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Prineville police warn parents, others about realistic ‘toy’ water gun after charges, seizure

Realistic 'Orbeez' toy water gun seized by Prineville police
Prineville Police Department
Realistic 'Orbeez' toy water gun seized by Prineville police

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) – Prineville police are warning about the risks of using realistic toy guns in public, having seized one this week that shoots gel water beads.

“We’ve had a few cases that involved the Orbeez ‘toy guns’ that look a lot like a specialized firearm, and shoot gel water beads,”  the Thursday Facebook posting stated.

“A few teens and young adults have been charged criminally for their use of these ‘toys’ in public and on our roadways,” the post continued, showing a photo of an Orbeez “toy” seized earlier this week.

“I think we can all agree that prevention is much better than a criminal investigation where a citizen is badly injured because they pointed something like the pictured ‘toy’ at a citizen or officer,” police said.

“Police officers are not the only people out there carrying real firearms,” the post said, “so we felt like maybe this post would help parents know what we are seeing, and possibly help keep these fun toys at home.”

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    1. You must not of heard of Tamir Rice. He had a toy gun in a playground and was shot and killed by the police the other good guys with a gun. Your satire is in poor taste.

  1. All toy guns shoot be molded only in bright Orange. Yes, some criminal will paint a real gun to try to slip on past the police, but we have too many real guns and police are already trying to reduce shootings.

  2. That’s a pretty realistic looking toy gun. I’m afraid there are a lot of concealed carry folks who would not wait to find out it’s a toy before stopping what they would recognize as a would be shooter. Replica guns should not be on the market let alone in the hands of children. Someone could easily be very seriously hurt or even killed if they point one of these at the wrong person.

    1. The moment we start regulating toy guns is the moment we lose our 2A rights. It’s a slippery slope… Look at what happened with candy cigarettes?!

      /Sarcasm, although I’d bet good money someone out there thinks making clear distinctions between toy guns and real firearms is some infringement on their 3 year old’s right to be indoctrinated into the gun cult.

      1. Your comment is lame. There is no such thing as a gun cult. I have a CCL and I certainly am no met a member of a cult. As for my comment about toy guns and replica guns, Is the safety of the child less important than the toy gun?

  3. It would be nice if the article had mentioned what crime these teens and young adults were charged with (ORS #), and under what authority police seized someone’s property. They can’t do it just because they don’t like them.

    1. We have reached out to police for more details, in numerous ways, no response. But competitor got hold of Lt., said someone shooting out a car at passing people faces charges of disorderly conduct, minor in possession of marijuana “and other charges.” A kid shot in the eye with an Orbeez ended up in the hospital.

      1. OK thanks. “Disorderly conduct” is way overused IMO, but someone even shooting a water pistol out of a car deserves that charge. I really wonder sometimes if the PRC devised TikTok in order to make our youth as brain dead and irresponsible as possible.

  4. Yeah, because how many people playing with toy guns are killed by “concealed carry folks”? Anyone familiar with and trained in handling firearms can easily see the difference in plastic toys and real guns. Police are warning people like you that can’t. And yeah, if someone is making threats, even with a toy gun in the dark, well……….

    1. You’re kidding right? So someone passing you on the road is pointing one of these toy guns at you and you can tell that it’s a toy gun. You gotta be way more trained than firearm experts because even they cannot tell.

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