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Portland police detain people at downtown rally

Paintball guns shields Portland police 926
Portland Police Bureau
Portland police stopped a vehicle leaving Delta Park on Saturday and seized firearms, paintball guns, baseball bads and shields.. At least one criminal citation was issued.
Portland police deputized federal marshals
Oregon State Police
Members of the Portland Police Bureau Rapid Response Team were deputized Saturday as federal marshals, allowing federal prosecutors to charge assault on a federal officer if they are attacked.

(Update: Later developments, police statement)

PORTLAND (AP) — Portland police Saturday night detained anti-police brutality protesters who had gathered downtown.

Shortly after 9 p.m., officers tackled protesters and detained them as the crowd of several hundred people yelled at them. Police told protesters to move back and get out of the street as they made the arrests.

Protesters chanted: “No good cops in a racist system!”

Protesters shot fireworks at police. KOIN-TV posted a video in which police warn that protesters who hurl projectiles will be subject to arrest.

About 10 p.m., police left the scene. The protesters remained in the street.

Earlier Saturday, police said a right-wing rally and counter-protests in Portland dispersed without serious violence, though they are investigating an assault after one person who was documenting the event was pushed to the ground and kicked in the face.

Separately, police said a criminal citation was issued after officials confiscated firearms, paintball guns, baseball bats and shields from a pick-up truck that was initially stopped for having obscured license plates as it left the rally.

Several hundred people, dozens of them wearing militarized body armor, gathered to support President Donald Trump and his “law and order” reelection campaign Saturday afternoon. The attendance was far fewer than the 10,000 organizers had expected after tensions boiled over nationwide following the decision not to charge officers in Louisville, Kentucky, for killing Breonna Taylor.

Organized by the Proud Boys, a group that has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the rally was described as a free speech event to support Trump and police and condemn anti-fascists, “domestic terrorism” and “violent gangs of rioting felons” in the streets.

Local and state elected officials forcefully condemned the event and rushed to shore up law enforcement ranks as left-wing groups organized several rallies to oppose the Proud Boys’ message. About 1,000 counter-protesters gathered at another park.

The events began at noon and were largely dispersed by 3 p.m. The Oregon Department of Transportation shut down the interstate highway for a brief time to help control the crowd and flow of traffic.

“The purpose of this closure was to clear some people out of the area who wanted to leave and to keep competing groups separate,” said Chris Liedle, a spokesman with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, in updates posted on Twitter, as the city had braced for the threat of violence with multiple rallies in the area.

Police also said they arrested three people, including a man suspected of driving under the influence and a woman for an outstanding arrest warrant, Liedle said.

Dozens began to show up two hours before the right-wing rally, some packed into the beds of pickup trucks. Many were wearing militarized body armor, including helmets and protective vests. Many flew American flags or black flags bearing the logo of the Three Percenters, another far-right group and some wore Make America Great Again hats.

TJ Detweiler, who works in construction and plumbing, said at the rally that he wanted to end domestic terrorism in the U.S.

“I would like to see people stop the looting and rioting and enjoy the country for what rights we have,” Detweiler said.

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MCSO Sheriff Reese and OSP Superintendent Hampton release joint statement on 9/26 events
Multnomah Co. Sheriff's Office - 09/26/20 11:35 PM

On Saturday, September 26, 2020, Oregon State Police, the Multnomah County Sheriff Office and Portland Police Bureau as unified command, managed multiple large events across Portland.

Throughout the day, agencies worked together to ensure everyone’s right to gather and share in free speech events, while maintaining community safety and public order.

Events remained relatively peaceful Saturday afternoon because of good operational planning, an abundance of resources available under the Unified Command structure and effective communication and coordination between all the agencies involved.

“Our Unified Command worked well to prevent violence before it started. Law enforcement officers performed a number of traffic stops and took weapons off the streets,” OSP Superintendent Travis Hampton said. “We appreciate the hard work of all the men and women in uniform assigned to this effort.”

“On Saturday, Oregonians denounced hate, racism and violence,” MCSO Sheriff Mike Reese said. “With the assistance of our partner agencies, the Unified Command was able to help keep the peace at multiple large events in North and Northeast Portland.”


Meanwhile, three self-described counter-protesters and one photojournalist have filed a federal suit against three men they say are associated with the Proud Boys, alleging assault and battery stemming from encounters in Portland last month.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports the suit seeks $1.25 million in damages against Alan Swinney, Corey Wyatt and David Willis.

The plaintiff's lawyers wrote in the suit that “defendants, who are not residents of Portland, descended upon its downtown streets, sowing chaos, shooting at passers-by, spraying people with chemical weapons, and lobbing explosives with seeming impunity from local authorities.”

Rex Fergus, president of the Proud Boys, which is based in Washington state, said the named defendants “are not associated” with the Proud Boys.

The newspaper says Swinney, Wyatt and Willis could not be reached immediately for comment Friday.

