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Prineville ‘Bridge the Blue’ rally backs law enforcement

A rally in Prineville on Saturday was part of a nationwide 'Bridge the Blue' effort in support of police.

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  1. hhhmmm…BLM movement draws 200+ people, speakers, music and the mayor. Support the police? Not so much – 20 people at best! Are you starting to get the picture? (Yes, by the way, I live in Prineville so can relate to what BLM protesters are justifiably saying.)

    1. “I live in Prineville so can relate to what BLM protesters are justifiably saying.”
      And what are they saying, Who?
      Most of us who despise the blm group do so because we know EXACTLY what they’re saying… and it isn’t that “black lives matter”.

    2. Actually the blm folks are “justifiably saying” nothing. Nobody cares about skin color in Prineville except those holding the blm sign and I suspect the former mayor was there for the photo opp as much as anything. This gal who is putting her name out there as the leader wasn’t liked when she was in school in Prineville either and it had nothing to do with her skin color.

    3. its not hard to figure out that BLM has nothing to do with blacks people and are bought and paid for by George soros. yeah? you can relate???you a nwo supporter??? oh when was the last time a black person was killed by anyone in prineville? let alone a cop? you people are delusional

  2. There was a pro-law enforcement rally in Bend by BPD about a week ago. Pro-law enforcement signs were seen earlier in July at a huge rally on 97. Appreciation for law enforcement is growing as it should be.

  3. I believe it is “Back the Blue”, not “bridge”.

    And the “Blue” is made up of all colors, in Unity, working as One.

    As is our Military.

    Well done, Prineville.

      1. “Fakebook” is clearly not a reliable news source- I’m shocked you would utilize them for any form of news or information gathering… Oh my head !

        1. People organize legitimate events on Facebook all the time. It’s a wonderful resource. The fact you’d write off a few billion people so easily is telling. Maybe some folks there told you off about some of your outlandish claims.

  4. Policing in C.O. is just like it is every where else. Depending on what part of town you live in…low income…wealthy..color of your skin….age…all factors on how quickly they will come to your aid and their actions while “doing their job”. I will happily join a support rally when the sheriff and police treat all citizens with respect and do their jobs we pay them to do!!!

    1. Do have proof of preferential treatment by police in regards to the neighborhood or race? Why don’t you quit watching CNN and do a ride-along with any law enforcement officer? Oh yeah, the so called “poor” part of town is upscale compared to any crap hole blue run city, princess.

  5. Thank you, Barney.

    It is indeed “Bridge the Blue” and this is what the organization is all about.

    “It’s our time to let our voices be heard! It’s our time to stand in the gap for those that stand in the gap for us, day in and day out, as they put their lives on the line to protect & serve. We MUST bridge the gap between law enforcement and the silent majority because we must show our heroes in blue that they ARE loved, ARE appreciated, and ARE supported!”

    “We must remain #SilentNoMore!” –

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