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Oregon offers to pay pharmacies to administer COVID vaccines

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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Health Authority is offering to pay pharmacies $35 for each dose of COVID-19 vaccine they administer, with the intention to boost vaccination rates.

Based on the health authority’s database, 79% of people 18 years or older in Oregon have received at least their first vaccine dose.

In addition, the Statesman Journal reports that the program — which launched this month — directly addresses staffing shortages at pharmacies, where growing workloads have resulted in long lines across the state. In some cases, customers have reported having to wait two or three hours to pick up their prescriptions.

The state is offering to pay temporary pharmacists in order to bolster workforces, said Rudy Owens, a public affairs specialist for the Oregon Health Authority.

However, the temporary staffing program is only available to independent pharmacies. Corporate-owned pharmacies are not eligible, but they can still receive vaccine payments from the state.

To qualify for the payments, pharmacies must meet certain standards for “vaccine equity,” including offering multilingual signs for COVID-19 vaccinations, “expanded vaccine-related counseling aimed at boosting vaccine confidence,” and “a plan for ongoing evaluation and continuous improvement to ensure equitable access,” according to a flyer from the health authority.

Owens said the state doesn’t have data yet on how many pharmacies have applied for the supplemental payments.

Officials say pharmacy staffing shortages have been exacerbated by the closure of more than 35 Bi-Mart pharmacies earlier this month and limited reimbursements that pharmacies receive from what are known as pharmacy benefit managers.

Brian Mayo, executive director of the Oregon State Pharmacy Association, told the Statesman Journal that if those reimbursements were “fair,” pharmacies would be able to hire more employees and lines would be shorter.

Mayo said that due to the staffing crisis, community pharmacies across Oregon are five to 14 days behind filling prescriptions because they can’t keep up with the demand.

“The pharmacists, technicians and interns are working as fast as they can,” Mayo said. “In many cases, they are being forced to continue working without required breaks and voluntarily working longer unrecorded hours so they can provide care to their customers. They want to help the patients. That’s why they chose this profession, but it feels like things are getting out of control.”

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  1. So tax payers will pay for this I’m assuming. These people are so stupid and desperate. No one else wants the clot shot and wait until boosters are mandatory to be fully vaxxed. Numbers will plummet. Stand strong TrueBloods. Just had a patient last night whose face is paralyzed on one side from the moderna second jab. She was pretty angry that she fell for this crap now realizing it’s not fda approved and she is now helpless to hold anyone accountable.

        1. It wouldn’t matter if they came forward, their stories would be squashed!! The media and the “new” government only wants to report fear to attempt to control the population.

      1. YouTube and specifically TicTok are filled with first hand accounts when they stay available long enough. Not saying they’re real although many are very convincing with the afflicted filming themselves in the ER/hospital.

      2. Oh Barney, get your head out of the sand. There are plenty of news articles that have been made with people having severe vaccine side effects. Just because they don’t appear on your media outlets (who refuse to report it) doesn’t mean they don’t exist!

    1. By saying that you had a patient you are implying that you are in the medical profession. If so you would have know all vaccine producers are protected by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA).

      “The U.S. Supreme Court granted review in the case of Bruesewitz et al v. Wyeth LLC with Justice Antonin Scalia delivering the opinion of the court on Feb. 22, 2011.

      The court held, “The NCVIA preempts all design-defect claims against vaccine manufacturers brought by plaintiffs seeking compensation for injury or death caused by the vaccine’s side effects.””

    2. I just lost another unvaccinated friend to covid. If you are a medical professional you should be ashamed of yourself. There is an article on Oregon live about a covid denier that almost died from Myrtle Creek. I don’t think he shares your opinion nor do I.

      1. So you know for sure your friend would have lived if they would had the shot? Please let me know how you know this? My dad would have died from pneumonia because the doctors said there was nothing they could do for him after he told them he was unvaccinated. He had COVID and it turn into pneumonia if it had not been for a family member telling him he had pneumonia and to tell the doctor they would have sent him home and he would have died from it. Best advice I have for people if you need to see a doctor and want treatment tell them you are vaxxed.

        1. No one can say “for sure” that someone will not die if they are vaccinated and still become ill with Covid but as stated and confirmed repeatedly, your chances of dying from it if you are vaccinated are a lot lower than if you are not.

    3. And just for your info, rare instances of Guillain-Barre syndrome have been linked to the J&J vaccine not the Moderna but then as a self proclaimed “medical professional” you knew that, right?

    4. She was always helpless to hold anyone accountable. The vaccine makers have full immunity from prosecution. They can never be held accountable for any adverse reaction from their so called vaccines. There is not one vaccine on the market that anyone can be held accountable for.

  2. People have been complaining for months about long pharmacy wait times. Now, when Oregon is depending on pharmacies to distribute vaccines and boosters, and offering to pay independent pharmacies to help cover their costs to increase staffing with the higher workload….people are complaining about that? Crazy.

  3. If you have been to a walgreens or rite aid lately you would know that they can barely keep up on prescription orders. Some of these pharmacies arent giving covid shots at all due to staffing shortages. Drive thru is closed and lines stretching to the front of the store almost every day. Instead of throwing money at the pharmacy then put it toward a drive thru shot clinic thats easily accessible.

    1. I think you missed the point, “The state is offering to pay temporary pharmacists in order to bolster workforces,” that means hire people. Everything you’re complaining about is what they’re trying to help with.

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