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Biden to address global Covid-19 summit on Thursday

<i>Evan Vucci/AP</i><br/>President Joe Biden
Evan Vucci/AP
President Joe Biden

By Jeremy Diamond and Maegan Vazquez, CNN

President Joe Biden will deliver remarks and participate in a global Covid-19 summit convened by his administration on Thursday, two senior administration officials told CNN.

The summit is aimed at urging other wealthy countries to ramp up their coronavirus relief efforts aimed at poorer countries, but it comes as the Biden administration is struggling to secure additional funding from Congress to bolster its own coronavirus relief efforts at home and abroad.

Ahead of the summit, Biden called on upper-middle and high-income countries to donate $2 billion in coronavirus treatments, like the Paxlovid pill, and $1 billion in oxygen supplies to poorer countries, according to a source familiar with the call to action.

Thursday’s summit will be the second global Covid-19 summit the White House has hosted, following a first one last September.

Biden called on world leaders to collectively commit to vaccinating 70% of the world’s population against Covid-19 within a year. Secretary of State Antony Blinken acknowledged in February that the world was not yet on pace to meet the goal.

At least 218 countries and territories have administered more than 11 billion doses of a Covid-19 vaccine since the first Covid-19 case was reported in China in late 2019.

As the President prepares to rally the global community once again to address Covid-19, administration officials have issued grim warnings about what could happen to the country if more pandemic-related funding is not approved by Congress.

US Covid-19 cases are currently rising, and the administration says the US could potentially see 100 million Covid-19 infections this fall and winter, with officials publicly stressing the need for more funding from Congress to prepare the nation.

The projection of 100 million potential infections is an estimate based on a range of outside models that are being closely tracked by the administration and would include both the fall and winter, a senior administration official told CNN. Officials say this estimate is based on an underlying assumption of no additional resources or extra mitigation measures being taken, including new Covid-19 funding from Congress, or dramatic new variants.

The administration has been sounding the alarm for weeks that additional funding is needed to continue the federal Covid-19 response, even as it seeks a return to “normal” with many pandemic-era restrictions lifting.

The Biden administration requested $22.5 billion in supplemental Covid-19 relief funding in March as part of a massive government funding package, but it was stripped from the bill. Negotiators agreed on a scaled-back $10 billion package, but Congress left Washington in April without passing that bipartisan bill amid a disagreement over the Title 42 immigration policy — a pandemic-era rule that allowed migrants to be returned immediately to their home countries citing a public health emergency.

Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House Covid-19 response coordinator, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” last Friday that “the consequences here are quite catastrophic if we do not get funding” that has stalled for the US Covid-19 response.

“I mean, my goodness, we’re not going to have vaccines for the American people. We’re going to run out of treatments for the American people. We’re not going to have diagnostic testing,” he added.

This story has been updated with additional reporting.

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CNN’s Kaitlan Collins and Naomi Thomas contributed to this report.

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  1. Joey Biden was at the helm of the worst response by a nation possible- he doubled the deaths- the new cases- the active cases- the hospitalizations- the ill advised shutdowns-lockdowns and meltdowns- he wasted time man-power and resources- failed to develop anything gifted to him by the Trump administration- actually told the American people- “the Fed has no response for you” ! Who cares what this dithering old wind-bag has to say !

    1. Why did red states have the highest death rates from Covid-19? Why did Florida begin hiding and adjusting Covid-19 stats. You will refute my two claims but you couldn’t pass a statistics class to save your life.

      1. Gee I dunno- why did Blue states make up 8 of the top 10 spots for total deaths deaths- total cases- and 9/10 for current “active cases” ??? Why did infected New Yorkers and Jersey-ites infiltrate Florida during spring break 2020/2021- maskless- then again in the summer- then again in the Spring of 2022 ? Why did Biden allow so many infected illegals into the country in Texas ? So many questions- you have no answers- just a big ol divisive chip on yer shoulder.

      2. Johnny,
        You spew hyperbole, please provide sources for the misinformation you’re posting. Old man Joe can’t even handle baby formula and yet you have confidence in him handling COVID and the vaccines?

        1. I’m not here to provide you with peer review sources as you have never done proper research in your life. What I said is absolutely true. It’s pretty easy to calculate a death rate and red states lead the way in Covid death rates because of less restrictions. Why do you think Oregons death rate from Covid rose significantly when restrictions were taken away?

  2. Money. Money. Money. School Boards, State Offices, Federal Offices, all have bloated budgets from CoVid funding. Asking the government to go back to pre-Covid funding levels will never happen. We are forever in debt.

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      1. Deny it all you want Barn.. Everyone has seen the video proof Joe Biden is a Creep.. You have made it clear that YOU support this creepy behavior. Your true colors have been shown to the world lol

        1. Never gone to court because very high chance the parents were scared or intimidated by secret service that they’d rue the day they sought legal council on him doing that. If they did the white 🏡 lawyers would spare no expense to come up with some charge to have parents arrested on and dhs would have the kids.

      2. So all of those videos of Biden sniffing kids are deep fakes right? Your not fooling anyone Barn. Your narrative is clear. You support Pedophiles!

        1. FACT: I support the court system of our country. Joe Biden has never been charged with such a crime, much less convicted.
          FACT: Reputable fact-checkers have looked into your and others claims, such as:

          Your claim is offensive and will not be allowed further, against me or others, but deserves public refutation – as well as public exposure to the kind of nasty allegations you make against me.

          1. Really Barney, that’s why American’s don’t really give a $#@& anymore. Instead most of us are dealing with coming up hundreds of dollars more per month to make ends meet on an already stretched budget. Besides we’re at a point where we just assume our politicians are corrupt and joe is no exception. That is if AG Garland allows the truth to come out.

  4. Another “whitewash” article. The biased liberal media continues to ignore the dismal failure of biden while our economy tanks. Biden does what? The same thing all liberal politicians seem to do. Refuse to take any responsibility and blame someone else.

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