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Portland-area grocer sues Redmond beef producer for $2.7M over E. coli outbreak

Oregon Country Beef

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — New Seasons Market has filed a $2.7 million lawsuit against a Redmond beef producer, accusing the company of negligence for delivering beef tainted with E. coli in 2019, court records show.

Several people were sickened by the bacteria, prompting a wide recall, The Oregonian/OregonLive reported.

The suit, filed this week in Multnomah County Circuit Court by the Portland-based company, names Country Natural Beef, doing business as Oregon Country Beef, based in Redmond.

On Nov. 8, 2019, officials from the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Agriculture told New Seasons three cases of E. coli had been connected to ground beef sold in Portland-area stores of the grocery chain.

The chain took samples from meat cases and sent them to a state-run lab for analysis. Two came back positive for E. coli and both were determined to have come from Country Natural Beef, the lawsuit said.

New Seasons pulled ground beef from shelves in all of its stores and recalled ground beef products it had sold, according to the suit. The suspension of ground beef sales lasted three months, the lawsuit says.

Many customers returned products and received refunds, and New Seasons disposed of the unsold beef products, according to the suit.

"New Seasons was merely a retailer that unknowingly passed on to its customers the contaminated beef it received from Country Natural Beef," the lawsuit states, so it "is entitled to complete indemnity" by Country Natural Beef for the costs that ensued.

New Seasons seeks money to recover costs from paying refunds, cleaning, issuing and carrying out the recall and investigating the outbreak source. The chain also seeks damages for a loss of goodwill with customers, according to the suit.

The lawsuit said Country Natural Beef has examined its internal procedures and implemented a new beef testing policy.

Lawyers for New Seasons and Oregon Country Beef didn’t immediately return calls for comment from the newspaper. NewsChannel 21 also has reached out to the company for any comment.

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  1. So why aren’t these E.Coli tests provided before every mass shipment of beef ? If we can develop an
    immediate test for CV19- why not for salmonella- e.coli- listeria ?

        1. Even if test was developed, trump kooks would quickly invent yet another of there massive conspiracies claiming 10s of thousands of meat producers, meat processors and meat retailers were conspiring with the Rothchilds to drive the price of meat up, get rich and take over the planet!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These trump kooks are the greatest!!!!!! Big fat failed and fired donnie / Putin 2024 !!!

    1. That’s not the issue. The reason the meat was tainted is because of unsanitary and sloppy slaughtering practices and cross contaminations. It is not that difficult to slaughter properly and avoid this if you follow the proper steps. The slaughtering plant got lazy and was not keeping things clean.

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