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Redmond School Board votes 3-2 to ‘demand’ state restore local control on masks, vaccines

Redmond School Board member Michael Summers explained his resolution to colleagues Wednesday evening
Redmond School District
Redmond School Board member Michael Summers explained his resolution to colleagues Wednesday evening

(Update: Adding district message to families)

Removes language to make clear mandates will be followed; superintendent assures they will

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) – In a pair of 3-2 votes Wednesday evening, the Redmond School Board passed a resolution that “demands” the state return control of pandemic safety measures such as mask and vaccine requirements to local school districts, threatening possible legal action, and rejected adding back an explicit promise to follow the mandates in the meantime.

However, board members who backed the resolution said that section was removed only to send a stronger message and make a stronger case – and that they had no issues with Superintendent Dr. Charan Cline. He has made clear the district will indeed comply with Gov. Kate Brown’s latest rules, until and unless the board's challenge prevails in some form or fashion, in or out of court, or such changes arise otherwise.

The resolution’s long list of “whereas” clauses noted that the state expects schools to return to full-time, in-person classes this fall, while more recently requiring everyone to wear masks indoors for most activities at school, and that all school staff and visitors be fully vaccinated by Oct. 18.

The board also noted that a segment (the word “significant” was questioned) of the community opposes the new mandates, which it said “present significant operational challenges for the district,” including the loss of students and potential staff shortages if many quit, thus endangering the ability to operate full-time, in person as the state directed.

Earlier in the meeting, the board was presented a list that included new hires, as well as seven recent licensed employee (mostly teacher) resignations and 17 resignations by classified employees, from custodians to bus drivers.

School board Chairwoman Shawn Hartfield asked Cline if that was due to the vaccine mandate.

“There have been a few doing that,” the superintendent responded. He noted that district officials had asked those staff members to wait for the new Oregon Health Authority rules – received only late Wednesday – offering more details, including about potential medical or religious exceptions.

But he said there have been other reasons for recent staff departures as well, from being “tired” after the stress of recent years to “quite a few who have found something else to do. Quite a few realized the value of their homes, cashed out and are moving to other places.”

Unlike a contentious, in-person meeting earlier this month, the board met virtually on Zoom Wednesday evening, as the Bend-La Pine board did the previous night amid the surge in COVID-19 cases and new restrictions on indoor and outdoor gatherings.

School board member Liz Goodrich asked several questions about the resolution, first questioning the removal of a paragraph from an earlier draft that said “the district will comply with orders and regulations” from the state while pursuing other “appropriate actions,” The passed resolution said that is “including but not limited to legal action and the use of medical and religious exemptions.”

Goodrich said all the preface “whereas” clauses simple documented changes that have occurred “in response to the changing virus," a "road map" of how we got to this point.

She also asked why the resolution claims “a significant segment of the district community is opposed” to the new mandates.

“What do you consider significant? Or are we just talking about the loudest people?”

New school board member Michael Summers said it was “based on feedback,” and he would propose funding a survey “to get actual numbers.” He also acknowledged that the initial, “overwhelming” opposition is “balancing out now.”

But asked about the removed paragraph stating the district will comply with the state mandates, Summers explained it was done to send a stronger, clearer message to the state, “mainly because the regulations are there. We’re not changing regulations. … we don’t set state regulations. It’s about getting local control back. We’re not saying anything about going against the policies right now.”

Goodrich countered, “I think it shows lack of leadership by not saying we’re going to follow the law. It’s very vague and ambiguous, and puts Dr. Cline in a difficult position.”

But Summers claimed including that language “completely neuters the entire purpose of the resolution. ,,, This is not marching orders, it’s a formal protest.” As Goodrich pressed on, calling the language removal “dangerous and not helpful,” Summer said it was “not to make things intentionally difficult or muddy any waters.”

“Our intent is not to just roll over,” Summers said. “I’m really trying to do a balanced approach, be responsible. … I did not bring this forward to cause chaos, or anything of the sort.” Board members were told the district’s legal counsel recommended the paragraph be included, but said it was “not necessary.”

Goodrich bristled at the idea of going against the attorney's recommendation. “If we would put that last paragraph in there, I’d be on board with this,” she said, and colleague Jill Cummings agreed.

