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State suspends enforcement of gas station self-service ban due to heat


SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- With the current and predicted heat in Oregon, the Office of State Fire Marshal said Sunday it is suspending regulations that prohibit the self-serve of gasoline at some retail gasoline service stations.

Governor Brown’s Office approved the suspension of the regulations. The suspension will be in place for 48 hours, until the evening of Tuesday, June 29.

This suspension of the self-service regulations does not affect areas of the state or timeframes that are already authorized for self-service refueling under state law.

Information about the rules suspension for self-service gasoline can be found on the OSFM website.

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  1. Just suspend it permanently and stop with the ridiculous nanny-state stuff. If someone doesn’t want to wait for an attendant and instead wants to pump themselves, why does anyone else care? The attendants will be less busy and able to provide quicker service to those that want it. This works fine in Prineville and Madras; no reason it can’t work in Deschutes County.

    1. This has to be one of the most ridiculous laws this state has. I get that at the time they were trying to create more jobs but they should have tried to create more jobs in sectors that contribute more to the state. Where would all these people go if the law changed you ak? Just look around, burger king is offering a sign on bonus, starbucks in redmond closed the drive thru due to staffing in redmond, sonic cant keep the parking stalls open due to staffing. Fact is there are plenty of jobs to be had out there.
      I actually had an attendant tell me that its not safe for me to pump my own gas and that I could blow up the gas station if I did. I laughed and asked him when the last time a gas station blew up anywhere with all the safety devices installed on modern pumps. He didnt have an answer.
      Ive pumped my own gas for 38 years without any incident before moving here. Think how much more the gas stations could put in their pockets without having to pay these folks to do something any citizen can do. Time for this nonsense to go away.

  2. It’s becoming pretty clear that laws don’t really matter any more at all. The Governor can declare her emergency powers exist until at least the end of the year despite facts and science. The fire marshal can suspend state laws at the whim of the Governor.

    I guess we should all just say to heck with everything!

  3. Nice job Kate- now where you gonna find an attendant (many out in the Gorge let theirs go) to pump gas for Grams when she rolls in on fumes ! Poor Grandma- out there in 107 degree heat- no gas- just sitting near an OPEC controlled fuel pump withering in the heat… How is that not criminal neglect ! Brown is a complete failure on all fronts- toss her out !

  4. The only thing that worries me is suspending the rules in the middle of a heat wave. Some newbie might make a dangerous mistake. The article tells us nothing about the ‘why’ of the decision; I’m guessing it is because pump jockies are not showing up for work, and this is the only way for people to get gas without waiting forever.

    1. I don’t think we are exempt (I am a motorcyclist). I think it is a courtesy, and, also, stations know how pissed off we get when they spill gas all over our plastic tanks. Not to mention the danger if the gas lands on a hot cylinder head or exhaust pipe.

      1. Motorcyclists (I’m one as well) are allowed to self serve legally as is any one with a diesel. I believe private pilots are also exempt, but not positive. (You haven’t lived until you see a 172 taxi to the pump in Fields.)

        And, yes, the ban on self-serve is ridiculous.

  5. That was lifted last year due to COVID and, according to Shell in Bend, NEVER lifted. I asked them once a couple months ago before I served myself (because they were super busy and I wanted to help them out).

    1. I got thrown out of the Standard station on 3rd street a couple of years ago when I tried to help a busy attendant by re-starting a pump that kept shutting off too soon. True story. The manager actually said that I could be arrested.

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