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Plane skids to safe stop at Prineville Airport after landing gear collapses

Prineville Airport incident 528
Crook County Fire & Rescue
Pilot was unhurt when plane's landing gear collapsed at Prineville Airport on Thursday

Had called for fire medics to be on standby due to gear problem

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A pilot who called in to report a malfunctioning landing gear before landing at Prineville Airport Thursday afternoon brought the plane skidding to safe stop after the landing gear collapsed and there were no injuries, fire officials said.

Crook County Fire and Rescue was called to stand by around 3:45 p.m. as a single-engine aircraft was experiencing a malfunction with its leanding gear as it prepared to land at the airport, Division Chief Russ Deboodt said.

The unidentified pilot was alone in the plane, Deboodt said.

The landing gear collapsed on touchdown and the plane skidded to a controlled stop on the runway shortly after, he said. The pilot was able to turn off the engine and fuel supply just before touching down, Deboodt added.

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  1. Prinetucky has airplanes?? Them boys just need to stick to driving covered wagons around otherwise look what happens when they try messing with advanced transportation systems!

    1. It’s a good field, fun to do touch and goes at. The pilot dealt with a stressful and dangerous situation perfectly, and landed his aircraft safely. Kudos.

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