Board member Keri Lopez said she thought Cline “made it clear in the last meeting that this is what’s going to happen anyways.” Cline said that was correct, and that he will send an email to the community Thursday to clarify that the district will be following the mandates as the board pursues its efforts to challenge the state's control of those issues.

"I can see both sides," Lopez said.

Summers repeated that he knows Cline “has to follow the law, and we’re not asking him not to follow the law, by any means.”

Here's the email the school district sent to families Thursday morning:

Aug. 26, 2021

RSD Families,

At last night’s school board meeting, our board voted to push for a return of local control over mask and vaccine mandates, as well as all other health and safety regulations in our district.

While the board will consider legal and other action to regain that local control, it made clear that in the meantime, the Redmond School District will continue to follow all mandates from the state. 

That means that until this mandate is rescinded, the Redmond School District will require all staff and students to wear masks while inside school buildings. Currently, the state’s mask rule does not require students to wear masks while at outdoor recess, while eating or drinking, or when engaged in other activities like playing musical instruments and participating in athletics. Masks are also required on school buses. However, all visitors to events on campus must wear masks both indoors and outdoors.

We know some of you will be pleased with this news, while others will be upset. Please remember that teachers, staff and principals at your schools are not responsible for this mask mandate, and we ask that you treat them with respect and understanding.

Our goal is to keep our staff and students safe and in our classrooms full time, every day and we hope this measure will assist with that. 

The governor has said the state will review the school mask rule each month to determine when it may no longer be a requirement. 

If you or your child are unwilling to comply with this mask mandate, please look for a communication coming soon with more information about our online learning program, RSDFlex

We look forward to seeing our students back on campus very soon!

Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



  1. Visitors must be vaccinated by oct. 18th? So you parents that are not vaxxed can’t go into the school and pick up your kids? Wow how times are a changing good luck with your new policy’s people and good luck on having any say in your freedoms from now on.

            1. And yet… hospitals nationwide are full to overflowing amid staff shortages, record COVID-19 hospitalizations, to cite just one contrary point.
              Minimizing the pain or blaming it on those suffering it is wrong.

              1. Redmond is closing their hospital along with many other rural hospitals, it’s due to not having enough staff, not because of covid but because of the vaccine mandate, not all health care workers doctors nurses are on board with the vaccine, fact check that Barney.
                Why is it so hard for you to understand that not all doctors or health care workers want the vaccine? Answer that question. Are the doctors and nurses who don’t get the vaccine murderers like all non vaccine people are labeled? How can more than half of that profession be wrong?
                One doctors gets the jab another one doesn’t. Who is right Barney? And are you qualified to even say who is right.
                A sister and brother show up at a charter school in Temecula with no masks, the administrator is being heard on the audio telling the girl leave the school or I will physically remove you.
                Really, an administrator physically removing a minor child for not wearing a mask? The swat team was called in the school locked down the brother and sister banned for life from that school.
                I work at a school, last year the kids ate outside they ate lunch went back inside , one boy, a 6th grader stayed outside, as I approached him he was visibly crying, and frantically looking all over the grass area, I asked what was the matter, he said I can’t find my mask, I said no worries I have some in the Cafe you can have, he wouldn’t come back into the building until I brought the mask out to him, his reason, he didn’t want to put everyone at risk in the school building.
                All the kids had already been back at class, so the boy went back to his class with his mask on.
                My question is, who has the effin right to put that burden on a 6th grade boy, a kid?? Who? He was fearful of putting everyone at risks! Really?? That is his to own?? Whoever believes that has lost their effin mind. No one has the right to put that kind of fear into a kid that age.
                It’s his responsibility to not put everyone at risk? But it fits, because when these kids looked to us for leadership they got fear, and adults coming out of Costco with pallets of toilet paper, that is the leadership they saw.They were told if they didn’t wear a mask they were a biological weapon, not a lie because it was stated on this board. WTH is the matter with people to put that kind of fear into young people, it’s pathetic, it’s wrong in so many ways. Save your insults Barney, and you also fatherschild, explain to that young boy why he is responsible for everyone’s health? Tell him why he has to carry that burden? I’m sure your answer will be like all the ones you give, and many on this board are tired of it.

                1. St. Charles Redmond is closing? Hadn’t heard that, where did you?
                  I don’t get into debates on who’s “right,” but try to provide factual info refuting or giving needed to context to some risky mis/dis-info on vital COVID-19 issues.
                  If tired of it, feel free to find a place more to your liking where they don’t have TOS. Or start your own.

