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Electric scooter and bike rentals coming to Bend

Bend will be the first city in Oregon to offer Bird's rentable e-bikes, which were presented at a demonstration Friday. It's part of a partnership with the city of Bend, to make the town more accessible. Bend also will have a fleet of Bird's e-scooters, which already are available in several Oregon cities.

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      1. Tweaking text? How about misleading as hell text? Everybody wants to be known for “firsts”. This outfit isn’t the first to try it and they’re not going to be the first to fail

  1. These things suck. They get trashed and dumped all over the place. Drunk tourons wreck them. Hopefully this outfit has learned some lessons from lime and the other predecessors.

    1. I agree. They tend to be dropped off wherever to include the middle of sidewalks, fields, lakes and rivers. They can be a sight for sore eyes. People are hired to track them down via GPS, make repairs, charge batteries, and stage for use again. I’m all for using E-Scooters and E-Bikes, but there needs to be a better way of making sure these things aren’t just left abandoned somewhere like trash on the side of the road to hopefully be picked up later.

  2. Whatever happened to the Segway ? If Oregon wants to get serious about E-vehicles… start banning all gas/diesel powered vehicles between 7am and 11pm- on all downtown/city roads… and that means “ALL”. Truck deliveries are made overnight. You can park yer cars/trucks at the outskirts of town. Those of you with pick-ups can toss yer bike- yer moped- yer Segway in the back and roll to the job site accordingly. I’d love to see Prineville do this first- keep the snot nosed bigots from Bend and Redmond at the top of the hill near Fakebook where they belong. Now bring on the whiners who’ve never seen this similar environment on college campuses for decades.

  3. Americans getting lazier, fatter, pre-diabetic, and increasingly prone to heart disease. Can’t even put forth the effort to pedal a bike. I’m seeing more of these E-bikes at Shevlin and other trails that specify no motorized vehicles.

  4. Noooooo! People are gonna die. Also get ready for junky scooters in front of your house. This town is for sale. Cheap! Common city commissioners!!!

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