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Memorial Day 2021: Central Oregonians remember the fallen

Things were still a bit different, due to COVID-19. but several traditional gatherings still took place across the High Desert on Monday to mark Memorial Day, and to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend our country's freedom.

NewsChannel 21 attended several local events on Monday, speaking with veterans and others about what the special day means to them.

KTVZ News Team



  1. Was out and about over the weekend- Great to see numerous people flying the Confederate Flag in honor of those soldiers who died fighting for the Confederacy and their Southern way of life- which is what initially set the ground work for Memorial Day- The US Civil War !

      1. Hogwash ! “That” Flag represents the last time American’s on American soil fought for what they believed in- to protect their land and families from an oppressive Government- I assure you and everyone of your ilk… those who flew “that” flag had more conviction- inner strength- and courage than those today who whine incessantly about their masks, a phony government organized pandemic, or the elimination of their civil liberties and livelihoods… the people who flew “that” flag were nothing like you- a keyboard yappin’- fat slob- Beta Wuss !

    1. The self proclaimed president and vice president are a disgrace to our great nation! I can’t wait until they’re removed!
      We will take our country back!!

      1. So on a Memorial Day post you spout Q garbage? Yeah, those that died for your freedom to say that wouldn’t be happy. Shame on you.

  2. I just love how liberal minded democrats start spouting out hate towards people they don’t agree with. To bad there to stupid to realize that confederate flag stood for democracy and the Democratic party what a bunch of brain washed imbeciles.

  3. What a remarkable reversal, hey? Now, 1-1/2 centuries later, the Dems champion equal rights and reject symbols of hate, but Republicans are losing their minds over the “history” of the South’s true nature being rewritten and its monuments to seditionists being toppled. The glorification of the South was a lie, a remaking of the South’s image, written in the blood of almost a million Americans and built on the backs of those still enslaved by the Jim Crow racial caste system for generations. And here come today’s Republicans revitalizing Jim Crow with voter suppression laws in reaction to losing fair and square. I think maybe your definition of imbecile is different from mine. I believe an imbecile is someone unable to learn or evolve, unable to mentally mature, become better overall. Sure seems to me that imbecile fits Republicans more, unless however you believe evolution toward a white authoritarian society is an improvement in the human condition. Do you?

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