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Oregon Health Authority adopts first rules for psilocybin products, testing, training programs

Psilocybin mushrooms
KTVZ file
Psilocybin mushrooms

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) – The Oregon Health Authority has adopted the first set of final administrative rules related to psilocybin products, testing and training programs.

The rules were informed by public comments that are summarized in a Hearing Officer Report.

The rules specify curriculum requirements for programs planning to train people interested in facilitating psilocybin services in Oregon. With the adoption of these rules, the Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS) at OHA will begin accepting applications for training program approval in June.

The rules also specify requirements related to psilocybin products and testing. With the adoption of these rules, the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP) will set up accreditation criteria for laboratories interested in being accredited before applying for licensure in 2023.

This summer, OPS will hold a series of public listening sessions for partners and the public to share feedback with the section. In addition, OPS will begin to accept applications from individuals who may be interested in serving on Rule Advisory Committees (RACs) that will advise OPS on additional rulemaking later in the fall. The fall rulemaking process will address the remainder of the rules necessary to begin accepting applications for licensure in 2023.

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Everyone has a right to know about and use Oregon Health Authority (OHA) programs and services. OHA provides free help. Some examples of the free help OHA can provide are:

  • Sign language and spoken language interpreters.
  • Written materials in other languages.
  • Braille.
  • Large print.
  • Audio and other formats.

If you need help or have questions, please contact the Oregon Psilocybin Services team at 971-341-1713, 711 TTY, or

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        2. Ahhh good, more ignorance. So first, you can not become addicted to mushrooms. 2, they have been proven to be incredibly effective in treating many major mental health issues and reviving the damaged lives of our war torn solders with PTSD. How about you old GOP fellas and gals try a little research before you blabber your same old rhetoric. So hard for you guys to receive new ideas and information, that’s really sad.

      1. God also made poison oak, poison ivy, poison berries, poison mushrooms, and many other poisonous things as well. are you going to partake in these items as well?

      1. this. is. the. truth.
        let the reefer madness sheep think what they will, they just complain loudly on facebook or ktvz, but in real life they are quiet little sheep with no voting power in this state.

    1. Please, enlighten us on your extensive research about this medicine. Kindly, tell us your experience with this medicine and explain why you think the way you do. To say “It wasan’t a good idea to make them legal” without any first hand knowledge and education, makes your opinion worthless.

      1. – how about you just get out of the way with your pompous “prove to my satisfaction” blather – would it kill you to just leave people alone who might benefit from something?

    2. Why? Do you have any idea how effective they have been for major mental health issues, in particular treating our solders with PTSD? Do a little research before for you continue on with the good ole Nancy Just Say No ignorance.

  1. Great more asinine drugs being legalized in this state. Can’t wait for all the bad trippers walking down the street thinking everyone is going to get them. Bravo Oregon er I mean Califoregon.

    1. What an absurdly ignorant comment. Do you even know why they are legalizing them? I mean really, not your half crooked “Because the dems are dumb” foolishness. Get over your ignorant self and do some reading instead of spreading your uneducated dribble. They have been proven incredibly effective as medicine, treating major mental health conditions not touched by other western forms of medicine.

  2. I’m not sure if uncontrolable laughing, tracers and watching the ceiling bubble is going to make anyone mentally stable but I guess they figure its worth a shot, tim leary thought so too

    1. – your certainty about this, or any other subject is completely irrelevant – if there is even a chance that anyone could benefit, why would you expend the energy to cast your doubts their way? – what’s your goal?

    2. Do a search for mushroom therapy for PTSD and see what you think. It has been proven safe and effective and Tim was right. Mushrooms as medicine is life changing for some of our most vulnerable.

  3. I would venture to say that all of the naysayers are on some form of laboratory made, pharmaceutical, prescription medication that their doctor suggested. This is ok, they will trust those medications, but not something that is a naturally occurring substance.
    Don’t waste your time or energy trying to make sense to these people “The narrow mind rejects; Wisdom accepts”

    1. Maybe we’d all see that we’re not all that different, just humans trying to survive and enjoy our short lives. Wouldn’t it be nice…

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