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Gov. Brown, Bend, Redmond mayors urge: ‘Keep it local’ over Memorial Day weekend

Visit later Central Oregon Gov. Brown
Gov. Kate Brown's office
Gov. Kate Brown's office tweeted images of coast, Central Oregon visitor spots in urging Oregonians to 'keep it local' this Memorial Day weekend.

'If you love Central Oregon, it'll be there in a few weeks.'

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Memorial Day weekend is traditionally a time for Oregonians to get outside, travel to their favorite vacation destinations, and welcome the return of summer. Gov. Kate Brown was joined Thursday by a bipartisan group of 26 mayors from across the state in urging all Oregonians, especially Portland metro area residents, to keep it local this Memorial Day weekend, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Here's the rest of the governor's news release:

After the sacrifices Oregonians have made to stay home to save lives, counties are just now beginning the process of gradually and safely reopening their communities and economies.

Phase I counties worked hard to make sure they have the hospital capacity to treat COVID-19 patients from their communities, and the ability to test, trace, and isolate new cases. But those resources will be quickly overwhelmed if visitors flood Oregon’s reopened communities this weekend and unknowingly spark a COVID-19 outbreak.

Governor Kate Brown was joined by the bipartisan group of mayors from across the state today in urging Oregonians to stay close to home, and to support local businesses and communities this this Memorial Day weekend:

“Together we are asking all Oregonians to please keep it local this Memorial Day. Be good neighbors this weekend––stay local and stay safe.

“If you love the coast, stay home for now and plan your trip in the summer. If you love the Columbia Gorge, keep it local this weekend and visit later on. If you love Central Oregon, it’ll still be there in a few weeks.

“This Memorial Day weekend, a backyard barbecue or a small family gathering is the best way to stay healthy as we build a safe and strong Oregon. If you want to get outdoors, find a place to hike or bike or paddle close to home. And, please, wear a face covering when you are around others.”

Signed by:

Governor Kate Brown
Cannon Beach Mayor Sam Steidel
Seaside Mayor Jay Barber
Lincoln City Mayor Dick Anderson
Astoria Mayor Bruce Jones
Florence Mayor Joe Henry
Newport Mayor Dean Sawyer
Tillamook Mayor Suzanne Weber
Coos Bay Mayor Joe Benetti
Wheeler Mayor Stevie Burden
Gearhart Mayor Matt Brown
Bandon Mayor Mary Schamehorn
Yachats Mayor W. John Moore
Depoe Bay Mayor Robert Gambino
Garibaldi Mayor Judy Riggs
Warrenton Mayor Henry Balensifer
Ashland Mayor John Stromberg
Klamath Falls Mayor Carol Westfall
Redmond Mayor George Endicott
Bend Mayor Sally Russell
Willamina Mayor Ila Skyberg
Newberg Mayor Rick Rogers
McMinnville Mayor Scott Hill
Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis
Springfield Mayor Christine Lundberg
Cascade Locks Mayor Tom Cramblett
Hood River Mayor Kate McBride

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        1. If only it worked that way. Like if Gov. Brown said “take care of yourself and stay healthy” all the conservatives should do the exact opposite, just to defy her orders. I’m thinking no exercise and a steady fast food diet… oh wait…conservatives already do that, just like morbidly obese Trump. Shoot! I’ll try again later.

          1. You’re an idiot. So you think conservatives are fat and lazy? If that’s true, then why is it that it’s the fat lazy liberals who want everything for free. Free education, Free Healthcare, free money, free food etc? The truth is, the conservatives want you to work for it. That’s your biggest problem with the conservatives. We keep denying your free living

            1. Cons talk that way and then are the first ones to line up for the free money! I have dozens of Con clients drooling to get PPP money when they don’t even need it!

            2. The highest rate of obesity are red states. So yes I do think most conservatives are fat and lazy! Not all but most. Go for run!

    1. Fat Chance- I’m willing to bet you didn’t even read the article- for if you had- you’d know what’s missing from this Democrat’s insincere statement:

      “After the sacrifices Oregonians have made to stay home to save lives”


      Go Broke- Shutter your Businesses- Contemplate Decades of Financial Hardship for you and your Family …

      Simply the most God-Awful Governor our state has ever had to stomach !

