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50 memorable movie cameos


50 memorable movie cameos

Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey in “Tropic Thunder”


Christopher Walken, ‘Pulp Fiction’

Christopher Walken and Brenda Hillhouse in a scene from “Pulp Fiction”


Tom Cruise, ‘Tropic Thunder’

Tom Cruise in a scene from “Tropic Thunder”

John Kobal Foundation // Getty Images

Buster Keaton, ‘Sunset Boulevard’

Anna Nilsson, Gloria Swanson, Buster Keaton, William Holden, Erich von Stroheim and HB Warner on the set of ‘Sunset Blvd

Warner Bros.

Xavier McDaniel, ‘Singles’

Xavier McDaniel in a scene from “Singles”

Warner Bros.

Neil Patrick Harris, ‘Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle’

Neil Patrick Harris and Kal Penn in a scene from “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle”


Johnny Depp, ‘Happily Ever After’

Johnny Depp in a scene from “Happily Ever After”


Madonna, ‘Die Another Day’

Madonna in a scene from “Die Another Day”

Universal Pictures

Ryan Seacrest, ‘Knocked Up’

Katherine Heigl and Ryan Seacrest in a scene from “Knocked Up”

Funky Buddha Productions

Salman Khan, ‘Hello’

Salman Khan in a scene from “Hello”

Donners’ Company

Brad Pitt, ‘Deadpool 2’

Brad Pitt in a scene from “Deadpool 2”

Warner Bros.

Alfred Hitchcock, ‘Strangers on a Train’

Alfred Hitchcock and Farley Granger in a scene from “Strangers on a Train”


Charlie Sheen, ‘Being John Malkovich’

Charlie Sheen and John Malkovich in a scene from “Being John Malkovich”

Dimension Films

Linda Blair, ‘Scream’

Linda Blair in her scene from ‘Scream’

Dimension Films

Jada Pinkett Smith, ‘Scream 2’

Jada Pinkett Smith and Omar Epps in a scene from “Scream 2”

Dimension Films

Carrie Fisher, ‘Scream 3’

Carrie Fisher in a scene from “Scream 3”

Walt Disney Films

Keith Richards, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’

Keith Richards and Johnny Depp in a scene from “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”

Jack Rollins & Charles H. Joffe Productions

Mar­shall McLuhan, ‘Annie Hall’

Woody Allen, Russell Horton, and Marshall McLuhan in a scene from “Annie Hall”

Jeff Kravitz // Getty Images

Hunter S. Thompson, ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’

Hunter S. Thompson at an event in Los Angeles

Warner Bros.

Mike Tyson, ‘The Hangover’

Mike Tyson, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms in a scene from “The Hangover”

Universal Pictures

Huey Lewis, ‘Back to the Future’

Huey Lewis in a scene from “Back to the Future”

Columbia Pictures

Rihanna, ‘This Is the End’

Rihanna, Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse in a scene from “This Is the End”

Columbia Pictures

Bill Murray, ‘Zombieland’

Bill Murray in a scene from “Zombieland”

Paramount Pictures

Alice Cooper, ‘Wayne’s World’

Alice Cooper in a scene from “Wayne’s World”

Henson Associates (HA)

Orson Welles, ‘The Muppet Movie’

Orson Welles in a scene from “The Muppet Movie”

Dreamworks Pictures

Ted Danson, ‘Saving Private Ryan’

Ted Danson, Tom Hanks and Nathan Fillion in a scene from “Saving Private Ryan”

HandMade Films

George Harrison, ‘Life of Brian’

George Harrison, John Cleese and Eric Idle in a scene from “Life of Brian”

Marvel Studios

Matt Damon, ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Matt Damon in a scene from “Thor: Ragnarok”


Raquel Welch, ‘Legally Blonde’

Raquel Welch in a scene from “Legally Blonde”

View Askew Productions

Alanis Morissette, ‘Dogma’

Alanis Morissette in a scene from “Dogma”

Columbia Pictures

Martin Scorsese, ‘Taxi Driver’

Martin Scorsese, Albert Brooks, and Cybill Shepherd in a scene from “Taxi Driver”


Anjelica Huston, ‘This Is Spinal Tap’

Anjelica Huston and Tony Hendra in a scene from “This Is Spinal Tap”

Amblin Entertainment

Glenn Close, ‘Hook’

Dustin Hoffman and Glenn Close in a scene from “Hook”

Paramount Pictures

David Hasselhoff, ‘The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie’

David Hasselhoff in a scene from “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie”

Everyman Pictures

Pamela Anderson, ‘Borat’

Pamela Anderson and Sacha Baron Cohen in a scene from “Borat”

Happy Madison Productions

Ozzy Osbourne, ‘Little Nicky’

Ozzy Osbourne in a scene from “Little Nicky”

Touchstone Pictures

Bruce Springsteen, ‘High Fidelity’

Bruce Springsteen in a scene from “High Fidelity”

Columbia Pictures

Quentin Tarantino, ‘Desperado’

Quentin Tarantino in a scene from “Desperado”

Universal Pictures

Bob Barker, ‘Happy Gilmore’

Bob Barker and Adam Sandler in a scene from “Happy Gilmore”


Walter Huston, ‘The Maltese Falcon’

Walter Huston and Humphrey Bogart in a scene from “The Maltese Falcon”

Universal Pictures

Cynthia Nixon, ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’

Jason Segel and Cynthia Nixon in a scene from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

Paramount Pictures

Leonard Nimoy, ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’

Leonard Nimoy in a scene from “Star Trek Into Darkness”

Paramount Pictures

Samuel L. Jackson, ‘Iron Man’

Samuel L. Jackson in a scene from “Iron Man”

Louis MONIER // Getty Images

Graham Greene, ‘Day For Night’

Portrait of Graham Greene, circa 1980

Walt Disney Pictures

Mila Kunis, ‘Honey We Shrunk Ourselves!’

Mila Kunis, Erica Luttrell and Ashleigh Sterling in “Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves!”

Paramount Pictures

David Bowie, ‘Zoolander’

David Bowie in a scene from “Zoolander”

Panorama Films

Justin Bieber, ‘Zoolander 2’

Justin Bieber in a scene from ‘Zoolander 2’

Brandywine Productions

Ridley Scott, ‘Alien’

John Hurt in a scene from “Alien”

Columbia Pictures

Stephen King, ‘Sleepwalkers’

Stephen King in a scene from “Sleepwalkers”

New Line Cinema

Gwyneth Paltrow, ‘Austin Powers in Goldmember’

Gwyneth Paltrow in a scene from “Austin Powers in Goldmember”

Twentieth Century Fox

Brett Favre, ‘There’s Something About Mary’

Brett Favre in a scene from “There’s Something About Mary”

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