                2. LMAO!! The poorly educated, gullible and naive trump borg have spoken as best she can!!! You should’ve stayed on school sweetie!!! Free horse worm medicine in Sisters right now!!! Hurry, hurry and get some for grandma and the kids!!!

                1. Your stats are based on present numbers. Mine include all Americans, even kids. The impact on them will not be seen until 2-3 weeks after school starts. Just saying.

            2. Redmond – well let’s hope if you have a child or grandchild – they are not one of the statistics. Median age of death is changing in case you don’t follow the news. And who are you to decide what age is acceptable for dying on a ventilator.


              and one on Delta and the age groups it is affecting. Not that you will believe me, but hey – a little education never hurts.


              1. Well since the average life expectancy in the US is 78.5 yrs and the median age of Covid deaths is 85 yrs that does not make Covid to alarming. Again the denominator in statistics is important. 700k sounds big(many dispute that number) but it is out of a total of close to 350 million people. The same thing happens when child deaths go from 1 to 3 in a hospital. It is reported as a 300% increase. Totally misleading and done so on purpose. This does not discount any death as people always argue. Yes death is sad and tragic however when policy is created and freedoms are taken due to these percentage numbers it is flat out disgusting.

                1. How can stats be totally acceptable to you in regard to death rate when talking 700K out of 350M but the stats of 1 child’s death increasing to 3 equaling a 300% increase is “totally misleading”? As you said to me above, “if you don’t like the stats, that’s on you.”

        1. Good lord, don’t be ridiculous. You can pick up your kid. You just can’t hang around. I had zero problems before I got my vaccine and it was the same after. They don’t really have parents coming in and out anyways. It’s not a big deal. Why make it one.

    1. In order to be a member of the continental army in 1775 you had to be purposefully infected with a lesser strain of small pox or you wouldn’t be allowed in the army.

      Wow how the times are changing, good luck with your freedoms.

      1. You gotta love the Small Pox comparisons from people who obviously cannot comprehend statistics. Small Pox had an effective death rate of 30%, Covid is at .002%. Slight difference my friend.

          1. The comparison was to small pox bud. Keep up please. People dying is never a “no big deal” as you say. But to use the same logic and mandates for something with such vast death rates makes zero sense.

            1. Death rates are not the only factor to be considered when determining the necessity of a mandate. There are the overwhelmed hospitals, long haul Covid health effects, not to mention all the socioeconomic aspects.

              1. Nonsense ! Death-rates are the primary measure of how serious a virus is… and this one is weak-weak-weak ! People are dying of underlying conditions- not the virus- twice as many Americans die of heart disease than this virus- where’s yer outrage against Taco Bell ???

                1. And yet you in multiple posts condemn Brown citing the effects her decisions have on businesses.

                2. Exactly. Around here they prefer you wait outside unless picking up in the middle of the day for medical appointments or similar anyway. Not a problem to pick your kid up outside.
                  And yes, sounds like the same rules they had last spring, which non of us like but that we and our children survived.
                  I’ve a nephew with a wimpy left lung/lobe. He can’t take a bus because kids have been told by their parents they don’t need to wear their mask and no one can tell them what to do. His friends all were masks because they know about his lung. He wears a mask when he plays soccer and does fine. He’s 8. 8 people and can wear a mask, play sports with a mask, and hopefully live through others getting Covid-19 without killing him.
                  Here’s hoping we get a bit kinder to each other so he can go to school this year.
                  My sister actually moved to be in a school district where they are more health conscious and not going to argue about “personal freedoms that will kill my child”. She prays every day for the vaccine age to drop so she can get her youngest vaccinated.

        1. Correction on your statistic. The Infection Mortality Rate is 2%. This means 2% of the people who catch COVID-19 will die. The 2% is for the United States as some countries lower, other higher.
          Your .002% is a made up number.

          There is also a crude mortality rate. This compares all people, whether they contract COVID-19 or not. This number is constant changing as we continue to have large upticks in deaths.

    1. Suzeiki – feel free to move – lots of other states would love you I am sure. Florida, Texas, Mississippi for starters – and your home is probably of value if you have lived here for awhile. Sell, clean up with the cash and say adios!

  2. Meanwhile, my household voted 4-0 that the Redmond School Board are dumba** and should all resign. Whole lot of nothing those votes just did.

