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Oregon jobless rate slips to 4.7%; agency notes ‘remarkable improvement’ from pandemic’s worst


SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Oregon’s unemployment rate dropped to 4.7% in September from August's revised figure of 5.0%, the Oregon Employment Department reported Tuesday as it noted a "remarkable improvement" from the depths of COVID-19 pandemic impacts on employers.

Here's the department's full report:

In September, 102,000 Oregonians were unemployed. This is a remarkable improvement from the worst labor force impacts of the COVID recession, when 270,000 Oregonians were jobless in April 2020. However, there is still ground to make up to approach the average of 82,000 Oregonians unemployed during 2017 through 2019, during the tight labor market of the prior economic expansion. The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 4.8% in September from 5.2% in August.

In Oregon, nonfarm payroll employment declined by 200 in September, following a revised gain of 8,900 jobs in August. Monthly gains averaged 10,200 during January through August. Job reductions in September were largest in government (-3,800 jobs) and construction (-1,400). These losses were balanced by substantial gains in professional and business services (+2,500 jobs); leisure and hospitality (+2,200); and transportation, warehousing, and utilities (+1,000 jobs).

The private sector added 3,600 jobs in September, continuing the steady private-sector expansion that averaged 4,600 jobs added per month over the past six months.

Government job losses in September were concentrated in local government, where some K-12 schools added fewer employees than is typical at the start of the school year. Other local government employers are still well below their staffing levels seen two years ago, prior to the recession. 

Leisure and hospitality added 2,200 jobs in September, following a gain of 1,200 in August. Despite these gains, leisure and hospitality still accounts for the bulk of Oregon’s jobs not recovered since early 2020, with 42,100 jobs left to recover to reach the prior peak month of February 2020. The industry has regained 62% of jobs lost early in the pandemic.

Professional and technical services has grown at a rapid rate throughout 2021, and is now well above its pre-recession peak. This industry added 11,800 jobs since the low point in April 2020. Most of the jobs in the broader industry are found in firms providing services in the areas of legal, architectural, engineering, computer systems design, management consulting, research, and veterinary. 

Next Press Releases

The Oregon Employment Department plans to release the September county and metropolitan area unemployment rates on Tuesday, Oct. 26, and the next statewide unemployment rate and employment survey data for October on Tuesday, Nov. 16.

The Oregon Employment Department and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) work cooperatively to develop and publish monthly Oregon payroll employment and labor force data. The estimates of monthly job gains and losses are based on a survey of businesses. The estimates of unemployment are based on a survey of households and other sources. 

The Oregon Employment Department publishes payroll employment estimates that are revised quarterly by using employment counts from employer unemployment insurance tax records. All department publications use this Official Oregon Series data unless noted otherwise. This month’s release incorporates the January, February and March 2021 tax records data. The department continues to make the original nonfarm payroll employment series available; these data are produced by the BLS.

The PDF version of the news release can be found at To obtain the data in other formats such as in Excel, visit, then within the top banner, select Economic Data, then choose LAUS or CES. To request the press release as a Word document, contact the person shown at the top of this press release

To file a claim for unemployment benefits or get more information about unemployment programs, visit

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  1. Thank you govenor Kare Brown!!! Oregon families will be able to provide for themselves thanks to your amazing leadership through the pandemic!!!

  2. Dumb!^^^ Kate brown has done nothing but destroy Oregon. This story is rubbish. There is nobody working, everywhere is mass hiring or trying to hire. They must be referring to those who claim unemployment, because people are losing it. Have lost it, or are being denied now. Oregon has got to have the worst number of jobs open right now then ever.. thanks to Kate ,”Hitler” Brown

  3. These are workers who finally rolled off their sofa’s after a year of mooching off the taxpayers… low quality- will be back to seeking unemployment by the end of October. Toss in the job’s killing mandates- and the October-November jobs report will be dismal- if not a complete disaster.

    1. These so called moochers are self employed and gig workers, they were only doing the only thing they could do. You want to talk about moochers, all the people that haven’t paid their rent for 1 and 1/2 years, and now expecting the government to pay for it. You had almost 2 years and all of the unemployment money, you still didn’t pay.

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