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  1. nice headline AP, not. …..the law enforcement folk are not in body armor for the ‘right wing’ rally. There are there for the left wing folks who will violently attempt to supress Free Speech and the 1st Amendment. Divisive & biased headlines like this is why the Media has been dubed the enemy of the people and rightly so

    1. Yes- an interesting turn of events indeed. The last person to write about this upcoming “block party” here at the Z was our own Barney Lerten- who has suddenly gone quiet- as the AP steals his thunder- his story- his shot at a Pulitzer… Or… maybe I have it all wrong !

      And Mr. B has instead come out from hiding under his desk- has found his machismo- and is headed to the mean streets of Portland as we speak !

      Go gettum Barney ! Bring me back a rubber bullet !!!

    2. Left wing is not in vocabulary of the media as it should be considered “”normal” no matter how kook fringe. KTVZ must dutifully carry water for socialist ideologues no shade on Barney ✌🏿

  2. Weeehawww, party like its 2020 all year long! And everyone’s invited: Hair Sniffer Joe, Orange KFC Orangutan, Putin, Palin, AOC, ACB, and the ghost of RBG!! Also late adds to the VIP list: Dear Leader Kim, the Prez’s BFF Xi, and of course Keeko the Clown. Fun times for all, take lots of selfies!

  3. “Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Friday said she was sending state troopers to help the Portland police”

    So I guess the last 4 months of riots were all just an illusion. Great job Kate. Just great. Kate and Ted. Standing with BLM Antifa terrorists who murder, and pillage their way through progressive American cities. You too can have this in your city. Vote democrat. Harris Biden 2020

      1. Yep. And Mike Schmidt dropped all but some minor charge fot the violent antifa terrorists that threw a molitov cocktail at the cops the other day. We know who’s side she’s on.

  4. Interesting “supposed” breakdown of the Proud Boys ideology , “supposed” motivations, “supposed” intent and reports of “supposed” military body armor. I haven’t seen one factual report of the BLM or ANTIFA manifesto or any reporting of how the Dirtbags from ANTIFA and BLM are funding their riots being that none of the micreants appear to be gainfully employed. I’ve seen several videos of the dirtbags from ANTIFA and BLM unloading U Haul trucks loaded with makeshift weapons and body armor yet I’ve never seen anything from CNN, MSNBC,CBS,NBC, ABC and their cohorts in shabby drive by reporting KTVZ.

  5. Omg Kate how hypocritical you are. You have defended the last 5 months of RIOTS because they were essentially anti trump. Now you call in the big guns? The violence across the country is not the fault of the proud boys or prayer boys or whatever they call themselves. Kate you are crooked and evil. You may not be recalled but you will go down in history as the worst governor in Oregon ever.

    You allowed this mess to continue. You reaped this whirlwind. Enjoy the show Ms Brown.

      1. ‘Smatter ya haven’t believed your lyin’ eyes last 3 months? Why do you pretend to be willfully ignorant? Do ya adhere to the self proclaimed marxist ideas of BLM? Are ya proud to be a stooge for a Godless movement that believes in abortion, and destruction of our constitution?

  6. A herd of 200 of Trump’s sheep gathered in PDX? That’s les than half of the people that gathered in Bend to protests against 2 people heald by ICE a few weeks ago.

    1. At least they have the ***** to stand up to Hate Brown’s Antifa clowns. Too bad Tiny Ted Wheeler and Commie Kate won’t even mention Antifa by name and call burning Portland peaceful protests.

  7. It’s the same old over-sensationalized propaganda from Brown about this particular group simply because the group is made up of Trump supporters, and of course the liberal media
    will make sure that Browns lies and hypocrisy are heard over and over…

    1. So true! Big bad President Trump supporters going to burn, loot, and murder anyone or anything that doesn’t believe in their ideology!
      So comrade brown calls a state of emergency in poorland for protest cause the last 100 plus days have been nothing but peaceful protest!

      What a crock this liberal media is. They are disgrace! Again only thing the commies got right was govt. control of the media!

  8. Now we see the result of demonizing police while ordering them to stand down. In their place we find the inevitable; armed and poorly trained citizen militias entering cities to do combat with the mobs. When you’ve erased the thin blue line the result doesn’t look so good. Hope Bend takes a clue. Prayers for the cops in the middle of this.

    1. Nope none. Even with Brown doing her best to convince people with her lies and misinformation, that there would be wide spread violence and destruction initiated
      by the evil group of Trump supporters but just like everything she does, FAIL !!!!!
      I’m sure she was disappointed that the shootings and destruction didn’t materialize
      because, once again she looks like the completely incompetent idiot and liar that she is,
      and the media put out the stories that prove it, but of course they didn’t call her out on it. The pathetic liberal media would never question, or chance embarrassing their disgusting leader publicly…

      1. So true! And she had to call in reinforcements because of fears? Yet Portland has had riots for over 100 days featuring antics and BLM. And she did nothing! And the proud boys tried to get permission to rally in a city park, but was denied due to covid concerns? Where were those concerns for the last 100 days Kate? Obviously, they will make up any excuse to keep anyone or that disagrees with Kate and Wheeler’s political agenda!!

