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Oregon Dept. of Revenue to begin distributing one-time assistance payments of $600

Oregon Department of Revenue

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- As directed by the Oregon Legislature through House Bill 4157, the Oregon Department of Revenue will begin distributing One-Time Assistance Payments of $600 to more than 236,000 qualifying households later this week.

Payments will be received by direct deposit or by check by July 1, the department said Wednesday.

To qualify, households must have received the Earned Income Tax Credit on their 2020 tax filing and lived in Oregon the last six months of 2020. 

The One-Time Assistance Payments will be deposited directly to the bank accounts of 136,640 recipients and checks will be mailed to 99,647 recipients. Households that receive a direct deposit will also be mailed a letter explaining the payment. Households that receive a paper check will include information about the payment on their check stub.

A total of nearly $141.8 million is expected to be distributed to 236,287 qualifying recipients.

Current information on payments being delivered and paid amounts

Eligible households                         236,287                                                           $141,772,200

Payments by direct deposit            136,640                                                            $81,984,000

Payments by paper check               99,647                                                            $59,788,200

For more questions, access our frequently asked questions on Revenue’s OTAP webpage or you can email

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    1. Sure, if you earned income and claimed it last year. Those who just contributed to the failing economy, without contributing anything: Get nothing.

    2. Yeh- what the hell does “qualifying households” mean ??? the homeless- the indigent- Demokant supporters living on Biden’s plantation of dependency ??? Middle class is carrying the load for the poor and the rich- this is the Demokant failed system in clear view- just tax and spend- till the middle class have no more to give… then what Salem ??? Biden and them supporters should be suffering- this is their administration- their house- their senate… count me out !

      1. bghw, have you ever thought, maybe you’re on the wrong team? All you ever do is whine and snivel. I sympathize with you. But it’s not too late.

        Before the orange moron decided to turn our country into a communist state I was neutral, but switched to democrat and only voted for the same party even if I didn’t like them. Just to get lying donnie out.
        I’m as happy as I can be. Sure there are things I don’t like, but I don’t get my panties in a bunch. Not much any of them can do to offset my world. It’s pretty sad
        When people only know you for your sad state of affairs. If you want to live a long life, you should relax, and chill.
        Hope things get better for you. Ciao

        1. “Whine- snivel- panties in a bunch” ? oh my- that was all pretty much an unprovoked gob of angry misdirected hate. I love how liberal Domokant supporters are now on here venting- denying any and all connection with the DNC or any support to little lyin’ Joey. They now brag about how great they’re doing in a failing economy- but moaned on and on when the poor and middle class were getting a break from DJ Trump. I sense the vast majority are lying- they are suffering- there is not a single sector out there that can celebrate this Biden disaster and the House and Senate that he tries to manipulate. Ya’ll are as transparent as Saran wrap- and its laughable to watch you squirm- get all psychological- find your prayer beads and look to calm yer inner soul… too late Nony- votes have consequences- now live with yours.

        2. Nonya- I have been waiting to find the exact type of person you are. The person that can’t possibly exist but with the astonishing amount of stupidity that exists in this world, here you are. The person that is proud they voted DJ Trump out solely based upon feelings. Then you have the audacity to say there are things you don’t like but deal with, but by god be grateful “orange man” isn’t in office. Your sick. The same people struggling are the same ones your democrats claim to protect but do the exact opposite. I’m sure you sit back with a smile on your face and be happy when you pull up to the gas pump or go to the grocery store and can’t by diapers for your child. Thanks to good ole Biden and his administration. But your probably the same person that bought a Tesla and your kids are grown so as long as it’s not affecting you and your wallet everything is peachy! *****! Clown!

        3. Bettygetshervirus calm down sweetie. Your whining and crying isn’t nearly as funny as your big fat failed and fired donnie the orange snowflake fantasies!!

        4. Oh you are one of those we can thank for the cost of gas and groceries. You like the way things are You like to have contributed to starving people. Thanks a lot.

        5. I’ll take “lying” Donnie over this clown car of an administration any day. “Turning our country into a communist state?” Please provide facts. I’m all ears. You don’t need to look too far to see that the border is an absolute disaster, the economy is breaking records in a bad way and Kabala and our favorite carrot Joe have absolutely NO solutions. What has Joe done positive for this country in his 40+ years of lies and deceit.? I’ll wait. Oh wait, he was top of his class in law school…oh wait, he was lying. Never mind.

      2. BGHW ~ donate it to one of those groups that you mention. Plenty of need. COVO, COA, FAN, The Bethlehem Inn would all graciously accept your $$. Impactful!


      3. @ bghw. Read the article. Instead of just assuming your least favorite type of demographic are the only ones receiving this, use some critical thinking skills. I’m sure plenty of trump supporters claimed EITC on their 2020 tax returns.

  1. How about they finish processing the state tax returns first? Know lots of folks still waiting on their refunds.

    Also, as this is based of EITC, the elderly and generally anyone responsible enough to not have children they cant afford will get zilch.

  2. For what? So the Covid payments just opened the door for payments like this in perpetuity? This is just another wealth redistribution tactic by the idiots running this state.

  3. Assistance for what? There is a “Hiring” sign on every door of every business, everywhere. And, theres too much available money right now, which explains inflation. I own a small business. The resumes we see are a joke. Most people haven’t worked for about 18 months. Now, you get another $600. The insanity is epic…

    1. Weller 12, Thank you for saying this.These idiot demon rats are taking our hard earned money and absolutely wasting it.Buying votes from useful idiots, oh looky there, here comes one now!

  4. There are 1.6 million households in Oregon- this is just government cheese for those about to be evicted- leftover crumbs from the covid con (pretty much says so on the Oregon Gov website)- a one time charitable gift of $600 bucks won’t do diddly krap for any of these people… this is an insult to Oregon’ struggling (Senior Citizen and war Vets)- and the middle class who are getting robbed by this Biden/Brown worthless money toss ! Shameful !

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