  3. It would be time for the old witch to go away for good and take her mask garbage with her. In the meantime I just ignore her delusional mandates and just not wear that piece of mesh on my face. If they tell me to, I just go inside and take it off inside like everyone else.

    1. Wheee. Your might be in one of the many pictures I sent to OSHA. Fines are going to start coming down according to the nice lady I talked to. Apparently, I’m not the only one doing this.

  4. The return to school is literally why flu season is a thing, all of those interactions and spreading fresh germs, bringing them home to the family. There’s no way this can go wrong. Apparently you don’t have to actually pay attention in school to serve on the board.

  5. The part about kids being pulled out of public schools, staff quitting and selling their houses and moving out of state doesn’t just apply to the school system. The staff at St. Charles is doing the same thing. We got all these refugees from San Francisco, Seattle and other highly democratic places moving to Bend and infecting our city with their failed ideologies and guess what? Central Oregon is on the same path of destruction as the places they just left. It’s a bummer because there’s nothing we can do about it. Can’t vote out the corruption when the mail in voting system is in place to favor those corrupt in power. Basically we just let the liberals destroy yet another beautiful city and the rest of us move to a place that still has freedom…. Until the refugees from Bend move there too and infect that place with their ideologies and the pattern goes on and on.

    1. You are exactly right on every point and we’ll spoken.That is exactly what happened to central Oregon,Bend specifically. I just need to get where you are mentally, Bend will never be the great town that it was, those days are over, and sadly it’s time to move away from here and to a place not yet infested with what has ruined this city.
      Thank you for your post, the most accurate and intelligent one I have read on this site, some will say that isn’t saying much,but to me it is saying much. I work at a school, just put over 300 marks outside on the ground 6′ apart, that is considered social distancing, the
      OHA, and this is after the mandate from Brown it says ” where you can not maintain social distancing then masks are to be worn outside.”
      The point of the 300 marks was showing we are able to have social distancing. Yet, we were instructed that masks have to be worn also.
      Why??? That isn’t what it said. That is not what the mandate says.
      So why wear the masks when your able to social distance and the governing agency that Brown is using and school districts use is saying you don’t have to if you can social distance? You already answered that in your posts, narratives, the people coming here from who knows where, my guess would be the cesspool to the north or south, bring their ideologies with them.
      It’s frustrating, they can’t even go by the governing agency that is making the recommendations requirements that we are supposed to adhere to. Is it pick and choose what fits their narrative? This isn’t a Trump supporter blowing hot air, this is an individual that can read and comprehend and doesn’t understand the hypocrisy or lack of general comprehension of what they read.
      Again thank you for the most spot on and accurate post about what has happened to Bend, and other cities that have been inflicted with what I would call the real pandemic.

  6. You want to know what’s so hilarious and sad at the same time? The masks and vaccinations are to protect the kids and teachers, but also to keep the kids in school right? how disruptive is it that anytime there is a positive exposure, they have to do quarantines and shut schools. they are trying to make it a safe and STABLE place for the kids a all these jerk parents just want to whine about their freedumbs! so aggravating!

    1. Oh great. And what was the number of kids in RSD last year sent home that tested positive because they were close to someone in a classroom? I will wait for that number….

    2. Freedumb? That word you made up, is it implying that you think freedom is dumb? Why would you think freedom is dumb? I met a guy who was in and out of jail and prison and he felt the same way. We transported him to the ER after bringing him back to life with Narcan and the dude straight up asked if we were taking him to jail. He was so mad we weren’t, he said he hates having to fend for himself and would rather be incarcerated where he was provided all his food and shelter. He would also say freedom is dumb.

        1. It is neither dumb nor free. With it comes personal and social responsibility. Whose freedom takes priority? Whose freedom is suppressed more? The one forced to wear a mask or the ones forced to alter their lifestyle by those who insist on going maskless? For example, is not a parent’s freedom curtailed when their asthmatic or immunocompromised child cannot attend school and has to distant learn when a school board decides to disregard a mask mandate? Even adults with UC must change their usual routines to avoid the maskless. Who suffers the greater hardship and who is sacrificing the greater part of their freedom?

  7. Dr. Marty Makary is a medical expert and professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Carey Business School. His research team “worked with the nonprofit FAIR Health to analyze approximately 48,000 children under 18 diagnosed with Covid in health-insurance data from April to August 2020.”

