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‘Good citizens’ remove fallen tree blocking Hwy. 22

A tree that fell across Hwy. 22 west of Santiam Pass, blocking traffic in both directions near milepost 62 on Tuesday afternoon, promoted ‘good citizens’ to work together and clear the road, including a trucker, Andi, who brought her hand saw to cut through a 40-foot section of tree, getting traffic flowing again, Cyndy Marshall says.


KTVZ news sources



  1. I wonder if they will bill the State of Oregon for their time and labor Like Kates’s husband tried to do to President Trump for his time cleaning a state park trash can. It backfired on him thinking it was a Federal parked that was trashed only to find out it was a State Park, I wonder why the rest of the story was never carried? Did he bill The State of Oregon for his time like he was going to do to the Feds or was he just getting some face time on TV?

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