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President Trump signs bill to name Bend VA clinic for Robert Maxwell

President Trump this week signed legislation to rename the Bend Veterans Affairs Clinic for World War II hero Robert F. Maxwell, the oldest living Medal of Honor recipient when he passed away last year in Bend at the age of 98.

News release:

Walden, Merkley, Wyden Applaud Official Signing of the Bill to Rename Bend VA Clinic after Robert Maxwell

Robert Maxwell received the Medal of Honor for his service

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Representative Greg Walden (R-OR) and  Senators Jeff Merkley  (D-OR)  and Ron Wyden (D-OR) applauded the signing into law of a bill introduced by the Oregon delegation to rename the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) clinic in Bend after Robert Maxwell, a World War II veteran and Medal of Honor Recipient who lived in Bend. The bill was signed into law on Tuesday, October 13, 2020.

At the time of Maxwell’s passing, he was the oldest Medal of Honor recipient in the nation and one of four remaining veterans from World War II to be awarded the Medal of Honor. After his courageous service, he worked as a teacher in Bend. 
"Bob Maxwell was a selfless and humble public servant and a friend to everyone he met,” said Walden. “As we approach what would’ve been Bob’s 100th birthday, I can’t think of a better way to honor Bob than renaming the Bend VA Clinic after him. I applaud President Trump for swiftly signing this bill into law and forever ensuring that Bob’s legacy is honored, and his heroism is remembered."

"Bob Maxwell’s life is a testimony to the power of selflessness and dedication to serving a cause bigger than oneself,” said Merkley. “That lesson couldn’t be more important today, and just like the countless Oregonians who have been moved by his story, I am grateful for the example he set throughout his lifetime of service. I am thrilled that this renaming will help ensure that his legacy will be remembered, and know that his courageous and generous spirit will continue to inspire for generations to come."

"Robert Maxwell’s name on the VA Clinic in Bend is a well-deserved tribute to a World War II hero and beloved teacher in Central Oregon,” Wyden said. “I’m glad this Medal of Honor winner will be remembered in such a fitting fashion for his public service both overseas and at home."

Oregon’s congressional delegation  previously wrote to the Chairs and Ranking Members of the Senate and House Veterans Affairs committees  in support of the renaming. The City of Bend,  American Legion Department of Oregon, Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Oregon, and  Disabled American Veterans Department of Oregon  also advocated for the change.  

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    1. I have yet to hear a single reason why Biden should get my vote. Not one. “Orangeman bad” is not a campaign slogan that works. And the sleaze pouring out of Hunter and Joe is astounding. YET. Orangeman bad. So here’s another chance. What has Biden done, and what will he do?

      1. You can punch some questions like that into the search bar and quite a few things pop up. Here’s a decent one:
        If you want to fixate on Hunter Biden and any potential nepotism, why don’t you apply that same logic to Ivanka, Don Jr, Jared, or Eric? You’re suffering from your very own “Orangeman good” fallacy. Biden is far from perfect, but our country needs someone who can at least appoint people to positions they’ll be most beneficial to the American people. How many empty cabinet positions are there currently? What has Trump done to convince you he’s going to fix ANYTHING? He is spending YOUR MONEY to cover his insane debts.

        1. So you can’t name any of his achievements without googling? Sounds about right. 47 years and nothing to show for it except personal gain.

        2. I don’t think Ivanka, Donald Trump JR, Jared, OR Eric received 3.5 million from a former mayor’s wife in Moscow. You can punch some questions into YOUR URL and find what Trump has done for you. I think eliminating ISIS in one year is alone more than what Obama did in 8 years.

      2. Hahahahahaha like you would ever change your mind when presented the facts! You don’t care about the truth, you’ve been regurgitating lies for years. You , like Twitlers have no morals.

  1. You clowns just cannot help yourselves can you. Politicizing a news article about a true American hero who just got recognition he deserved. Do everybody a favor and don’t show up at the ceremony.

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