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Deschutes, Jefferson counties approved for Phase 2 reopening Saturday

Phase 2 OHA
Oregon Health Authority

Decision comes day after Crook County, 25 other counties' approval

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown on Friday approved the Phase 2 reopening plans, effective Saturday, for Deschutes and Jefferson counties, after health officials further reviewed case numbers and contact tracing.

The decision came one day after Brown announced 26 other counties, including Crook County, had won Phase 2 approval.

The governor said Thursday that Phase 2 reopening requests from Deschutes, Jefferson and Umatilla counties were still under review.

On Friday, she outlined why all three are now able to enter Phase 2 on Saturday:

State health officials worked with local public health officials to conduct an additional level of review of Deschutes, Jefferson and Umatilla County data to ensure they met the prerequisites and are successfully tracing and isolating new cases.

In Deschutes County, the new COVID-19 cases were traced to a known outbreak or were associated with out-of-state travel.

Jefferson County started with a comparatively low number of cases. Public health officials have now made contact with 100 percent of all new cases. Jefferson County public health officials are also working closely with tribal health officials at Warm Springs to respond in the county (46 of the 55 cases reported by Jefferson County have been on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation).

Umatilla County had seen an increase from a comparatively low baseline. Public health officials have made timely contact with all new cases. The public health investigation has not shown ongoing community spread as the source of the cases. Public health officials continue to trace new cases, in collaboration with their counterparts in Washington.

By entering Phase 2, all three Central Oregon counties will be able to continue with the reopening process, following updated health and safety guidance:

  • Gathering limits will be raised to 50 people indoors, and 100 people outdoors.
  • Indoor and outdoor venues, including churches, faith-based organizations, and theaters, with six feet of physical distancing and other measures in place, can reach a COVID-19 occupancy limit of up to 250 people.
  • Offices can begin reopening and employees can return to workplaces with physical distancing and other measures in place, although remote work is still strongly recommended whenever possible.
  • Increased travel is allowed throughout Oregon, though staying local is still recommended to prevent overloading county health systems.
  • Restaurants and bars will have curfews extended to midnight.
  • Pools and sports courts will be allowed to reopen under new guidance.
  • Indoor and outdoor activities such as bowling, batting cages, and mini golf, will be allowed to reopen under guidance.
  • Recreational sports can resume in a limited form, under strict physical distancing guidance.  

“Approval for Phase 2 is a positive indicator of our collective efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Deschutes County,” said Deschutes County Commissioner Phil Henderson. “We heard during the state’s press conference on Wednesday that our state has stabilized and Phase I reopening has not led to a resurgence in cases.

"While moving into Phase 2 is good news, we still need our community to continue being smart about maintaining physical distance, practicing good hygiene and wearing masks so that we can keep our communities healthy and help Central Oregon’s businesses stay open,” Henderson added.

Jefferson County Commission Chair Kelly Simmelink got a similar letter from the governor, saying that county also can enter Phase 2 on Saturday.

Counties approved to enter Phase 2 must continue to meet Phase 1 metrics, including:

  • Declining disease prevalence
  • Having an adequate number of contact tracers (trained and available), including people reflective of the communities they serve
  • Establishing and maintaining adequate testing, isolation and quarantine facilities, sufficient hospital surge capacity, and sufficient personal protective equipment supply

The state is also monitoring the following public health indicators to inform recommendations on reopening: 

  • Counties need to demonstrate that they are able to trace new cases within 24 hours
  • As counties see new cases, they must be able to identify where they are coming from at least 70% of the time
  • Counties cannot be experiencing a significant increase in cases

Additional information about the State’s Phase 2 guidance is available at

Information for Deschutes County businesses and organizations looking to reopen safely is available at

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      1. What phony requirements and fake guidelines are you talking about ? These- ???

        “Gathering limits will be raised to 50 people indoors, and 100 people outdoors.”

        Why should anyone “follow these guidelines or requirements” ? We just saw over 1000 protesters- rioters- looters- and law breakers- enter Bend (many by Bus) and none of your reporters asked them why they were breaking Kate Brown’s Executive Orders- Your reporters completely failed to ask the obvious question… what the hell does Petty crook George Floyd have to do with Oregon and our Demokkkrat Governors orders to self quarantine- stay home-save lives- go broke ???

        You are now personally making a mockery of Central Oregon citizens by pretending ignorance to what just happened on your watch- at your news station just days ago. Now you have the nerve to act like ‘its all good”- just tell the white folk here that laws don’t pertain to anyone when you have to protest the death of a black man more than 1600 miles away !

