slashed regulations?

          1. Are you high? Lowest un-employment? Lower taxes for who? Economic stability? I hate to remind you but Trump took over a stellar economy left to him by Obama, and as usual 4 years later the world is in tatters.

      2. I strongly believe America should be open to immigration, we should be a ‘shining city on a hill’. Immigrants make our country stronger, bolder, and safer. They are our future.

        From her beacon-hand
        Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
        The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
        “Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
        With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
        Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
        The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
        Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
        I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

        1. America is also a land of LAW’s! Without LAW’s there wouldn’t be a country! And there are LAW’s regarding immigration! Without LAW’s this country would revert back to the wild, wild west. America IS open to immigration . . . BUT, you/they have to follow the LAW’s of this country when immigrating here. YOU can’t pick and choose what LAW’s you want to follow and which ones you don’t want to follow. I’ll also point out, that if there wasn’t those pesky LAW’s, Biden wouldn’t be sitting in the White House and the country would have a new form of Government, that YOU REALLY wouldn’t like.

          1. The new form of government you speak of is evidently not American Democracy. If I know you like you know I know you, you pray nightly for a Trump dictatorship where old white boomers have all the power forever and ever and the rest of us are just servants to bring you food and change your Depends.

            Your immigration laws were designed to stifle legal immigration, and were mostly passed only during the last generation by a bunch of boomers such as yourself. These laws are unnecessary and are racist at heart, and should mostly be overturned so we can get back to a sane/humane system of immigration which would only benefit our Country.

    3. No one is firing the guns??? I guess not. Guns just float around on their own shooting randomly. you won’t like the demographics of thugs with gun violence in Texas.

      WOW. SIXTEEN incorrect addresses out of 11 million. Stunning. That’s better then fake voter registrations.

      2019 gun deaths were caused by a law passed in 2021?

      You progressives destroy society and should NEVER be allowed any sort of power.

  8. Hey , Sore Keyster, can you explain to everyone on here what is so great about socialism/communism? Why are you pushing so hard for it?

    1. Being anti-Fascist does not equal being a Socialist.

      How about we do away with the names and groups, and just go with ideas… I’m pro-environment, believe women should be paid equally for equal work, and think everyone should be free to marry the person they love (assuming they are adults). I do not let racism go unchecked in any social or professional setting. I believe in science, and advocate for freedom from religion for all. I see the value of working together as a country, but also value my civil liberties. You know how the vaccine was free and you didn’t have to spend hours fighting with your insurance company? I think that’s how all medical care should work. I think national voting should be just like in Oregon, and I think elections should be a national paid holiday. I think we need to get rid of civil forfeiture, qualified immunity for cops, and there should be a national data-base of cops with multiple complaints. I think community college should be free just like high school, we have way too many people that would add so much to society if they had some basic skills. I’m totally tired of hearing about bank bailouts and tax breaks for the top 1% but omg we can’t afford to pay people a living wage. I think new mothers should be able to take 4 months off from work when the baby is born. I don’t care at all about abortion one way or the other. Weed should be legal nation-wide, and any convictions should be tossed. Any gun owner should have to pass a background check and should have to take the conceal carry class and some basic handling/safety training. Does that all make me a Socialist? It just seems like common sense to me.

      1. Actually, that sounds pretty much like the definition of a socialist . . . Free medical, free education, equal pay for work, whether you actually do the work or rely on someone else to do the work. Don’t allow racism to go unchecked by the elimination of those of other races and make election day a paid holiday. Remove the wealth and distribute it to the lower classes (except politicians) while paying people not to work. While you’re at it, you can remove firearms by claiming a person fails a background check because they aren’t good party members. Don’t forget, you can bring back mandatory military service to teach basic handling/safety training as well. YUP! YOU sure sound like a socialist to me . . .

      2. Hahaha , you just admitted to supporting fascism. One dictator telling us all what to do and what is free ( other people paying for it) of course that is one whisper away from communism. Thank you for responding.

