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Organizer gives update on ‘Greater Idaho’ effort

A La Pine man leading a grassroots effort to turn much of Central and Eastern Oregon into part of Idaho gave NewsChannel 21 an update Sunday.

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Blake Allen

Blake Allen is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Blake here.



    1. Let all the failed and parasitic estern Oregon communities and their exclusionary, racist policies go to North Korea for all I care. Letting them leach off Idaho instead of western and central Oregon would be a great move!!!
      trump/ kim jong un 2020!!! TRUE LOVE!!! LYING – DYING and DENYING!!!

    1. I was born here in Bend…as much as I’m not a fan of all of the transplants here, everyone I know who was born and raised here does not think we belong in Idaho! You can be local and liberal….sorry buddy. I guess you need to reserve your U-Haul

  1. Maybe combine both states into one. Combining Idaho’s extreme right wing legislature with Oregon’s extreme left wing group might get everyone somewhere near the middle, where positive legislation can be made. Or, it might result in complete stalemate, which is sometimes the best the citizenry can hope for.

  2. Whatever happened to the State of Jefferson ?
    Maybe they didn’t work on that one long enough.

    I remember hearing some stuff once about North and South Idaho seperating. That seems like a good idea, too. The North could join a Greater Montana or Montana could become Montaho. Southern Idaho is a good match with a the Utah, it could be Utaho or maybe Idatah.
    Then there is the Eastern Washington separatist movement.

    The possibilities are endless when we mix up and re-match the state borders. All of the states should do it every few years.

    I don’t know about latching on to some other state. We should just secede and form a new state and stand on our own.
    Freedom for the Juniper Republic !

    1. What happened is that it’s never been financially viable. Not only do rural counties tend to produce the least tax revenue per capita, they also tend to spend the most tax revenue per capita on roads and other services. The feds spend 3x more taxpayer money per person in Baker County than they do in Portland.

      No one wants to live in a state that can’t afford to pave roads.

      1. Actually, rural areas would survive just fine without your tax assistance. Yes, your taxes will go down . . . or will they? Watch how fast the prices of your food will go up, to make the difference. Be honest with yourself, without that additional funding for roads and services, rural areas would have to charge more for fresh beef, pork, chicken, veggies, and even the grain for your bread. Of course you can always buy your food from China, but how are you going to get it to your fridge or table? It’s going to have to go through rural areas . . . but wait, those roads will wear and no funds to repair them.

        The truth is because they (rural areas) get that additional funding for roads and services, your food prices remain lower. Did you ever wonder why, when a new oil field is found, the farmer gets such a high price for his land the oil is sitting on? That’s because he’s getting paid for future crops he would have grown and it usually includes a percentage for continued payments. That’s your federal gas taxes to help build and maintain those roads, so that your get your food and other things delivered at a lower price. The Fed’s spread the cost out so everyone contributes equally for what they get. You pay more in order to get the food to you and farmers pay less for the roads and services.

        1. You can’t make people who live in another state pay state tax to pay for a state road network in your state. So whether or not that makes things cheaper is irrelevant. Feds can do that, but they’re not going to pay for your state or local road network.

          If you want a state or city road network, you’ll have to charge tax on your own citizens. They can pass that cost on to people in other states by increasing the cost of your exported goods.

  3. Would love to be the fly on the wall when those who think this is a good idea find out they’d have to pay Idaho’s 6% sales tax, on top of the Idaho income tax. And they can’t blame it on the Willamette Valley lib*****!

  4. What’s funny is all these people claiming to hate the way things are going here, can’t even sign a recall or a petition to move the county out of the state. Wallowa County is the ONLY county that’s truly fed up with liberal crap, and got enough signatures to get on the ballot in November to get the hell out of here

  5. So, does this mean the “LaPinetucky” movement is overtaking the “Prinetucky” movement? Or will it be called the LaPine-Prine-Tucky Movement?

  6. If you are so unhappy with the politics of your state – nothing is stopping you from moving to another one that shares your political view. This trying to carve land out of Oregon thing is just ridiculous. Oregon was here before you and it will be here after you. May I suggest Idaho, Montana or Wyoming?

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