        Hypocrite ! You should be ashamed !

        1. Still believing that fairytale of outside evil doers being bused to Bend. 😱🙄🤣

          A bit of proof would be nice. Also note while noisy, these alleged outside agitators didn’t riot, loot, or vandalize. Hmm, why it’s almost as if they were actually local folks.

          1. You seem distracted by the shiny bobble dangling in front of your nose… so lemme help ya focus with a simple question… just when did the State’s Governor approve these rallies- marches- protests- and riots… in direct violation of her own Executive Orders demanding that law abiding citizens sacrifice their jobs-businesses-financial well-being… over a petty crook in an event that took place 1600 miles from Portland Oregon ???

            Simple question- try not to spin off on to some other long winded discussion of civil disobedience… these gatherings are unlawful- up till a week ago they were deemed dangerous- and anyone partaking in such an event is selfish- remember the Salon owner who was fined thousands of dollars for trying to make a living ?

            The Governor should utilize the National Guard to stop this right now !

  1. WTF ??? “In Deschutes County, the new COVID-19 cases were traced to a known outbreak or were associated with out-of-state travel.”

    So what ! New cases are – “new cases”… where is the significant flattening of the curves we were all told would precede these phase approvals ?

    The idiot Demokkkrat in Salem is now just making stuff up- now that Antifa called her bluff in Portland and Eugene with their violent protests… while Kate Brownshirt sat back and did nothing to enforce her now useless Executive Orders demanding that businesses close- individuals shelter at home- and large gatherings of over 25 were deemed “Illegal Acts punishable by her orders” !

    What the hell is going on here ? Kate Brown is now fast-tracking these phase approvals- is no longer talking about her executive orders- which I do believe are still in place… what a disaster !

    Oregon right now is clearly a state without laws ! You are all free to pick and choose which laws you want to follow and which ones you don’t… So everyone needs to open their businesses this weekend- if you do not- I will personally call you out on it Monday morning !

    Hey- Crook County library- Park and Rec-Theater-Fakebook Construction- You are all on the clock !

    1. This the most accurate relevant statement you have ever posted! One could insert “USA” for “Oregon”

      “Oregon right now is clearly a state without laws! You are all free to pick and choose which laws you want to follow and which ones you don’t…”

  2. Agreed, Znn21 is hypocritical. Not to long ago they were decrying the peaceful gatherings to protest the virus business restrictions.So Z,WTF!!!

    1. We never “decry” (or “promote, for that matter) anything. We report facts, and others’ opinions – not ours. What people bring to our stories is not something we can control. Yes there are editorial judgment calls in what we report locally, and folks can have differing opinions. We don’t write the national/world news that appears on our site.

      1. “We don’t write national/world news”. But you allow this kind of rhetoric on your news every sing!e day and it is bias,no matter what you call it!

        1. We allow free speech here, with few limits, to many folks’ appreciation and other folks’ consternation. Some are find with ‘bias’ in comments as long as it’s from “their side.” That’s dangerous. We try very hard to hold to our Terms of Service and not make judgment calls based on political viewpoint.

      2. “We report facts”… The hell you do !

        If you were reporting “facts” you’d be discussing the clear violations these protests-marches-and gatherers are inflicting on Kate Brown’s Executive Orders to “stay home-stay safe”.

        Your reporters are extremely negligent- they’re not even asking these protesters the basic questions…

        “So BLM supporter- you are clearly in violation of the Governor’s Executive Orders to not congregate in groups of more than 25… knowing that hundreds of thousands of Oregonians are facing financial hardship- bankruptcy- loss of income- social esteem – their civil rights… how do you justify your actions today ?

        Or how about- “I see you are ignoring Governor Kate Brown’s “laws” against large gatherings because of the corona pandemic- aren’t you afraid that your actions today will put Oregonians at risk… don’t you worry about who you may “kill” because you have chosen to protest the death of a petty life-time criminal who used to rob weaker Americans” ???

        Barney- this is an outrage- and KTVZ has gone awfully damn quiet considering the months and months of you all brow-beating the public about social distancing- promoting Brown’s assaults on our daily lives and our State’s economy !

        What an absolute disgrace !

        1. No media outlet in the state or country is doing what you ask, because it’s truly dumb. The First Amendment doesn’t get thrown out the window when you say so. Our positive case rate is among the lowest in the country.
          The only “outrage” is in your head, as usual.

          1. “No media outlet in the state or country is doing what you ask”

            So your argument is based on “monkey see-Monkey do” ??? Hogwash !