        1. You gotta stop listening to this Keyser idiot. He talks out of both sides of his mouth and clearly aligns with Antifa. We all know how tough and intelligent they are. Social injustice!!!! burn something quick because that will show them. Hey Keyzer if your going to be a communist just own it. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then your a duck. Have some spine for once in your pathetic little life.

          1. I clearly articulated my opinions, because I have actual ideas that follow a moral compass. You have no response other than to hurl insults, because you have no ideas and no morals.

        1. Boomer. I want clean air and water. I want people I don’t know to have the opportunity to get married. I want women to be paid what men are paid for doing the same job. I want people to make enough working a full-time job to afford to eat without food stamps. I want kids to have affordable college and healthcare. I want Americans to have the ability to vote without standing in line for several hours. I want freedom from religion. I want sensible gun control so I don’t have to carry my pistol all the time to protect her from fascists like you.

  9. Question. Is this as fake as her mask mandates? Hahaha. Cuz that crap is gone. This will be too. Hey all you big city peeps that just overpaid fir your house , we got lots of guns here, might even protect you. Now go toss the stupid mask.

    1. If they aren’t family or close family friend, or good friend . . . they will get no protection from me. They wanted it, they voted for it, they can live/die with it! Same goes for ammo, food, and shelter! However, in the case of a natural disaster, I will share food and shelter to others.

  10. These laws, passed and proposed; will do nothing to stop gun crime. These Dems know that and don’t care. Their goal is not to stop crime, it is to propagate it. Look no further than the nightly mobs and constant unpunished crimes in Portland as proof…

  11. Hahaha best thing about this law is watching all the geriatric ktvz clowns melt like snowflakes over and over again. Been a rough 2021 for you losers haven’t it? Lololololol

    1. Actually, it’s been a very good year so far! I’m now well prepared for when the SHTF. With all the new regulations, taxes, and ever increasing cyber attacks hitting our food and energy industries . . . I no longer have a worry about what happens to the likes of you or your friends. Now you can deal with all the shortages of food, homelessness, influx of illegal criminals, fewer police, higher crime, higher taxes (as my income is non-taxable), and COVID hitting the major Democrat centers the most. There are already reports of the vaccine having more and more adverse effects on kids (which KTVZ will never report) and as time goes by and we learn about the adverse effects of receiving the vaccine at any age. Let’s see how jovial you are in a year or two.

    1. From what I’m hearing, thousands of Californians are moving to Idaho . . . How long until all those Californians turn Idaho Blue? Not to mention the Californians that are moving to the predominately Red parts of Washington and Oregon.

  12. By the way, I don’t give a crap if they ban firearms from the capital. If someone with evil intent decides they’re going to attack the capital, the ban will be useless. No different then if they want to attack a school, with the exception that schools are “gun free” zones and now they are removing school resource officers or requiring them to not be armed. That leaves the major difference being that those guarding the capital will still be armed. Politicians don’t care about protecting our children’s lives, only their own lives.

    1. They aren’t banning guns from the capitol. The politicians will have plenty of protection by heavily armed guards. You think those clowns are going to live by their own rules???

  13. Relying on a 2012 incident that resulted in 2 deaths to pass a bill 11 years later? Something more worthwhile would be enhanced crimes for people that steal firearms, or use stolen firearms in the commission of any crime, but that does not fit the current bill of holding bad guys accountable. Brown is all about reducing sentences and releasing all criminals from prison. I would bet that there will be language that the politicians inside the Capital will be allowed to continue concealed carry for their protection, and if not, then we will be paying for more armed police to be present for their protection.

    Next on the chopping block is yet again, semi-auto’s and standard capacity magazines that are always labeled as “high capacity”. Please remember that there was already a Federal Ban on several variations of “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines that lasted 10 years. At the end of the ban, everyone, even the politicians that pushed for the ban, acknowledged that the bans did nothing to reduce crimes. So why is this the new fix if it was already tried and failed?

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