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Warm Springs

Warm Springs Tribal Council OKs COVID-19 isolation, quarantine detention facility

WARM SPRINGS, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Amid rising COVID-19 cases, the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs said late Tuesday they are siting an isolation and quarantine detention facility for those who test positive but refuse to take such steps to protect public safety.

The tribes said in their nightly update, "The Warm Springs Tribal Council authorized a location for the isolation and quarantine detention facility within the community."

They said the Tribal Council also helped refine the process for dealing with non-complying individuals that test positive. Ordinance 101 was passed to keep non-complying individuals that test positive for COVID-19 away from the community.

"All individuals and or groups that test positive or may have been in contact with a positive (case) will be ordered by professional health officials to isolate or quarantine," the statement said.

The new ordinance allows the Tribal Court and Warm Springs police, once a person is found to have the virus, to detain them in order “to prevent loss of life,” they said.

As of late Tuesday, the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs reported 193 positive cases, 1,843 negative test results and three deaths since the pandemic began.

A total of 18 people have been hospitalized, 14 discharged and 115 have recovered, the tribes said.

In response to the pandemic and a recommendation from the tribes' COVID-19 team, the tribal council approved an additional one-week shutdown, to next Tuesday, according to Michele Stacona, the tribes' secretary-treasurer/CEO. The closure of tribal government began July 20.

The Indian Head Casino has been closed for nearly a month, and the reopening is still up in the air, said Belinda Chavez, marketing director for the casino.

"We're taking that a week at a time," she said. "Of course, we take the recommendations from our local government, and obviously from our regulatory body here on the reservation."

Chavez said the size of the community can play a role in the spread of the virus.

"You're more likely to have family that are working together that both work at one or the other property," she said. "So when that contact tracing takes place. I feel it has a bigger impact on a smaller community. They may live next door to each other, or they may live in the same household, so it does have an impact."

The tribes' Monday night news release indicated that the "tribal council will be meeting to further prioritize the COVID needs of the reservation," including water infrastructure. A boil-water notice is still in effect for the Agency area, several weeks after the main water line broke as it crosses Shitike Creek.

According to the news release, "The Warm Springs Tribal Council will be meeting to further prioritize the COVID needs of the reservation. Generally, water infrastructure needs lead the list with firmer isolation and quarantine laws to be imposed on those found to be positive with the virus but not confining themselves.

"Ordinance 101 was recently approved by Tribal Council to protect the reservation community by detaining infectious individuals in a safe and sanitary location. The water infrastructure crisis will be discussed with the Tribe’s water team to discuss timelines, costs and needs."

Repairs on the water main break are scheduled to begin Saturday, KWSO reported.

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    1. in previous times, contagious serious illnesses were quarantined by labeling the house and confining the members to it for protection of the community. This can be a deadly virus, it is not a common cold, and it has lifetime sequelae for many with an impact on kidneys, lungs, heart, and brain. It is reasonable to confine those who are infected and creating injury for others if they will not isolate themselves.

      1. In “previous times” we interred certain citizens based on race “for the protection of the community”. In “previous times” certain people were singled out for detention based on political reasons “for the protection of the community”.

        Those that fail to learn the lessons of history are destine to repeat them.

          1. You grow up, and dare to face your fear.

            Every dark time in history has the same thing in common – the moment when the fear of something “that might happen” became the justification for the government to abuse the rights and freedoms of the people. The fear of people that don’t look like you. The fear of political outsiders. The fear of religions you don’t understand. And yes, the fear of disease. Fear leads to internments, concentration camps, reeducation centers, gulags.

            Your fear is leading you down that same dark path.

  1. Just like the Japanese internment camps east of Bend near Frederick Butte back in WWII.

    In summary……This camp in Warm Springs will be for people who have a common cold virus but don’t want to stay home. Is that right or did I miss something here?

    1. this is not a common cold virus, and if you are inflicting injiury on others, and will not isolate yourself, then for common good you need to be containedd

      1. What “injury” are you talking about- globally speaking there is a 99% survival rate- the virus remains a “mild” illness- it aint Ebola- the black plague- or the pox !

        The data remains clear- people do not transmit- events do ! Like BLM protests and riots.