  9. Wow. I am beginning to think we humans are just too dumb for democracy, which hinges on an informed, intelligent, participating populace. Not much sign of that here. To what extent the above comments represent the general population I don’t know, but I find very little to be encouraged about.

    The founding fathers who wrote the Constitution were well read, thoughtful, respectful of one another and had studied political models around the world. I think they assumed that everyone was up to the task, but maybe not.

      1. That’s ridiculous. Just because the left tries to talk a good game, and claim that they support human rights and equality, it doesn’t make it true. They also claim that it’s the right that is violent and disruptive, and not them, but we know that’s definitely a lie…
        We continue to see the liberal hypocrisy daily in Portland, and beyond their continuing destruction of property and arson, they have even added murder to their groups resume…

      2. Human rights like kicking a person in the face and nearly killing him after he was on the ground after being chased down by rioters(antifa). Or do you mean like shooting a man that disagreed with their views?

    1. SPLC is an organization that defends American civil rights and racial equality.
      Proud Boys are a white supremacism group, so they are a hate group.
      Antifa fights fascist right-wing extremists, who are not labeled as a protected class.
      See the difference?

      1. Oh shoot thanks bud you just cleared everything up for me I didn’t realize all those businesses that BLM was destroying in downtown Portland were(past tense cuz YOU bankrupted them) far-right extremist groups that makes so much sense now

      2. What right wing extremist have they been fighting in Portland for the last 3 months? Oh they haven’t they have been rioting on a nightly basis for what? To change something that happened a thousand miles away?

    2. Is the FBI a left wing group, now that mostly Trump loyalists occupy key positions? They list Proud Boys as a terrorist group. Antifa has no organization, no leader and no funding. As such, it is considered an ideology, not a threat to national security.

  10. the rally was described as a free speech event to support Trump and police and condemn anti-fascists, “domestic terrorism” and “violent gangs of rioting felons” in the streets.

    Local and state elected officials forcefully condemned the event and rushed to shore up law enforcement ranks as left-wing groups organized several rallies to oppose the Proud Boys’ message.”

    ….that sorta says it all right there !!

  11. “Proud Boys, a group that has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center”

    Southern Poverty Law Center NEVER SAYS ANY LEFTIST GROUP IS A HATE GROUP. SPL is a total joke funded by leftist and yet is always quoted saying conservatives and pro freedom, pro 2ND Amendment groups are HATE GROUPS. Leftist think if they keep screaming the words “no KKK, no fascists, no white supremist USA unknowing left leaning individuals will think these conservative groups are those horrible things.
    Conservatives and Patriots could care less what color you are, your sexual orientation and where you came from. Feel free to start loving America and join up.. you will be welcomed with open arms
    Blacks, Hispanics and Gays are part of the Patriot movement all over the USA. They were at Delta Park yesterday and are on video as proof.
    On the other hand if you are a Anarchist, ANTIFA fascist, Communist, Democratic Socialist, Far left Democrat, White supremist, KKK or Skinhead you are not a patriot and you are not welcome in any law abiding Patriot Group. These Commie Rioters and even those little Leftist Bend Oregon groups just keep repeating (screaming) the same KKK, Fascist, White Supremist accusations and lies over and over but these are not the facts. You are little weak jokes who need to study world history.. your beliefs murdered hundreds of Millions in Russia, China, Cuba among many others.
    FACT!!! The Revelatory Communist Party USA has pushed these lies since the 60s

    You BLM GROUPS, and so called CO PEACEKEEPERS here in town are most likely paid protesters. You are just unemployed agitators and no different than the same losers since the 1960s acting as spreaders of lies and misinformation.. TOOL BAGS for the Leftist Movement.
    Not in our Town.

    1. That’s a fascinating wall of utter crap and I didn’t even read it. Are you having a fit boy? Do you actually expect anyone to wade through that garbage and take you seriously? Say something interesting for a change. Maybe less ranting.

      1. My wall of Facts may be inconvenient for those who dont read and dont like the truth. I greatly apologize if I have inconvenienced you by producing 41 seconds of reading. Maybe stick to picture books.

  12. So it didn’t happen last night the way Kate and Ted wanted it to. The people throwing stuff at cops, shining lasers, and burning were the same people who have been doing it for the last 100+ days. Nothing has changed. They did work a little overtime yesterday, had a rally in Peninsula Park during the day, had to head back to the basement to nap before the same nightly routine could resume. The article was quick to point out weapons, bats, ect from the proud boys. Start pulling over U-Haul trucks in and around downtown Portland to see what they might be carrying.

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