            Oregonians state-wide have sacrificed jobs-careers-businesses-financial security for months now… and just because some low-life petty criminal meets his maker- out here in Oregon we’re supposed to forget all that damn sacrifice- are you a complete loon ?

            Your Z21 reporters have completely failed to engage the basics of the job- which is- “get answers” !

            Try for just a second to put your liberal politics aside and engage the bigger question- How on Earth can these protesters-rioters-looters-hooligans justify their blatant disregard for the Governor’s Executive Orders- which you all insisted are “Law” !

            These demonstrations are unlawful- no matter how you try to justify their actions- they are illegal under the current covid19 mandates- why is KTVZ not reporting this ?

            Z21 continues to treat the CO community like complete morons- not capable of seeing blatant hypocrisy when it slaps em in the grill- there is plenty of outrage out there- Kate brown is facing another “Recall”- and you’ve swept it under the rug like a buncha chicken manure promoting self-righteous arrogant half-wits !

            No wonder COD is pounding on your claim as the regions number one news source… they’ll overtake you by the middle of next year- but what do you care- you’ll be put out to pasture by then- Moo !

            1. No. Your questions are ridiculous. Feel free to ask them yourself. It’s a free country. Why is NO one reporting that these protests are “illegal”? Because they aren’t. You can put fake words in my mouth, that doesn’t make them true.

              1. “Why is NO one reporting that these protests are “illegal”? Because they aren’t.”

                These protests- Marches- and Riots are clear violations of Kate Brown’s Executive Orders- which you personally argued (along with your legal eagle EddyB) were ‘legal and lawful orders- even Kate Brown (upon being sued in Baker County) confirmed that her Orders are legal.

                Just yesterday Brown posted the Phase Two guidelines- they limit outdoor gatherings to 100… These are not “fake words” by me- these are a combination of Kate Brown’s written and posted mandates that KTVZ spreads- and your own words- now coming back to bite you in the bum- and yer probably embarrassed as hell as I serve you up another piece of Crow Pie- and here… here’s another towel to help you wipe that slimy egg snot off yer face !

                “Z21- Clearly not the most trusted leader in news” !

              2. “No. Your questions are ridiculous.”

                As we all bear witness now to the lack of sympathy for all of you who listened to KTVZ and “Stayed Home-Stayed Alive-Went Broke”.

                Throughout the Wuhan Corona Virus Hoax Z21 has been a mouthpiece and vocal cheerleader for Kate Brown’s Executive Orders- never once questioning the Governor’s decisions- policies- or actions… This website has been flooded with horror stories and models of massive death and destruction- Global pandemic maps presented front and center to give the impression that the world is crumbling before our very eyes- OHA data either completely ignored (where’s the dashboard again) or manipulated to present regional Oregonians with a false narrative (Hospitalizations flattened months ago)… Whatever it took to keep the con going… then what happened ?

                Some unknown petty crook and life-time criminal black guy in Minnesota (high on illegal narcotics) meets his eventual undoing at the hands of a multi-racial team of police officers… and Kate Brown’s “legal” orders-mandates-and Executive Orders are suddenly deemed “null and void” by the Z- who now claim that these marches- protests- and riots are somehow not illegal !

                I can honestly say that BL is not this stupid- but you talk about someone being caught between a rock and a hard place- I’m pretty sure the “Man” is demanding he go along with the charade- no matter how damaging it is to the stations reputation- and believe me- like “Hillary in a Landslide”-Russian Collusion- Obstruction”… the “1000 man march for BLM” will go down in history as another example of politics over media morals and ethics… once again proving- news agencies today cannot be trusted ! Go ahead peons- the floor is yours- just stay on topic- and avoid the temptation at personal insults- cause I know- I just rattled some cages full of bird poop !

                1. I’m only this way with you, because only you are this way with me. Most people show some sense of respect interacting with me and others here. You are generally rude, nasty and uncivil to not just me (your prime target) or the plac I work, but to anyone who dares question your odd “stuff.” Go ahead, “prove me wrong.” Your own words prove me right, every day.

                2. What ??? Like this…

                  “I can honestly say that BL is not this stupid”

                  Isn’t a ‘compliment” ???

  3. No- what’s really funny is how quickly you pulled it off the shelf after only 9 comments !

    6 by Nevertrumper and Lassie !!!

    Let us know when you plan an update- I’m pretty sure we can get you more than 9 comments on the subject !

    1. What “shelf.” New news supplants old. Day-old news atop a website, people move on – and rightly so. The way you ascribe false motives is as ridiculous as the rest of what you say repeatedly to the convincing of no one.

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