        Why all the hysterics ? 7 months in and CO has merely a fistful of casualties- and almost all of those are up for debate as to how severe the Wuhan virus was compared to the underlying conditions… Again- where are the deaths attributed to solely the Wuhan China virus ? Where’s the doubling of the virus on a daily basis- predicted to wipe out all mankind ?

        Stop repeating CNN talking points- and get on with your life.

        1. Events… like MAGA rallies in the conservative states? After all, Portland and Seattle (where the majority of the protesting has been, correct?) have nowhere near the amount of cases that places in the southeast US do. Get a clue. Stop repeating ignorant talking points that come from the white house. People like yourself say “Keep America Great” huh.. This is what you call ‘great’ apparently? You Trumpanzee folks are as lost as one can get.

          1. Southeast USA ? Like you glossed right over the only place in the US- looks like the world- where your “global pandemic” struggles to be defined as an “epidemic”- and that would be –

            New York- with 1687 deaths per 1 million population
            New Jersey- 1792 and climbing
            Massachusetts- 1256

            Out West- California leads the pack with 532,000 cases !

            Clearly the Demokrat response is failing these states in particular. Check out the US map provided by Z21 on the opening page- we see from Idaho-Wy-Montana- the Dakotas- no hysterics there. Only Oregon is unnecessarily following the Washington/California model for incompetence !

            Demokraps are as lost as one can get- and all they can do is point fingers ! Data don’t lie- you do !

  2. The mayor of Washington DC has exempted all government workers from wearing a mask. All of them. People like kate brown are exempt in places that mandate wearing them. You tell me I have to wear it while excusing your kind…’re asking for a whole hell of a lot of something you don’t want even a little bit of getting on ya, I promise. Yeah you can take that as threatening or whatever crap you want to lie about….but you need to know we’re really close to being done with this whole narrative of bs corona lies

      1. Another offensive personal attack- that when highlighted for its inappropriateness- always results in an outburst by the Mod- targeting me !

        Why is that ?

      2. Come try to put a mask on me or call the cops on me for not wearing one. The ball is in your court, but of course you’ll do nothing with it while skipping away laughing…. cuz you’re yellow like that. Keep that fake name and run your mouth some more, son… it’s super healthy

    1. Here’s another flaccid, pathetic threat from a self-proclaimed “militia brother,” who lives in mom’s basement.

      Enjoy the Mountain Dew and Doritos.

      1. It’s funny that you cried for the feds to open up on us at the refuge…. not so much on your own kind in Portland. You didn’t mock us then cuz you were terrified. You cheered Kate’s decision to swamp the county with unmarked unidentified federal swat teams. You cried like a girl about the same thing done to your kind.

        Check yourself son….

    2. i never worry to much about nay-sayers and deniers, you know, unless they have studied microbiology, virology, medicine, infectious diseases, etc, you know, educated opinions

  3. Commentators, why are you so worried about the Warm Springs Natives? The quarantine and the numbers of tribal members that have the virus. Why isn’t statistics for JEFFERSON, CROOK, AND DESCHUTES COUNTY big news so comments can be made and argued about. According to covid map there is cases in all these counties. So why isn’t this news? why just Warm Springs? When I travel to these counties there is people in the stores that have no protection what so ever and nobody in these mom and pop stores want to say anything to them because they don’t want to have confrontation from the local people.Reading the news on after my daily job as a essential worker which we are required to wear our masks and following the governor health mandate (which we have to wear inside our fire engine vehicles as we have other people riding with us) just curious reading this story and the comments why I can’t comment as well on the other counties and their big covid news update which is never reported on the news, I am a enrolled Tribal Member and residing on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. Sincery, Dilly T

    1. “Commentators, why are you so worried about the Warm Springs Natives?”

      Well- I have three comments posted here and I for one am not worried about the Warm Springs Natives at all.

      The science and data are clear- that the virus is mild in nature- has very little impact on children-more than 99% of infected people world-wide “recover” !

      Can it be deadly ? Of course- just like the common cold- the seasonal flu- those with weakened immune systems are vulnerable- but it aint Ebola- it aint the black plague- it aint the Pox !

      I sense you feel that the Warm Springs Tribe is being singled out- it’s not- it’s just part of the hysteria that Z21 promotes on a daily basis- because their catastrophic pandemic has yet to materialize- they must peddle this gloom and doom narrative for the rest of the summer… truly shameful- yellow journalism.

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