    After studying comprehensive data on thousands of children, the team “found a mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia.” Rather than acknowledge this scientific reality, Makary says the CDC continues to use “flimsy evidence” to push the COVID vaccine upon children.

    kids who are healthy are extremely low risk and constitute such a small minority of overall cases. 0.05 percent, that’s five-hundredths of one percent. Even though they’re 20 percent of the U.S. population.
    Dr. Makary: ‘There is no data’ to support Fauci’s call for masking small children | Fox News

    1. Indeed interesting. The Bend school board hasn’t obviously considered that the masking practices of the majority of the population, especially kids, are rendering their attempts nearly futile.

    2. From your link: “There is no question it is beneficial to wear any face covering, both for protection in close proximity and at a distance in a room,” Serhiy Yarusevych, PhD, a professor of mechanical and mechatronics engineering and the leader of the study, said in a statement.”

  8. What are Michael Summers qualifications to be on the Redmond School Board? Is he an infectious disease expert? What does he do for a living? What is his education background?

  9. This is sooooooooooo dumb. We “Demand” the mandate be rescinded or we will file suit. But we will continue to follow your mandate until then. OMG!! Are you kidding me!! Your letter with end up on some toilet paper roll in Commie Kates office!! She doesn’t care!! Stop playing fair, they dont, and take this to the next step that no one talks about.

  10. Thank you Redmond School Board for having the courage to stand up to the NEA, OEA and Kate Brown! I know first hand the persecution that comes along with going against the agenda of those thugs. Be strong and stand proud. You are not alone and know you have the support of the majority of your patrons. Thank you again!

  11. To everyone out there who is agressivly pressuring the people they know to get the jab please read the following:

    American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc. and its subsidiary Pharmacia & Upjohn Company Inc. have agreed to pay $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice, to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products. Go ahead and google Johnson&Johnson Talc Power Lawsuit…

    Does anyone wanna explain to me WHY We should trust Pfizer or Johnson&Johnson considering their track record for lying, seriously injuring and even killing people all for cooperate profits?

    This is an honest question, I would appreciate not being called a troll etc just because I happen to be going against the the ktvz Vaccine/covid narrative.. Im simply asking for honest, respectful opinions..

    1. You won’t get one, and if you do it will be sidestep the actual data.
      Fact, the vaccine has went from 95% effective down to 67%. That’s incouraging.
      Fact the most vaccinated country on the planet Israel, 80% vaccinated, has now the largest covid cases daily, and the cases are vaccinated people. Z21 will actually not to go to an accurate source to Fact check this, or fathers child I think they are actually the same, they will debunk it in their own way, because they really actually believe everything that CNN puts out there, even when it has plummeted in the ratings down to 21%, because no one believes them any more, that is a fact.

      1. I wish I had as much patience as Barney. If I did, I’d he able to rep!y to you without violating the TOS. But I’ll stop here before I do.

        1. So why don’t you explain it then? The legal system has been adequate in punishing the offense which should be a deterrent, and the implication that we can’t trust the vaccine because of a failure in regard to the talcum powder is ludicrous from the testing perspective. So please tell me what point I missed.

  12. But feel free to comment about the current leader of our nation. Everything is so much better now, especially since we know now that there was every justification for shooting an unarmed woman who was a threat to national security, never warned the unarmed woman, just executed her, and now the agent that shot her is the victim, tell that to her husband.
    You what’s really ugly about this, is the defense of this act because of the hatred of Trump. And it will be forthcoming because that is what is expected from the left.

      “The investigation revealed no evidence to establish that, at the time the officer fired a single shot at Ms. Babbitt, the officer did not reasonably believe that it was necessary to do so in self-defense or in defense of the Members of Congress and others evacuating the House Chamber,” federal prosecutors said in a statement

  13. BGHW, I don’t know how you put up with this, I can’t any longer my patience has ran out on these liberal idiots forcing their way on everyone.
    With that I wish you luck in your battle with then, you were one of the voices of reason and fact on this site, they will surely weigh in on this in their usual hatred of truth,don’t let it deter you.

    1. You believe that Barney and I are the same person, so your judgement of what is true or not is obviously not one of your natural gifts. Good luck finding another forum more to your liking. Maybe you can convince Wishy to go with you.

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