      1. Only one mayor from the failing eastern rural communities. Not sure why he bothered to sign up. Its not like anyone wants to go to Burns for the weekend!! LMAO!!! Sooooo much winning!!!

        Golf and a whore anyone!!! trump / kim 2020!!! TRUE LOVE!!!! LOL!!!!

    2. No, I’ve thrown 4 groups off our property.they pissed me off.couple groups I let stay.i don’t give a rats ass,just another to get herd immunity.Could be me or you, people are gonna tip over until then.However respect private property,and public.we live here year round,it’s not your playground.

    1. I also recommend you hermetically seal yourself so there is no chance you catch anything. Especially your head. Make sure that is air tight and hide in the basement or attic where no one can find you. Ever!

      1. Everyone gets angry and frustrated sometimes; Maybe the two of you could figure this out together.
        Please know you are not alone, and that what you are feeling is normal.

        Does posting on this message board help you come up with coping mechanisms and techniques to deal with your feelings? I hope so, if not you will blow a gasket soon and stroke out.

      2. hydroxychloroquine is the best!!! According to big fat lyin donnie “it will be the biggest game changer in the history of medicine. 3/24 #therealdonaldtrump ROTFLMAO!!!

        Golf and a whore anyone!! trump / kim 2020!!! TRUE LOVE!!!

  1. Blatant disregard for health protocols in our town. You can bet the tourists and travelers will be bringing many fun bugs along with them. The irony is the ones that are out there are probably the high-risk takers that should be avoided. This re-opening I’m afraid will be in error. I gave up worrying about the anti-government covidiots- They should all get out there and French kiss some Californians. The second lock-down will come soon enough with the second wave. We will probably need Wuhan style lock down then. Be smart- keep your self quarantine.

  2. These politicians are making out that in a “few weeks” the wuhan flu will no longer be a threat. Not likely, portions of china are again being shutdown due to a second wave. But more concerning reports show the so called travel ban turns out to be BS. LAX and JFK alone are receiving flights daily from banned countries. The number of passengers from wuhan over the last months and weeks are in the tens of thousands. I disagree 100% with what the libs stand for but when I saw this airline report. How could you not questioning if either party has us peasant’s best interest in mind?

    1. “portions of china are again being shutdown due to a second wave”

      May through June is the typical “rainy season” in China… a time when large groups of people are forced inside into close-knit quarters.

      Oregon does not have such a season- instead we have “daylight savings” and colder weather move in in the Fall.

      Basically- Oregon has a good five months to eliminate this virus.

      1. You’re giving us the weather weather report in china? Story has to do with flights from infected countries still allowed into the US . Particularly from china with new infections in the city of Shulan in china’s northeast, pop. 600k now in lockdown. When asked tonight about the flights still allowed Mark Morgan head of US Customs and Border defected to how well US is doing on Mexico border. Fortunately he was called out. He finally admitted these flights do exist and explained protocol RECENTLY put into effect includes temp check, ask any contact with covid patients , and finally told to self quarantine for 14 days. The foreign nationals are then released to wherever and trusted to quarantine with no follow up. And you don’t think we’re being played?

        1. Soooo- you didn’t post this-

          “portions of china are again being shutdown due to a second wave” ???

          My comment is in direct response to the “second wave” issue “someone” wrote.

          Not sure what the rest of your diatribe is about… because it clearly has nothing to do with Oregon’s shutdown or Kate Brown’s ongoing nagging about staying at home over Memorial Day.

          I for one am on record as not buying into any of this Wuhan virus hoax- nothing more than an excuse for Democrat Governors nationwide to attack both our economy and civil liberties !

          Americans have gotten fat and lazy- we need to take back our cities, our country, all the rights we share as outlined in the US constitution ! Nuff said !

          1. Whoa, so now you’ve taken it upon yourself to police our subject matter? Your symptoms are beyond my qualifications. And since I don’t want to step on any toes I’ll leave it to Barney to talk you off the ledge.

