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6 people shot outside Eugene concert, 1 critical; no arrests, police seek tips, witnesses

WOW Hall in Eugene, crime scene tape after Friday night shooting
WOW Hall in Eugene, crime scene tape after Friday night shooting

EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — Police in Eugene set up a tip line Saturday and asked for witnesses to come forward with any information about a shooting that injured six people outside a concert.

Officers responded to the WOW Hall in Eugene after reports of a shooting near the venue’s rear entrance around 9:30 p.m. Friday. They arrived to find chaos and began rendering aid, including applying tourniquets, the Eugene Police Department said in a news release Saturday.

“What law enforcement found when they came on scene is what you would exactly expect when six people just got shot,” Eugene Police Chief Chris Skinner said at a news conference. “People are just trying to get out of here, their friends are on the ground, they’re trying to help.”

Five people were taken to the hospital, and one walked in for treatment after being transported privately, police said. One patient remained in critical condition Saturday; police described the condition of the others as stable. Two of the wounded are female and four are male, police said.

No arrests had been made.

A concert featuring Lil Bean & Zay Bang, and other artists, was being held at the hall at the time.

WOW Hall released a statement on its website acknowledging the shooting but declining to speculate on any details.

“We at the WOW Hall want to thank all first responders who came so quickly to ensure everyone’s safety and administer first aid,” the message said. “We believe all staff and volunteers are safe and accounted for.”

Investigators have not determined whether the shooting was random or targeted, the police chief said.

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        1. Farsightedness is more than a physical affliction. Much easier to recognize the problems of your neighbor across the street than the ones brewing in your own home.

            1. Nope- your system auto-deleted parts of my post which stated “this past year”. When will you find out who is mucking up your site- you lost more than 600,000 clicks a month between August and December of last year- what says you ?

    1. Now reading minds along with inventing your kooky conspiracy theories!!! Remember not everyone who posts here is a gullible, racist, trump kook!!

      1. Yes you’ll get the “truth” from little lying donnie the orange snowflake!!! Trump kooks will believe and do anything big fat failed and fired donnie the orange snowflake tells them to!!! It’s what they call “freedom” !!!! Soooooo much losing for the trump Borg!!!

    2. I will. Other media are reporting that at least three of the victims are rappers from Pendleton (who knew?) and that they are getting less than stellar co-operation from witnesses and victims. This was clearly a targeted shooting against another group of rappers. The police will have to figure out who they ticked off enough to send a shooter 400 miles to gun them down. Without co-operation from the so-called victims, tough duty.

  1. Never heard of zay or lil bean. Seems like lot of the rap artists have little or lil in their name and pretty safe bet this wasn’t bluegrass music 🤨.

  2. Just another liberal (de-fund the police- all hail BLM) Oregon town that’s seen it’s (one time safe) streets become war zones under failed Demokant rule. Ya’ll let us know when you get tired of this and decide to vote GOP- the party of sanity !

    1. Party of sanity? Nothing like a riotous insurrection based on lies to make for a “sane” transition of power. Or maybe kidnapping a governor, threatening local officials and their families over wearing a bit of cloth, or constantly denigrating half of America with ignorant statements on a local news comment section.

      1. Speaking of the insane- Nobody has been charged with “insurrection”- why keep promoting dangerous misinformation ? Try your fake outrage closer to home- 90 homicides in Portland- more than 50 riots declared downtown this year alone- more than 1000 shootings ! In the meantime Joey told Kalamity Kate that there is no federal solution to his Demonrat scamdemic- as Oregon’s media continues the farce while new cases- hospitalizations- and deaths hit record numbers- after millions of jabs have been administered- talk about willful ignorance- FC wrote the book !

        1. Any proof of “more than 50 riots declared (by police?) in Portland” I presume you mean in 2021, I have not found any in the past two weeks (this year).
          PS – your false allegations of censorship will not be allowed. I’m sure you’ll make some up about whatever new system we get, and those also will be deleted if you can’t find a better way to ask questions or speak.

          1. Of course we are talking 2021- where there were originally 90 riots declared up till the fall- but then Teddy Wheelie got nervous about the potentially bad national press and decided to cut 30 from the original number… then the Kyle Rittenhouse riots started- so yeh- my numbers are conservative- but meant to kept the naysayers quiet. As for my manner of speech- it isn’t what lost you guys 600k clicks from August to December- that’s all on you ! Stop the blame game B- its a bad look.

            1. Still no link proving that many police-declared riots. We all know who’s conducting a blame game here.
              Oh, whoops, I keep giving you the one thing you adore above all else – my attention.
              I’ll be quiet again.

              1. A riot is defined as more than six persons engaging in violent behavior… Liberal word salads can slop on as much mustard as they want- it still ain’t Thousand Island ! “KGW found 31 of 90 protest cases have been dismissed by the U.S. Department of Justice, despite warnings there would be “consequences for acts of violence.”… Your link

                1. Who’s definition of riot is that? I can’t find it, did you make it up? That article never mentions the term.
                  We reported when police declared a violent incident a riot. When they did not, we did not. It is not the media’s call, it is authorities. As we consistently said, they made that call – not reporters (or anonymous troll commenters)

    2. Ahhhh!! The effeminate whining of the failed trump kooks!! Lovely!!! Trump kooks actually believe “the entire city of Portland is ablaze all the time” DJT!! Soooooo fearful, gullible and scared all the time!!! No wonder they’re always whining g!!!

  3. I will say it. My first thought was “this is a rap concert. I don’t care what color they were. Rap condones gang life and promotes gun violence plain and simple. Just like eighties metal got a bunch of black shirted kids into the devil. Music has influence. Tv has influence. Celebs have influence. The worst influence to our youth now is social media I think. But rap is dark.

        1. Right? Darn freedom of speech. Hate to tell ya, but most every genre including country and rock and roll sing about the topics u listed in yr comment. Grow up.

        2. I agree and you know I wasn’t referring to those. There are plenty of rap songs that are about other subjects. But then again, do you, as someone who supports a self professed sexual abuser, really object to the lyrics about rape?

  4. Eugene has continued to become an absolute toilet over the last 30 years. The wittier neighborhood this is near was terrible when I lived there in the mid and late 90s. I remember watching what appeared to be gang bangers come off the bridge by aptly named “Needle Park” under the Washington St bridge and one guy was tucking something long up his sleeve. It was either a shive or a slim jim. They were scary looking and we got the heck out of there. Too much meth and heroin in that part of town, so not a surprise this type of public has continue to flock there.

    1. I lived there too, and the WOW Hall is not in felony flats. Felony Flats was north of 5th St as far as the river. So, either you did not live there or your memory is faulty. The WOW Hall is/was Downtown.

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