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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



  1. What Trump did was terrible and he should be accountable. Now is time for the Democrats to be held accountable for letting cities be destroyed by wack jobs and like Wheeler they stood by and let it happen. How many businesses that were destroyed and peoples lives were destroyed from all those riots.

  2. It’s all white noise, this record has played out. Congress can’t do anything in 10 days, certainly not remove a President. Wyden should just go back to his NY condo and wait to screw the nation after the 20th.

      1. Oh now that’s just melodramatic. It’s not like the new democrat power structure is going to send people out to destroy your businesses and intimidate your family for disagreeing with them….. Oh wait.

        1. When history is not taught to the next generation it tends to repeat itself. We are moving to a generation of political science majors that have been indoctrinated with how bad freedom and the American dream is.

    1. Indeed. Sign that loyalty oath to Saint Sniffer of Biden. Do not question anything your corporate kings have told you. Obey they democrat aristocracy. Ban and silence any and all decent. Now that the orange menace has been destroyed forced fealty to the progressive government has commenced. Now we can REALLY punish our enemies as Obama commanded. No flying. No email. No twitter. No facebook. No jobs. You will obey.

  3. Time to stand up and be counted.. are you a maggot or are you a patriot who backs our president and refuse to believe the other succubis slime democrats like bought and paid for Wyden and Kate,Wheeler???

        1. Are you saying Nazi Germany didn’t separate it’s people under the guise of politics? There are folks calling for this stand up and be counted on both sides. This is bad, we are all Americans, democracy. Our votes are our voice.

    1. Well we’re not certifiable idiots like you. I love how your patriot anus-in-chief ignores foreign bounties on our troops. It’s almost as good as him pulling funding from them to build his little wall. Patriot? Comrade, you definitely deserve the Iron Cross. You were robbed.

  4. I have yet to hear Wyden condemn a single democrat for their incitement of violence against their political enemies. He hasn’t condemned the many talking heads that have openly called for the murder of Trump. Did he condemn the riots at the border from his beloved illegal aliens that he helps smuggle across the border? He is such a hypocritical phony.
    ““But they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop. And that’s – they’re not – this is a movement, I’m telling you. They’re not gonna stop. And everyone beware, because they’re not gonna stop…. They’re not gonna stop before election day in November, and they’re not gonna stop after election day. And that should be – everyone should take note of that.” – Kamala Harris

      1. “Unrest and violence”. is what Kamala called for.
        There are dozens of calls for violence against Trump and his supporters. CNN and MSNBC clowns just knodded away as they had guest after guest calling for violence against Trump and his supporters. Democrat politicians have threatened constantly. Im posting on the phone now so will have to post links to be ignored later.

  5. Stupid Democrats… These idiots can’t even decide where to eat lunch in 10 days.
    It’s nothing more than a sideshow and a cry for attention. Shut up and spend your time
    actually doing your job for a change, and have the decency to stop with the excuses, pack up your stuff, and move to the state that you are supposed to represent.If this idiot refuses to actually live in Oregon full time, he should be removed from office. He should have already been removed years ago…
    If it was a Republican doing the same thing, the Democrats would be crying and screaming for his removal because he refuses to follow the rules, but just like everything else, their hypocrisy makes sure that the rules don’t apply to them…

    If the people that protested and stormed the Capital building were Democrat Trump haters,
    the media would be praising their actions and calling them true patriots, but of course that would never happen because most are spineless cowards, and they prefer to burn down or vandalize the homes and businesses of innocent people.
    The Democratic hypocrisy and superiority complex is just one of the reasons that the protest
    happened in the first place, and the days of not having repercussions for their actions are over, because people are finally sick of the Dems controlling,and one sided behavior,
    and I have no doubt that Pelosi and the rest of the low I.Q Democrats will be sleeping with one eye open from now on…

      1. It’s probably true Barney that the mainstream media is at times unfairly maligned, but in many cases they are rightfully called out for their very blatant bias, but of course it is always denied…
        They certainly wouldn’t directly or openly praise violence, but I have a lot of confidence in the ability of many of the mainstream media outlets to spin, and they would no doubt try their hardest to turn the hypothetical situation into a positive, or simply ignore the matter and instead focus on continuing the never ending negativity towards Conservatives,
        which they have done before in the past…

      2. the media promotes violence through denial and bias. they were calling blm riots protests for 4-5 months. wyden himself calling the riots a bubbling homegrown grass roots movement. anyone to the right of communism is deemed as far right extremists/racists even by the writers of the z pieces. then there is the other news outlets that post the polar opposite. the media and career politicians are more responsible for the division of this country than anything else. give us straight news again instead of politically slanted hogwash and this problem will go away

        1. We only used the term riots when police declared them. Hopefully folks understand that to do otherwise would be to exercise improper editorial judgment. We try to be fair, objective and balanced. Some folks want the news slanted in their direction, doesn’t matter which direction that is – it’s wrong.

      3. Praising violent organizations is praising their violent tactics. Excuse after excuse for riots and violence.
        “Where does it say protests have to be peaceful?” Fredo Cuomo, CNN.
        And for some real fun just listen to Risk Wilson on CNN.

    1. Did you feel the same way about members of Congress who participated the challenges to the certification of the electoral college votes? They knew they wouldn’t succeed, but they felt it was important to express their views through the appropriate process. I don’t see why it would be any different for members of Congress who believe it’s appropriate to impeach President Trump.

    2. But the Democrats did not storm and desecrate our Nation’s Capitol building, Trump’s people did and people died including a Capitol policeman that was bludgeoned to death by your so called ‘American Patriots.’ Does acting worse than the Portland rioters make you feel superior?

    3. Mike! It’s much more than you think. You just don’t have the information lines that tell you the entire truth. There is more than meets the eye here. This has been a military operation from the beginning. Stay tuned. Where We Go One We Go All! Watch and listen. Pay close attention and try to figure out where Pelosi’s laptop went.

      1. “Think”?!?! That’s a word that shouldn’t dribble out of your sorry Chik-Fil-A holes. There’s absolutely no evidence that your party has done that in years! It’s cute that you think so though!

  6. Wyden is an idiot, just like many of his colleagues. How about doing some actual work for his constituents instead of putting all focus on Trump like the last 4 years?

  7. i dont have a problem with trump being fired today, but i think all politicians who have called for citizens to take to the streets should be riding trumps coat tails out the door. if the politicians were doing their jobs citizens shouldn’t have to take it to the streets. we make this country better by fair laws and not tolerating the unfair as a people. we need to get back the notion this is a free country and to stop trying to hold others to our own standards or beliefs, politicians only use it to divide us. politicians playing the party blame game has gotten old, lets start blaming the ones who cant get anything done or waste their time on party bias b.s. and get them out of office.

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