      2. The virus won’t be eliminated. Just like polio virus is still here. If not for vaccines and some natural immunity, lots of diseases would still run rampant.

  3. Keep it local? You should see all the camping rigs heading over the Santiam today and yesterday, just punch up Tripcheck and watch them stream past. Local must be subjective to them, as in “I will go anywhere I want to go.” Valley people, they treat Central Oregon as their playground without regard to our lifestyle.

  4. Oh man you guys. So much anger. Doesn’t being grouchy and hateful just wear you out after a while? Here’s a homework assignment: write one happy thought for every three angry outbursts you post here.
    Memorial day weekend is a pretty somber occasion, it shouldn’t be such an inconvenience to stay at home and grill some burgers while pondering all those who’ve lost their lives for our flag. Maybe go mow the lawn of a military widow, if you know any. I really don’t see the big deal if we’re asked to keep this local.
    Even with everything that’s going on, there’s so much to be thankful for (besides the fallen soldiers we’re honoring this weekend). Oregon is so amazing. Our lives are so amazing. We’re all so incredibly fortunate to have been born here in this country, at this time in history. Don’t worry if some other people are traveling or whatever. All you can do is be in charge of you. I hope you choose to do something locally that brings peace to your soul, and happiness to the ones you love.

    1. I really enjoy the messages that you post here.
      This last one that you posted here is no exception.
      Thank you very much for your positive thoughts.

    2. There is nothing somber about Memorial day you reprobate! It’s a time to honor the fallen with pride & respect! Too bad Krazy Kate has decided to make it all about the Rona! Flags at have mast for Rona deaths? Now that’s some serious disrespect to our fallen heroes!

      In other news, this moron is down at Wild ride whooping it up demonstrating the behavior that makes him the woman-hating hypocrite he espouses on this board!

  5. Here’s a better idea Kate ! Why don’t you send us all an additional $1,000 to stay home for the next three days, go out and buy a projector and rent some movies- get massive quantities of home food and beverages delivered- and we’ll have your small home gathering- but you know what- this krap aint free- and unlike the President- I haven’t seen a single dime from you !

    1. So you’re begging for more handouts from Kate, and you want the Deep State to mandate someone is always present to pump your gas for you?! You helpless liberals are pathetic!

  6. So Barneygetaclue now wants a hand out from the state as well? Where do you think that money is going to come from? Unlike the Fed our state can not just print money. Last I checked we are in a 3 billion dollar hole with our budget which wasn’t in great shape to begin with. And no, it is not just the democrats who got us here, it was both parties who over promise and under deliver in order to get reelected.
    But back to the original issue at hand here which is the subject of the article: How do we convince people to stay away for a few more weeks or months after we have spent the last decade screaming from every media outlet to come and visit Central Oregon? The people over at Visit Bend must be having a hard time doing a complete 180 on this one.

  7. How many mayors in the State of Oregon, please?

    Of that number only 26 lobbied the GOV for some sort of “stay local” PSA. Twenty-six. The majority of these from Oregon coastal towns whose mayors have made it clear they only want tourist dollars, otherwise “we don’t want you”.

    Bend/Redmond mayors…of course…signed on too. Otherwise the rest of the state’s mayors and their constituents are apparently working to re-open NOW.

    Time to get back to work. Time to do what can be done and move forward. Brown gaffed it when she ignored going to the Legislature before Day 28 to make a case to extend her order.

    If she couldn’t get THAT right, it is no wonder only 26 mayors signed up to “keep it local”.

    I bet like the GOV they all kept drawing their pay and benefits along the way, as well.

  8. It probably would have served her better if she explained again WHY we are supposed to keep up the social distancing and home isolation. I guess a lot of readers seem to have a very short memory. The reality is that nothing has changed. We do not have a cure or a vaccine for a disease that spreads rapidly and is lethal to a lot of us. The only thing that has changed is that we now have enough PPE, ICU beds and ventilators to handle the next wave which they say is inevitable. If everyone just wants to act like they did before all this then I would imagine that the hospital is going to be in big trouble again. As for the economic toll this is taking on most of us I can also imagine what a second wave would be like if we have to start over from scratch.

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